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SPARC Architecture Manual Version9

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SPARC Architecture Manual Version9


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  • describes the background, design philosophy, and high-level features of SPARC-V9.
  • reviews the typographic conventions used in the specification.
  • provides an overview of the SPARC-V9 architecture — its organization, instruction set, and trap model.
  • describes the SPARC-V9 data types, registers, instructions, trap model, and memory model in detail.
  • features several annexes with additional details — including Changes from SPARC-V8 to SPARC-V9.


  • Copyright 1994
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/4"
  • Pages: 384
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-099227-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-099227-7

This is the definitive reference for the latest generation of the enormously popular and influential SPARC microprocessors — the 64-bit SPARC-V9 — which is now being used by a variety of computer system vendors and is destined to set the standard for high performance capacity into the next century. KEY TOPICS: Describes the architecture and instruction set of the 64-bit SPARC-V9 — a RISC-style processor architecture that supports a linear address space accessed by 64-bit addresses, fault-tolerance, object-oriented software, lightweight threads, and superscalar and multiprocessor implementations. MARKETS: For implementors of the SPARC architecture, microprocessor designers, hardware engineers, developers of SPARC-V9 system software, software engineers who write SPARC-V9 software in assembly language; and for students of computer architecture.

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Table of Contents


1. Overview.

2. Definitions.

3. Architectural Overview.

4. Data Formats.

5. Registers.

6. Instructions.

7. Traps.

8. Memory Models.

Annex A: (Normative) Instruction Definitions.

Annex B: (Normative) IEEE 754-1985 Requirements for SPARC-V9.

Annex C: (Normative) SPARC-V9 Implementation Dependencies.

Annex D: (Normative) Formal Specification of the Memory Models.

Annex E: (Informative) Opcode Maps.

Annex F: (Informative) SPARC-V9 MMU Requirements.

Annex G: (Informative) Suggested Assembly Language Syntax.

Annex H: (Informative) Software Considerations.

Annex I: (Informative) Extending the SPARC-V9 Architecture.

Annex J: (Informative) Programming With the Memory Models.

Annex K: (Informative) Changes from SPARC-V8 to SPARC-V9.




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