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SCORE!: A Better Way to Do Busine$$: Moving from Conflict to Collaboration

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SCORE!: A Better Way to Do Busine$$: Moving from Conflict to Collaboration

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Cooperation is ultimately more profitable than intimidation in business relationships.

  • Stallkamp transformed Chrysler into the most profitable business in its industry: discover how you can use the same strategies to benefit your own business.
  • A behind the scenes look at the boardroom battles and high level politcal infighting inside some of the world's largest organizations.
  • Organizations ranging from Dell Computer to the US Air Force are now profiting from the lessons they learned from Chrysler.


  • Copyright 2005
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-13-143526-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-143526-1

To maximize long term profits, companies and their managers must focus more on win/win collaboration with business partners rather than using coercion and adversarial tactics to force compliance. Stallkamp pioneered new strategies for collaboration as President of Chrysler Corporation. His breakthrough strategy (SCORE--Supplier Cost Reduction Effort)turned Chrysler around and into the world's most profitable automaker. Organizations ranging from Dell Computer to the U.S. Air Force are now profiting from the lessons they learned from Chrysler. Stallkamp offers a complete blueprint for deploying strategic collaboration with suppliers, customers, and employees. Learn how Stallkamp overcame the pitfalls and cultural obstacles.  Stallkamp reveals detailed metrics that demonstrate the remarkable cost and quality improvements strategic collaboration makes possible. Stallkamp's proven techniques address strategy, communication, leadership, measurement, information sharing, responsibility sharing, and more. Simply put, this is everything needed to establish collaborative relationships that drive unprecedented business value.

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Breaking the Mold: Preparing Your Company for Innovation and Change

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Sample Chapter - 76 KB -- Chapter 1: Breaking the Mold

Table of Contents


    About the Author.


1. Breaking the Mold.

    There Has to Be a Better Way.

    The Clash of Opposite Approaches.

    A Completely Different Approach.

    Business Gravitates to the Easiest Relationship.

    The Final Chapter of Lopez.

    Comparing the Two Approaches.

    A Call for Change.


2. Adversarial Commerce and Why It’s Wrong.

    Adversarial Commerce Defined.

    The Practice Is Accelerating.

    Command and Control Management Styles.

    A Condensed History of Commerce.

    The Case of the Beaver Hat.

    The Problem of Isolation.


3. Ending Adversarial Commerce.

    Inefficiencies in the Current System.

    The Roller Lifter Story.

    Problems Created by Adversarial Commerce.

      Problem 1: Distrust and Suspicion.

      Problem 2: Poor Communication.

      Problem 3: Lack of Joint Planning.

      Problem 4: Tendency Toward Complete Control.

      Impact on Management Style.

      Adversarial Commerce Limits Growth.

4. Where in the World Is Adversarial Commerce?

    Bad Customer Relations.

    Kmart’s Adversarial Policies.

    An Industry Comparison.

    Common Elements.

    Testing the Premise.

    Middle-Age Spread and Isolation.

    The Spiral of Costs.

    Not Just Autos.


5. Information Is Power and Sharing Doesn’t Come Naturally.

    The Dreaded Finance Staff.

    Staff Versus Line Reporting.

    Risk Sharing Must Be Fact Based.

    The Solution: More Transparent Information.


6. The Collaborative Approach.

    Comfort in Using Traditional Tactics.

    Acquisition Is the Easy Way Out.

    Collaboration Defined.

    A Call for Collaboration.

    The Extended Enterprise?

    Collaboration Is More Than E-commerce.


7. The Extended Enterprise? Concept.

    Automotive Commerce: The Good, the Bad, and the Really Ugly.

      The “Game” and How It Is Played.

      Chrysler’s New Idea of Coexistence.

      Birth of SCORE.

      The Success of SCORE.

    Small Ideas Mean Big Bucks.

    The Extended Enterprise Philosophy.


8. Collaboration Doesn’t Mean “Soft”.

    Resistance from Traditional Roles.

    System Cost Tracking.

    The Toyota Difference.

    Other Attempts to Push Collaboration.

    Nissan Recovers and Improves with Collaboration.

    The Critical Factor Is Management.


9. Implementation Steps.

    Getting Started

      Establish a Formal Program.

      Develop a Communication Plan.

      Build a Measurement and Tracking System.

      Involve the Whole Enterprise.

      Stamp Out Internal Resistance.

      Building an Atmosphere of Trust.


10. The Conversion Experience.

    Nothing Helps Like a Good Crisis.

    Recognize That the Playbook Is Outdated.

    Stretching Minds or Removing People.

    Listen to What Really Is Happening.

    Fighting the Financial System.

    Corporate Cooperation and Involvement.

    Seeing the Light Requires Removing the Shades.

    A Dedicated Team.

11. Breaking the Mold: Moving to Collaboration.

    Why Bother to Change?

    Bad Behavior at U.S. Automakers.

    A Sign of Hope?

    Managed Collaboration Is the Answer.

    It’s Not Just Theory.

    What Can I Do?

    Breaking the Mold: Better Communication.

    Breaking the Mold: Taking a Risk.





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