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Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits

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Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits


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  • Copyright 1998
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  • Pages: 480
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-273-63095-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-273-63095-1

Richard W Schabacker's great work, Technical Analysis & Stock Market Profits represents one of the finest works ever produced on Technical Analysis. It is as alive, vital and instructional today, as the day it was written.

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The preparation of this Course in twelve lessons, or studies, on the technical approach to successful trading in stocks, comes in answer to a definite and insistent demand from many students for assistance in stock chart work and market analysis.

Some of these students are new to the game, beginners who wish seriously to pre-pare themselves for an active market career, or who want to study it thoroughly before deciding to enter it actively. Another large group is made up of those who have had more or less experience in the market, trading on either their own "hunches" or the advice and tips of others, and have come to realize that a great deal of money can be made in the market but not by hit-or-miss methods, and certainly not by following blindly the lead of others.

A third group consists of experienced and often very successful traders and investors who know the importance of correctly evaluating the technical side of the market in order to time their operations for maximum profits.

And, finally, there are always those individuals who are seeking an easy key, a magic formula that will take them to riches without effort.

For the class last named this Course is definitely not intended. There is no "magic key" to stock market profits. The founder of the Schabacker methods of technical forecasting in his many years of research, with the facilities of large financial and investigative organizations, tested literally hundreds of "systems" and formulas not only on paper but in actual market operations - and found no dependable short cuts, no systems that can take the place of careful, constant application of the principles- of technical analysis.

(It may well be said at this point, however, that research along promising lines has never stopped and never will. This science is not static, though the fundamental law of supply and demand which it seeks to interpret can never be repealed. This Course today incorporates several amplifications and refinements which have come through the "acid test" since it was first organized.)

So, to the hopeful seeker for an easy answer, we can say only this: You will get out of this study only what you are willing to put into it and continue to put into it for as long as you trade in the security markets.

But the earnest student of the science need have no misgivings. Every effort has been made - with reasonable success, we believe - to make each point and each method taught herein clear to understand and thoroughly practicable. Complicating and, in some cases, highly publicized theories which exhaustive tests have shown to offer results not commensurate with the time and expense their practice entails,

have been avoided. Instead, the effort has been to explore and to teach the basic principles- and the methods which any man can apply in his spare time, and without the necessity of paying to others a continuing toll for statistical or advisory services.

In brief, this Course is organized to serve the average man who can devote only an hour or so a day, and perhaps only a few hundred dollars, to his market operations, as well as the professional full-time trader.

Also, it has been our endeavor to make the student independent in thought. For it is unquestionably true that no man has ever, over any period of time, made and kept stock market profits unless he has developed the qualities of independent judgment- and action. This course of study is designed to enable you to see the opportunities for yourself, to decide the questions of "what" and "when" for yourself, and then to act with confidence.

The average man of intelligence who brings sober study and application to his ~ market analyses can - as we have ample proof - find dependable profits in the stock h market, year in and year out, through bear markets as well as bull. He will not suffer- the crippling losses that came to thousands, incredibly enough, even in the wild bull market of 1928-29. And he will discover the interesting truth that trading in stocks is the one and only business activity in which money can be made just as well in times of general business decline as during boom periods.


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