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Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Publisher 2000 in 10 Minutes

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Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Publisher 2000 in 10 Minutes

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  • Copyright 2004
  • Pages: 224
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Adobe DRM)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7686-5924-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7686-5924-5

Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Publisher 2000 in 10 Minutes is the easiest way to learn the most important tasks that every user should know in Publisher 2000, the newest announced member of the Office 2000 family. Microsoft is opening up a whole new user base for the Publisher application. Users of Office who in the past have tried to force Word to perform complex desktop publishing tasks that it is not well suited to, will now have Publisher which is a much better tool for the job. Publisher's new standard Office interface will make it look more familiar and inviting to experienced Office users.

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Table of Contents

= Introduction.

The What and Why of Microsoft Publisher . Why Sams Teach Yourself Yourself Microsoft Publisher . 2000 in 10 Minutes? Installing Publisher . Conventions Used in This Book.

1. What's New in Publisher 2000.

Getting to Know Publisher. New Features in Publisher 2000.

2. Getting Started With Publisher.

Starting Publisher. Deciding How to Create a New Publication. Using Menus and Toolbars. Understanding Dialog Boxes. Exiting Publisher.

3. Creating A New Publication.

Planning Your Publication. Using the Publication Wizards. Saving Your Publication.

4. Using Design Sets And Templates.

Understanding the Publication Design Sets. Selecting the Design Set. Completing the Publication. Adding Your Own Design and Color Schemes.

5. Viewing Your Publications

Changing the Publication Display. Using the Zoom Feature. Scrolling in the Publication. Working with Rulers and Guide Lines.

6. Working With Existing Publications.

Opening an Existing Publication. Completing a Wizard-Based Publication. Adding Pages to a Publication. Saving a Revised Document Under a New Name. Closing a Publication.

7. Getting Help in Publisher.

Using the Office Assistant. Getting Help Without the Assistant. What's This? Getting Help Online.

8. Working With Publication Frames.

Inserting a Frame. Sizing a Frame. Moving a Frame. Copying a Frame. Grouping Frames. Arranging Frames in Layers.

9. Enhancing Frames With Borders And Colors.

Adding Borders to Frames. Changing Border Attributes. Using Fill Colors. Using Fill Effects. Applying Shading.

10. Changing How Text Looks.

Adding Text to Your Publications. Working with Fonts. Changing Font Attributes. Changing Font. Colors. Aligning Text in a Frame. Adding Text Mastheads. Connecting Text Frames.

11. Working With Graphics.

Inserting a Picture. Using Clip Art. Scaling Pictures. Cropping Pictures. Changing Picture Colors.

12. Adding Special Objects To Your Publications

Using the Design Gallery. Editing Design Gallery Objects. Inserting Objects from Other Applications. Inserting Video and Audio. Acquiring Images from Scanners and Other Sources.

13. Drawing Objects In Publisher.

Using the Drawing Tools. Formatting Drawing Objects. Rotating an Object. Drawing with Microsoft Draw.

14. Working With Line Spacing, Indents, And Lists.

Setting Line Spacing in a Text Frame. Indenting Text. Setting Tabs. Working with Numbered Lists. Adding Bullets to Your Text Lists.

15. Working With Publication Tables.

Inserting a Table. Sizing and Moving Tables. Sizing Table Columns and Rows. Adding Columns and Rows to the Table. Using Special Cell Formats. Filling Your Table with Information. Formatting the Table Automatically. Formatting the Table Manually.

16. Formatting Publication Pages.

Changing Page Margins. Adding Page Borders. Working in the Publication Background.

17. Fine-Tuning Publisher Publications.

Using the Spell Checker. Controlling Hyphenation in Text Frames. Using the Design Checker. Setting Up AutoCorrect.

18. Printing and Outputting Publisher Publications.

Previewing the Publication. Printing the Publication. Working with Print Options. Troubleshooting Printing Problems. Working with an Outside Print Service. Using Pack and Go.

19. Mass Mailing Publications.

Understanding the Mail Merge Feature. Building a Mailing List. Starting the Merge and Inserting Merge Codes. Completing the Merge.

20. Creating Publications on Special Paper.

Creating Trifold Brochures. Creating Business Cards. Creating Envelopes. Creating Mailing Labels.


What Is the World Wide Web? Creating a Web Site Using the Web Site Wizard. Converting an Existing Publication to a Web Site. Adding and Removing Hyperlinks. Viewing Your Web Site. Publishing Your Web Site.


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