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Technical Approach To Trend Analysis, A: Practical Trade Timing for Enhanced Profits

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Technical Approach To Trend Analysis, A: Practical Trade Timing for Enhanced Profits


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The modern, action-oriented, and practical guide to trend analysis: powerful techniques for more successful trading! 

  • Go beyond merely tracking and reacting: use technical signals to predict market action more successfully
  • Gain a profound understanding of price direction: changes in price, angles of change, trend duration, and analyses of offsetting movement (reversal vs. retracement)
  • Learn visually and intuitively through easy-to-understand charts, graphs, examples, and checklists
  • By Michael C. Thomsett, one of the world’s leading investment authors and instructors
  • An indispensable resource for every serious trader, investor, and portfolio manager


  • Copyright 2016
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-419065-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-419065-5

This is the only modern, action-oriented and practical guide to trend analysis and prediction for the professional trader. Unlike outdated competitive guides, it fully reflects today’s markets and charting sciences.

Writing for traders with basic knowledge of trends and technical analysis, Michael C. Thomsett introduces advanced analytical tools for recognizing how risks evolve as trends proceed; distinguishing between strong and weak trends; objectively evaluating the health of a stock’s current price levels, trading breadth, and technical condition; and anticipating plateaus, slowdowns, or price reversals.

Thomsett introduces trend prediction based on technical signals such as candlestick reversals, price gaps, and movement through resistance or support, enabling traders to go far beyond mere trend "following." You’ll learn techniques for gaining deeper insights into price change – and into valuable factors such as the angle of price change, trend duration, and offsetting price movements.

You’ll find detailed coverage of trend theory, resistance, support, trendlines and channel lines; patterns and confirmations of both reversals and continuations; broadening and narrowing trends, price jumps; and trends based on volume, moving averages, and momentum.

While other books focus solely on technical price movement, A Technical Approach to Trend Analysis will help you understand the trend itself – and use that insight to manage market risks far more effectively.


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Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Introduction to A Technical Approach To Trend Analysis: Defining the Trend

Sample Pages

Download the sample pages (includes Introduction and Index)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Defining the Trend    1

Chapter 1: The Theory of Trends--Dow, EMH, and RMH in Context    5

Chapter 2: Statistically Speaking--Trends by the Numbers    31

Chapter 3: Resistance and Support--A Trend’s Moment of Truth    61

Chapter 4: Trendlines and Channel Lines--The Shape of Things to Come    81

Chapter 5: Reversal Patterns--End of the Trend    103

Chapter 6: Continuation Patterns--A Bend in the Trend    141

Chapter 7: Confirmation Signals--Turning the Odds in Your Favor    167

Chapter 8: Consolidation Patterns--The Sideways Pause    187

Chapter 9: Volume Signals--Tracking Price Trends    205

Chapter 10: Mind the Gap--When Price Jumps Signal Change    227

Chapter 11: Moving Averages--Order in the Change    247

Chapter 12: Momentum Oscillators--Duration and Speed of a Trend    261

Chapter 13: Volatility--Marking Risk within the Trend    275

Chapter 14: Fundamentals--Connecting the Two Sides    289

Chapter 15: Overview--Putting It All Together    307

Endnotes    321

Bibliography    329

Index of Topics    331

Index of Companies    335


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