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Soul of the Corporation, The: How to Manage the Identity of Your Company

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Soul of the Corporation, The: How to Manage the Identity of Your Company


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Explains how the people and experiences help companies have priorities and goals that go beyond brands: identities.  

  • Many books on leadership have dealt with how companies appear. This approach is good, but it is only skin deep. This book goes further.
  • Includes stories of those leaders and companies that have succeeded (or failed) to harness their identity.
  • Explains how to find competitive advantage, inspire employees, and build strong feelings of loyalty and commitment among all stakeholders.


  • Copyright 2008
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Pages: 256
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-259814-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-259814-9

“As Emerson said that an institution is the ‘extended shadow’ of a person, Bouchikhi and Kimberly fluidly blend the personal and enterprise-wide perspectives of professional identity to yield both powerful insights and priceless practical tools. Most management books look at the decision maker or at the decision making context. This important book embraces both while eschewing the clichés of corporate culture guidebooks. Anchored in decades of research, compelling current business sagas, and familiar everyday challenges, The Soul of the Corporation uniquely conveys the inextricably intertwined nature of the symbolic and substantive roles of leadership.”

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Senior Associate Dean, Lester Crown Professor of Management, Yale School of Management, and coauthor of Firing Back: How Great Leaders Rebound from Career Disasters

“In a world of continuous flux and accelerating change, one’s sense of identity becomes more crucial than ever for companies, no less than individuals. In The Soul of the Corporation, Bouchikhi and Kimberly take us on a journey into the psychological world of corporate identity and explore the importance of companies knowing who they are, both in relation to their inner-workings and the outside world. This trailblazing book will prove invaluable to management in their quest to define the essence of their corporate identity.”

Jeremy Rifkin, President of the Foundation on Economic Trends in Washington, author of The End of Work, The Age of Access, and The Hydrogen Economy

“Identity is one of the most fundamental yet least understood determinants of organizational outcomes. Bouchikhi and Kimberly’s book provides a fresh and provocative point of view of the determinants of organizational identity as well as research-based insights on how to shift identity over time. This book will be important to both scholars of organizational evolution as well as managers involved in leading change.”

Michael Tushman, Paul R. Lawrence Class of 1942 Professor of Business at the Harvard Business School

“A strong Identity is a major asset for a firm, as this book so convincingly illustrates. To manage the Identity (the I*Dimension) is perhaps the most critical top leadership function today. The authors show us how to do this—a must read!”

Dr. Peter Lorange, IMD President, The Nestlé Professor

Understand, Control, and Leverage Your Company’s #1 Asset: Its Unique Identity

We live in a new Age of Identity, in which your employees, customers, investors, and
other stakeholders care about who you really are. More than ever, your company’s identity will shape the results it can achieve. The Soul of the Corporation will help you clearly understand your company’s identity, and then take control of it and leverage
it for long-term adaptation and success.

Drawing on real-life stories from the world’s most prominent companies, the authors show how identity can be an extraordinarily valuable asset—and how, if not properly managed, it can become a huge liability. Discover how your firm’s identity is related to—and different from—its organizational culture, brand positioning, and reputation. Learn how to diagnose and manage the often unconscious shared beliefs that constitute your company’s soul…how to face the enormous identity challenges that arise in mergers, alliances, spin-offs, and the creation of new brands…and above all, how to lead and inspire in this new Age of Identity.

• Master your company’s “I*Dimension”

New tools for leveraging identity for competitive advantage

• Manage the tensions that shape your company’s identity

Convergent vs. divergent, internal vs. external, designed vs. emergent, sameness vs. uniqueness

• Overcome the dark, dysfunctional side of identity

Minimize narcissism, conflict, drift, and fragmentation

• Protect what’s precious, change what needs to change

Managing identity through M&As, spin-offs, alliances, and unrelenting change

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Table of Contents

                            Acknowledgments  xii

                            About the Authors  xiii

Introduction       Leadership Challenges in the Age of Identity  xv

Chapter 1            The I*Dimension  1

Chapter 2            The Bright Side of the I*Dimension  19

Chapter 3            The Dark Side of the I*Dimension  27

Chapter 4            Casualties of the I*Dimension  41

Chapter 5            To Blend or Not to Blend: Identity Integration in Mergers and Acquisitions  61

Chapter 6            When Should the Cord Be Cut? Managing Identity in Spin-Offs  79

Chapter 7            Identity in Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures  97

Chapter 8            Managing the I*Dimension at Organizational and Brand Levels  119

Chapter 9            Masters of the I*Dimension  137

Chapter 10          Diagnosing Your Firm’s Identity  155

Chapter 11          Leading in the Age of Identity  173

                            Epilogue  191

                            Index  195


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