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Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft FrontPage 2000 in 10 Minutes

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Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft FrontPage 2000 in 10 Minutes


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  • Copyright 1999
  • Dimensions: 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-672-31498-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-31498-8

Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft FrontPage 2000 in 10 Minutes is a quick, efficient reference to designing, creating, and publishing on the World Wide Web and on intranets with the leading tool on the market. Only the most important and most frequently used features of FrontPage are covered - from the fill-in-the blanks, template-driven tools, to all the steps necessary to design, create, and publish a page from scratch on the World Wide Web and intranets using FrontPage.

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Table of Contents


1. Introduction to FrontPage 2000.

Understanding FrontPage 2000, Webs, and HTML Files. FrontPage as HTML Editor, Site Management Tool, and Publisher.

2. Installing FrontPage 2000 and Web Site Basics.

Installing FrontPage 2000 on Your PC. Running FrontPage for the First Time.

3. Getting Familiar with the FrontPage Editor.

FrontPage Basics. How to Create a Web. How to Create an HTML File.

4. Getting Started Using FrontPage Templates.

What Are Templates? Types of Templates Available with FrontPage.

5. Working with Text.

Text Basics. Adding Color and Attributes. Font Styles and Effects.

6. Working with Tables.

Understanding Tables. Creating Tables.

7. Doing More with Tables.

Manipulating the Cells in a Table.

8. Creating Lists.

Types of Lists You Can Create. Creating Your Lists.

9. Working with Graphics and Images.

Graphics and Images Basics. Adding Images with FrontPage.

10. Controlling Images in FrontPage 2000.

Positioning Your Graphics with FrontPage. Creating Thumbnails. Creating Backgrounds.

11. Using PhotoDraw.

PhotoDraw Basics. Editing Images with PhotoDraw. Adding Text with PhotoDraw.

12. Using Image Composer.

Image Composer Basics. Creating Text with Image Composer. Advanced Text Effects.

13. Using the GIF Animator.

What Are Animated GIFs? How to Create Animated GIFs.

14. Creating Links.

How Links Work. Different Types of Links.

15. Creating Imagemaps.

Understanding Imagemaps. Creating Imagemaps with FrontPage. Previewing Your Imagemap.

16. Working with Frames.

Understanding Frames. Should You Use Frames? Creating Frames Using FrontPage Templates.

17. Publishing and Administering Your Work.

Preparing to Publish Your Web. Uploading Your Web to a Server. Tending to Administration Duties on Your Site.

18. Adding Multimedia and Animation to Your Site.

Defining Multimedia. Adding Sound to Your Pages. Adding Video Clips to Your Pages.

19. Using the FrontPage Active Elements.

Understanding FrontPage Active Elements. Creating Hover Buttons. Creating Marquees. Hit Counters.

20. Working with Style Sheets.

Understanding Style Sheets. Applying Themes to Your Web. Modifying a FrontPage Theme.

21. Using Forms.

Understanding Forms. Form Elements. Creating Interactive Forms. Processing Forms with FrontPage. @CHAPTER 22. Using FrontPage for Your Own Web Site.

Deciding What Type of Site You Want to Create. Planning Your Site. Getting Started with Your Site. Adding Additional Pages and Details. Publishing Your Site.



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