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Sams Teach Yourself DHTML in 24 Hours

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Sams Teach Yourself DHTML in 24 Hours


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  • Copyright 2001
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9"
  • Pages: 432
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-672-32302-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32302-7

Sams Teach Yourself DHTML in 24 Hours provides a friendly, accessible way to learn DHTML. Beginning with the basic concepts, it will proceed with concise lessons on the DOM and style sheets. Later lessons will present real-world examples of useful DHTML applications, such as cascading menus, and continue with advanced techniques, such as animation and dynamic fonts.

After finishing this book, readers will be able to add advanced, interactive features to their Web pages, while adhering to standards and ensuring that older and alternate browsers will still be supported.

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Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with Summary, Q&A, Quiz, and Exercises.)



Hour 1. Understanding DHTML.

What Is Dynamic HTML? The Components of DHTML. History of DHTML and the DOM. DHTML Browsers.

Hour 2. Reviewing HTML.

Basic HTML Syntax. Defining Parts of a Document. Styling Text. Creating Forms. Workshop: Creating a Web Page with HTML.

Hour 3. Understanding JavaScript.

JavaScript Basics. Understanding Variables. Using Conditions and Loops. Using Functions. Understanding Objects. Workshop: Adding a Script to a Web Page.

Hour 4. Creating a Simple DHTML Example.

Starting with an HTML Document. Finding Objects. Creating the Script. Workshop: Putting It All Together.


Hour 5. Understanding the DOM.

Learning DOM Structure. Using DOM Objects. JavaScript and the DOM. Workshop: Hiding and Showing Objects.

Hour 6. Creating Positionable Elements (Layers).

Why Layers? HTML Tags for Layers. Positioning Objects. Creating a Layered Document. Workshop: Manipulating Layers with JavaScript.

Hour 7. Working with DOM Properties and Methods.

Understanding Node Properties. Using Document Methods and Properties. Using Node Methods. Workshop: Adding and Removing Text on a Page.

Hour 8. Responding to Events.

Understanding Event Handlers. Using the event Object. Dynamic Event Handlers. Using Mouse Events. Using Keyboard Events. The onLoad Event. Form Events. Workshop: Displaying an Event Log.


Hour 9. Introducing Style Sheets.

Why Style Sheets? Integrating Style Sheets with HTML. Basic Style Properties. Workshop: Creating a Simple Style Sheet.

Hour 10. Using Style Sheet Properties.

Creating Styled Text. Working with Fonts. Setting Margins and Borders. Setting Other Style Attributes. Workshop: Creating a Styled Document.

Hour 11. Controlling Styles with JavaScript.

Dynamic Styles. Working with Colors. Changing Text Styles Dynamically. Workshop: Using Dynamic Styles.

Hour 12. Creating Consistent Styles.

Using Restraint. Choosing Colors. Choosing Fonts. Margins and Borders. Supporting Older Browsers. Workshop: Creating Multiple-Choice Styles.


Hour 13. Creating Drop-Down Menus.

Overview. Objects and Events. Creating the HTML Document. Creating the JavaScript Functions. Workshop: Creating the Complete Example.

Hour 14. Creating a Menu Tree.

Overview. Objects and Events. Creating the HTML Document. Creating the JavaScript Functions. Workshop: Finishing and Testing the Menu.

Hour 15. Creating DHTML Text Effects.

Creating Blinking Text. Moving Text. Fading Text. Workshop: Creating a Scrolling Message.

Hour 16. Using DHTML for Animation.

Methods of Web Animation. Creating a Simple Animation. Workshop: Creating an Animated Navigation Bar.


Hour 17. Dealing with Browser Differences.

DHTML Browser Differences. Detecting Browsers. Writing Cross-Browser DHTML. Accommodating Older Browsers. Creating Cross-Browser Functions. Workshop: Supporting Old and New Browsers.

Hour 18. Using DHTML with Forms.

Dynamic Forms. Modifying Form Elements. Adding Form Elements. Accepting Data from Forms. Workshop: Creating a Dynamic Order Form.

Hour 19. Using Dynamic Fonts.

How Dynamic Fonts Work. Dynamic Fonts and Browsers. Defining Dynamic Fonts. Workshop: Using Dynamic Fonts.

Hour 20. Troubleshooting DHTML.

Tips for Error-free DHTML. Avoiding Common Mistakes. Analyzing Errors. Testing Dynamic Documents. Testing Browser Compatibility. Using Debugging Tools. Workshop: Debugging a Document.


Hour 21. Creating a Dynamic Site.

Creating Complex DHTML Sites. Creating the HTML Document. Creating the JavaScript File. Workshop: Adding a Scrolling Message.

Hour 22. Creating Complex Animations.

Following the Mouse Pointer. Animation with Multiple Images. Workshop: Completing and Testing the Animation.

Hour 23. Creating a DHTML Game.

Creating the HTML Document. Planning Dynamic Features. Creating Graphics. Creating the JavaScript Functions. Creating the Word List. Workshop: Adding the Style Sheet.

Hour 24. DHTML Tips and Tricks.

Creating Tool Tips. Where Do You Go from Here? Workshop: Creating a Scrolling Window.


Appendix A: Other JavaScript and DHTML Resources.

JavaScript Web Sites. Dynamic HTML Web Sites. Other Sites. Other Books. Development Tools. Debugging Tools and Resources. CGI Resources.

Appendix B: Glossary.
Appendix C: Browser Compatibility Chart.
Appendix D: DOM Quick Reference.

DOM Level 0. DOM Level 1.



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