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Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days, Second Edition, 2nd Edition

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Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days, Second Edition, 2nd Edition


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Question 1: I cannot install the compiler that came with the book. It just keeps telling me I have the wrong disk in the instalation drive.

Solution 1: Directions for installation of the Borland C++ 3.1 compiler, and the Source Code that is included in the product "Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days, Complete Compiler Edition," ISBN 0672312611


1. Autoplay should show a screen: "Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days, Complete Compiler Edition - Press the Enter key or click anywhere on this screen to continue." -
Press: Enter - or - Click

Note: If Autoplay does not play, Open Windows Explorer, and access the CD-ROM drive. When you click on the file "setup.exe" on the root directory of the CD-ROM, the screen that is mentioned in number 1, above, will appear.

2. Screen comes up. Click on: "Borland C++ 3.1"

3. Screen comes up. "Borland C++ 3.1 - From this page you can access the Borland C++ 3.1 Install program and Borland readme file."

Click on: Install Borland compiler

4. Screen comes up: "Borland C++ 3.1 Installation Utility"

Screen states: "Install Utility. Welcome to the Borland C++ 3.1 installation program. This program will install all the files needed for Borland C++ on your system. You will need about 34 megabytes of available disk space to install all options. An additional 5 megabytes of workspace is required during installation. If your HD's cluster size exceeds 4K bytes the disk space required will increase accordingly. Press ENTER to continue, ESC to quit."

5. Press: ENTER

6. Line shows on screen: "Enter the SOURCE drive to use: "_" (cursor flashes)

Type in: the drive letter of your CD-ROM drive

Press: ENTER

7. Line shows on screen: "Enter the source path (highlighted backslash showing on screen)

Type in: BC31

Press: ENTER

8. Box shows on screen: first line shows: Directories...[_:\Borlandc]

press: ENTER

9. Box shows on screen: first line shows: Borland C++ Directory: _:\Borlandc

press: ENTER

type in: C:\Borlandc

press: Enter

(you should see that all the directories have changed to c:\)

press: ESC

(you should see that the directories line now shows [c:\Borlandc]

10. Use the arrow key to arrow down to "Start Installation"

press: ENTER - files will be copied to the hard drive


1. After installation of the compiler, click on the "back arrow" until you get to the Main Menu

2. Click on: Source Code

3. Screen comes up: "Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days, Source Code Install - This install program will copy the book's source code to your local hard drive where it will be easier to manipulate."

4. Click on: Source Code Install

5. Screen comes up: "Install: This program copies the author's project tiles to your hard drive."

Click on: OK

6. Screen comes up: shows destination directory

Click on: OK - or change if needed in different directory

7. Source code will install, icons will be added to program group and installation concluded successfully.

8. Click on: Exit - to exit the Main Menu screen.


  • Copyright 1997
  • Dimensions: 7.38 X 9.125
  • Pages: 792
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-672-31070-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-31070-6

Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days, Second Edition is a hands-on guide to learning object-oriented programming design and analysis. You'll gain a thorough understanding of all basic concepts, including program flow, memory management, and compiling and debugging. To better facilitate retention and promote learning, the book is structured in the form of a 21-day self-paced workshop. This book breaks down the concepts into easy-to-understand chapters, using many listings to illustrate not just code, but how to improve upon code. It's fully revised, updated, and ANSI compliant.



Source Code

Source Code - 107kb -- tpp_code.zip


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