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Sams Teach Yourself E-Commerce Programming with ASP in 21 Days

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Sams Teach Yourself E-Commerce Programming with ASP in 21 Days

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  • Copyright 2000
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Adobe DRM)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7686-5684-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7686-5684-8

The friendly, tutorial style of Sams Teach Yourself E-Commerce Programming with ASP in 21 Days empowers you to create your own online stores quickly and easily. Using online-proven methods, Stephen Walther, an expert e-commerce developer, provides you with an understanding of online commerce applications, then guides you through the use of VBScript and ASP's built-in objects, enabling you to create your own dynamic, database-driven e-commerce solutions. This book does not stop at just creating the online store. The author teaches you to create order tracking systems, manage advertising, create store reports, personalize the shopping experience and much more.

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Table of Contents



Day 1. Introduction to E-Commerce.

What Is E-Commerce? Microsoft Technologies for E-Commerce. What Is an ASP Page? Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 2. Interacting with the Customer.

Working with the Response Object. Working with the Request Object. Retrieving Query String and Form Variables. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 3. Using Application and Session Objects in E-Commerce Applications.

Tracking Customers with Cookies. Tracking Customers with Session Variables. Using Application Variables. Using the Global.asa File. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 4. Working with Files in Your E-Commerce Application.

Including Files in an ASP Page. Using File Redirection. Using the File Access Component. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 5. Building Your Product Catalog.

Creating the Store Database. Creating the Products Table. Connecting to a Database. Adding Products to the Products Table. Updating Product Information in the Products Table. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 6. Displaying Your Products.

Using Recordsets. Displaying Products. Making Your Store More Scalable. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 7. Searching for Products.

Displaying a Rotating List of Featured Products. Creating a Search Page. Creating Indexable Web Pages. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.


Bonus Project.


Day 8. Building the Transaction Databases.

The Transaction Database Tables. Creating the Users Database Table. Registering Users. Gracefully Handling Form Errors. Using the Secure Sockets Layer. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 9. Building the Shopping Cart.

Using Session Variables to Create a Shopping Cart. Using Native ADO Methods. Using a Database Table to Create a Shopping Cart. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 10. Checking Out.

Understanding Transactions. Completing the Order. Processing Orders. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 11. Working with Credit Cards.

Methods of Processing Credit Cards. Preparing for CyberCash. Authorizing a Credit Card Transaction. Settling Credit Card Transactions. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 12. Letting Customers Track Their Orders.

Enabling Customers to Track Orders with a Web Page. Calculating Shipping Costs. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 13. Creating a Subscription-Based Site.

Using HTTP Authentication. Using Database Authentication. Using Hybrid Authentication. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 14. Customizing the Shopping Experience.

Retrieving the Existing User Settings. Showing Past Purchases. Advertising Items Your Customers Would Like. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.


Bonus Project.


Day 15. Securing Your Store.

Registering Your Own Domain. Making Your Server More Secure. Protecting Your Users' Private Information with SSL. Protecting Your Database. Registering with the Better Business Bureau Reliability Program. Establishing a Privacy Policy and Joining a Privacy Seal Program. The Better Business Bureau's Children's Advertising Review Unit. Guidelines. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 16. Debugging Your E-Commerce Applications.

Keeping Your Development and Production Systems Separate. Debugging Your Application Using Visual InterDev's Integrated Debugger. Debugging Your Application on a Production Server. Capturing Errors into a Log File. Testing for Scalability. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 17. Administering Your Store Remotely with ASPs.

The IIS Administration Pages. Installing and Administering the IIS FTP Service. Uploading Files to Your Site Using FTP. Advanced Web-Based Product Catalog Maintenance. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 18. Using Email from Active Server Pages.

The Basics of Internet Mail. Configuring the SMTP Service. The Collaboration Data Objects for NT Server (CDONTS). Sending Email from an ASP Page. Sending Batches of Email. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 19. Generating Store Reports.

Reporting on Site Usage. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 20. Working with Wallets.

Physical Commerce Versus Electronic Commerce. Electronic Wallets. Wallet Standards. Your Own Store Wallet. Accepting Information from Wallets. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 21. Promoting Your Site and Managing Banner Advertising.

Search Engines. Web Rings. Banner Ads. Paying for Banner Ads. Participating in Reward Programs. Other Ways to Increase Revenue. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.


Bonus Project.


Appendix A: Quiz Answers. Appendix B: Frequently Asked Questions About Active Server Pages. Appendix C: SQL Reference.



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