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Sams Teach Yourself More Visual Basic 6 in 21 Days, 2nd Edition

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Sams Teach Yourself More Visual Basic 6 in 21 Days, 2nd Edition


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Question 1: On pages 31 and 32, the project code states

prgStatus.Max = i + intBufferCount

It doesn't work. The i becomes highlighted and says variable not defined.

Solution 1: The statement should read:

PrgStatus.Max = intBufferCount + 1

Question 2: Page 31 - The Set objNewItem =ImageCombo1. ComboItems.ADD example is invalid. The Add method does not exist for this object.

Solution 2: Corrected lines should read:

Dim objNewItem As ComboItem
Set objNewItem = ImageCombo1.ComboItems.Add(1, "Book1", "Teach Yourself _
Set objNewItem = ImageCombo1.ComboItems.Add(2, "Book2", "Teach Yourself More _
Set objNewItem = ImageCombo1.ComboItems.Add(3, "Book3", "Teach Yourself _

Question 3: I am having a problem getting Listing 10.9 to run. When I type the listing and try to run it, the variable MyNode has not been dimensioned. Is the listing complete as listed in my book?

Solution 3: For whatever reason, the general declares at the top of this form's code was not shown,

It is included here:

Private Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32" Alias "SendMessageA" (ByVal
hwnd As Long, ByVal wMsg As Long, ByVal wParam As Long, ByVal lParam As Any)
As Long
Const EM_UNDO = &HC7
Private Declare Function OSWinHelp% Lib "user32" Alias "WinHelpA" (ByVal
hwnd&, ByVal HelpFile$, ByVal wCommand%, dwData As Any)
Dim MyNode As Node

Dim mbMoving As Boolean
Const sglSplitLimit = 500

Question 4: In Appendix B it talks about Microsoft Agent, but I am unable to locate the site given to download it: http://www.microsoft.com/intdev/agent/agent-f.htm

Where can I find a download for Microsoft Agent?

Solution 4: Microsoft Agent can be downloaded at http://msdn.microsoft.com/workshop/imedia/agent/agentdl.asp?RLD=79

Question 5: Where is the source code for systray.vbp you reference in chapter 15? It refers to the samples directory, which is not on the CD that came with the book.

Solution 5: This is referring to the VB CD from Microsoft and not our CD.


  • Copyright 1998
  • Dimensions: 7-1/2" x 9-1/2"
  • Pages: 704
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-672-31307-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-31307-3

Sams Teach Yourself More Visual Basic 6 in 21 Days provides comprehensive, self taught coverage of the most sought after topics in Visual Basic Programming. This book uses the step-by-step approach of the best-selling Sams Teach Yourself series to continue more detailed coverage of the latest version of Visual Basic. Not only will this book cover a wide array of topics, but it will also go into each topic to a level that the reader will be able to apply to their own programs. In addition, this book will include various tips and tricks of Visual Basic programming that will help the more inexperience programmer. Topics Include: Enhanced controls, collections, Loops, and other things, Procedures, Functions, and Logic, MDI and SDI window types, Database Processing and Designing a Database Application, Data Bound Controls, Data Form Wizard, and OLE Drag and Drop, Internet Programming and ActriveX Documents, Building On-Line Help and Using Crystal Reports.

Sample Content

Table of Contents


DAY 1. Writing Professional Visual Basic Applications.

What Makes a Professional Application. Starting a Demo Project. Controls Added to the Toolbox. Making Controls Come Alive. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

DAY 2. The Windows Common Dialog In Use.

What the Common Dialog Is All About. The Many Faces of the Common Dialog. Using the Dialog Automation Objects. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

DAY 3. Changing The Face of The Application.

The Three Types of Applications. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

DAY 4. Creating Form Templates.

Working with Toolbars. Adding Menus. Adding Form Templates. Using the Template Manager. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

DAY 5. Objects, Collections, and Array Processing.

What Are Objects and Collections? Accessing Objects. Loop Processing. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

DAY 6. Procedures, Functions, and Logic.

Scoping Out the Variables. Passing Information. Subroutines and Functions. The Vulcan Way. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

DAY 7. Building Complex Forms.

Designing the Form. Putting It All Together. Enhancing the Forms. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.



DAY 8. Designing a Database Application.

What Is a Database? Building the Initial Design. Creating the Database. Building the Application Prototype. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

DAY 9. Database Processing.

Database Design. SQL: The Short Course. Creating a Database with the Visual Data Manager. Other Database Tools. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

DAY 10. Accessing The Database.

Visual Basic and Data Access. The ActiveX Data Control. ActiveX Data Objects. Mixing the Methods. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

DAY 11. Enhancing The Application.

Using Custom Controls. Creating a Small Custom Control. Changing Properties at Designtime. Converting a Form to a Control. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

DAY 12. Enhancing Database Access.

Data Environment Designer. Using the Data Environment to Access the Database. Adding Reports with the Data Report Designer. Data Repeater. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

DAY 13. Working With Crystal Reports.

What Is Crystal Reports? Taking a Look Around. Designing the Report. Adding the Crystal Reports Control to Your Application. Creating a User Interface. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

DAY 14. Internet Programming.

Adding the Internet Controls. Adding the Browser. HTML Coding. Developing a DHTML Application. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.



DAY 15. Adding Advanced Features.

OLE Drag and Drop. Using the System Tray control. Introducing the New Date Controls. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

DAY 16. Coping With Error Handling.

Types of Errors. The Error-Handling Process. Handling Errors. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

DAY 17. Building Online Help.

Designing a Help System. Using the Standard Help Workshop. Adding to Help. Moving to HTML. Connecting Help to the Visual Basic Application. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

DAY 18. Testing and Debugging The Application.

Overview. Finding the Problems. Other Debugging Tools to Use. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

DAY 19. Performance and Tuning.

Creating the Right Impression. Getting the Application to Perform Better. Using the LightWeight Controls. Using Resource Files. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

DAY 20. Finishing The Application.

Understanding What Makes Up a Windows Application. Distributing the Application. Ensuring Ownership of Your Code. The Final Decision. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

DAY 21. Creating An ActiveX Document.

ActiveX Documents Defined. Creating a New ActiveX Document. Converting an Existing Visual Basic Application. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.


APPENDIX A: Answers to Exercises.

Day 1, "Writing Professional Visual Basic Applications". Day 2, "The Windows Common Dialog in Use". Day 3, "Changing the Face of the Application". Day 4, "Creating Form Templates"[[SilentlyIgnored]]. Day 5, "Objects, Collections, and Array Processing". Day 6, "Procedures, Functions, and Logic". Day 7, "Building Complex Forms". Day 9, "Database Processing". Day 10, "Accessing the Database". Day 11, "Enhancing the Application". Day 12, "Enhancing Database Access". Day 13, "Working with Crystal Reports". Day 14, "Internet Programming". Day 15, "Adding Advanced Features". Day 16, "Coping with Error Handling". Day 17, "Building Online Help". Day 18, "Testing and Debugging the Application". Day 19, "Performance and Tuning". Day 20, "Finishing the Application". Day 21, "Creating an ActiveX Document".

APPENDIX B: Adding Some Character to Your Application.

Getting the Agent. Accessing the Agent. Using the Character in an Application.

APPENDIX C: Stuff Included With Visual Basic 6.

Visual Component Manager. Visual SourceSafe. Visual Basic Code Profiler. Image Editor. Included Folders List. Checking In at the Web.



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