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Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript and Ajax: Video Learning Starter Kit Bundle

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Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript and Ajax: Video Learning Starter Kit Bundle


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Sample Video—Lesson 23: A JavaScript Library for AJAX

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  • Copyright 2010
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-672-33090-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-33090-2

This book/DVD bundle represents a $30 savings versus the cost of buying them separately. It consists of the book Sams Teach Yourself Ajax, JavaScript, and PHP All in One and the video course Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript and Ajax: Video Learning Starter Kit. The Video Learning Starter Kit provides four hours of video training and lessons, along with all the source files and software the beginner needs to create and run the examples. Each 10-minute video lesson uses the same step-by-step learning structure that has proven so effective in all Sams Teach Yourself books - as well as the same clear and concise style, practical hands-on examples, and self-paced learning approach. The book combines the hottest web development technologies into one clearly written, step-by-step tutorial, packaged with an easy-to-use CD packed with all the software tools, libraries and source files a reader needs to develop their own applications. By the end of this book/video the user will understand how these technologies work, and more importantly, how they work together to create dynamic web applications. After working through the book's and video's lessons the reader will be able to confidently create basic, but professional-looking Ajax applications to enhance and improve any web site

Sample Content

Table of Contents


Part I Getting Started
1 Setting Up Your Workspace
2 Installing the CD

Part II Web Basics Refresher
3 Anatomy of a Web Site
4 Writing Pages in HTML
5 Styling Pages with CSS
6 Interacting with a Web Server

Part III Introducing Web Scripting and JavaScript
7 Understanding JavaScript
8 Creating Simple Scripts
9 Getting Started with JavaScript Programming
10 Working with the Document Object Model

Part IV Learning JavaScript Basics
11 Using Variables, Strings and Arrays
12 Using Functions and Objects
13 Controlling Flow with Conditions and Loops
14 Using Built-In Functions and Libraries

Part V Server-Side Programming in PHP
15 Embedding PHP in HTML Pages
16 Variables in PHP
17 Interacting with Web Forms
18 Remembering Users - Cookies and Sessions
19 Controlling Program Flow

Part VI Introducing Ajax
20 Anatomy of an Ajax Application
21 The XMLHTTPRequest Object
22 Talking with the Server
23 Using the Returned Data
24 Our First Ajax Application

Part VII More Complex Ajax Technologies
25 Returning Data as Text
26 Asynchronous HTML and HTTP
27 Returning Data as XML
28 Web Services and the REST Protocol
29 Web Services Using SOAP
30 A JavaScript Library for Ajax
31 Ajax Gotchas and Debugging

Part VIII Ajax Resources
32 The Prototype Toolkit
33 Using Rico
34 Using XOAD
35 Using Scriptaculous


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