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Sticking It Out in Tough Times (Collection)

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Sticking It Out in Tough Times (Collection)

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  • Copyright 2011
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-360000-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-360000-1

In Moral Intelligence 2.0, Lennick and Kiel extensively identify the moral components at the heart of the recent financial crisis and illuminate the monetary and human costs of failed moral leadership in global finance, business, and government. The authors begin by systematically defining the principles of moral intelligence and the behavioral competencies associated with them. Next, they demonstrate why sustainable optimal performance—on both an individual and organizational level—requires the development and application of superior moral and emotional competencies. Using many new examples and real case studies, as well as new interviews with key business leaders, they identify connections between moral intelligence and higher levels of trust, engagement, retention, and innovation. Readers will find specific guidance on moral leadership in both large organizations and entrepreneurial ventures, as well as a new, practical, step-by-step plan for measuring and strengthening every component of moral intelligence—from integrity and responsibility to compassion and forgiveness.

Who's Jon Huntsman? Someone who started with practically nothing, and made it to Forbes' list of America's Top 100 richest people: a self-made multi-billionaire. Winners Never Cheat: Even In Difficult Times presents the lessons of his lifetime in business: a life that has included the best of times and the worst. The first edition became an instant classic; now, Huntsman has thoroughly updated it with new chapters on maintaining your principles in difficult times, when dishonest "sharks" seem to be everywhere. This is no mere exhortation: it's as practical as a book can get. It's about how you listen to your moral compass, even as others ignore theirs. It's about building teams with higher values…sharing success and taking responsibility…earning the rewards that only come with giving back. Huntsman built his career and fortune on these principles. You don't live them just to "win": you live them because they're right. But in an age of cheating and scandal, Huntsman's life proves honesty is more than right: it's your biggest competitive differentiator. So, consider what kind of person you want to do business with. Then, be that person and use this book to get you there. All author royalties from this book go to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Moral Intelligence 2.0

Foreword by Richard Leider     xiii

Foreword to Previous Edition by Richard E. Boyatzis     xvi

Introduction     xxix

Part I: Moral Intelligence

Chapter 1: Good Business     3

Chapter 2: Born to Be Moral     35

Chapter 3: Your Moral Compass     57

Chapter 4: Staying True to Your Moral Compass     81

Part II: Developing Moral Skills

Chapter 5: Integrity     97

Chapter 6: Responsibility     113

Chapter 7: Compassion and Forgiveness     125

Chapter 8: Emotions     135

Chapter 9: Making Moral Decisions     157

Part III: Moral Leadership

Chapter 10: The Moral Leader     181

Chapter 11: Leading Large Organizations     197

Chapter 12: Moral Intelligence for the Entrepreneur     223

Epilogue: Becoming a Global Moral Leader     243

Appendix A: Strengthening Your Moral Skills     251

Appendix B: Moral Competency Inventory (MCI)     263

Appendix C: Scoring the MCI     271

Appendix D: Interpreting Your MCI Scores     277

Winners Never Cheat

Foreword             by Glenn Beck  xvii

Introduction       Good Times, Bad Times  1

                              Circumstances may change but your values shouldn't.

Chapter One       Lessons from the Sandbox  11

                            Everything we need for today's marketplace we learned as kids.

Chapter Two       Check Your Moral Compass  25

                            We know darn well what is right and wrong.

Chapter Three    Play by the Rules  39

                            Compete fiercely and fairly--but no cutting in line.

Chapter Four       Setting the Example  53

                            Risk, responsibility, reliability--the three Rs of leadership.

Chapter Five       Keep Your Word  77

                            It's high time to corral the corporate lawyers.

Chapter Six         Why We Cross the Line  95

                            There are many temptations, but reminders help.

Chapter Seven   Pick Advisors Wisely  107

                            Surround yourself with associates who have the courage to say no.

Chapter Eight      Get Mad, Not Even  125

                            Revenge is unhealthy and unproductive. Learn to move on.

Chapter Nine       Graciousness Is Next to Godliness  139

                            Treat competitors, colleagues, employees, and customers with respect.

Chapter Ten        Your Name Is on the Door  157

                            Operate businesses and organizations as if they're family owned.

Chapter Eleven  The Obligation to Give Back  171

                            Nobody is completely self-made; return the favors and good fortune.

Chapter Twelve  The Bottom Line  193

                            Acceptable values are child's play, not rocket science.

Perspective from Larry King  207

Perspective from Neil Cavuto  215

Perspective from Wayne Reaud  221


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