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Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Premiere Pro in 24 Hours

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Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Premiere Pro in 24 Hours


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  • Copyright 2004
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 696
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-672-32607-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32607-3

Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Premiere in 24 Hours offers practical advice from an author with a strong writing background, solid teaching experience, and extensive television production credentials ¿ TV anchor, reporter, photographer, and editor plus recipient of a regional Emmy award and two Society of Professional Journalists 1st place awards. Rather than simply presenting a collection of disconnected hands-on tutorials, Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Premiere in 24 Hours will always remind its readers of the big picture and what they¿re trying to accomplish. To that end Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Premiere in 24 Hours will supplement its Premiere functionality instruction with tips on shooting high quality video, creating professional voice-overs, and effective editing methods. Anyone with a Wintel PC who wants to venture into anything more than very simple video editing will eventually turn to this book!

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Story Creation, Writing, and Video Production Tips

Story Creation, Writing, and Video Production Tips for Adobe Premiere Pro

Table of Contents



Hour 1: Touring Premiere Pro and Presenting the DV Workflow.

Premiere—A Nonlinear Editor. Touring Premiere Pros Workspace. Premiere Pros Special Features and Technologies. Diagramming the Digital Video Workflow. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 2: Camcorder and Shooting Tips.

Going Digital. Choosing a Camcorder. Moving Up (Way Up) to High-Definition Video. Eighteen Tips on Shooting Great Video. Expert Advice from Karl Petersen. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 3: Story Creation, Writing, and Video Production Tips.

Getting the Story Right. Writing in the Active Voice. Storytelling with Video. Stepping Up to Film. The Business of Video Production. Doing the Video Production Thing. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 4: Premiere Pro Setup, Video Capture and Scene Selection.

Configuring a Powerful DV Workstation. Video Capture Cards—Adding Video Editing Magic. Reviewing the Alienware DV Workstation. Starting Premiere Pro for the First Time. Organizing the Workspace. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 5: Scene Selection and Video Capture.

Selecting Video Clips. Capturing Digital Video. Tackling Manual Analog Movie Capture. Using Scenalyzer to Automate Video Capture. Managing Your Assets. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 6: Creating a Cuts-Only Video.

Video Editing: From Engineers to Artists. Using a Storyboard Approach. Taking a Timeline Window Tour. Editing Clips in a Sequence. Summary. Workshop.


Hour 7: Adding Transitions Between Clips.

Using Transitions with Restraint. Trying Some Transitions. Manipulating Transitions in the A/B Window. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 8: Tackling Text: Using the Title Designer.

Using Supers to Help Tell Your Story. Using a Template to Examine Properties. Creating Text. Adding Motion and Putting Text on a Path. Creating Geometric Objects. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 9: Advanced Editing Techniques and Workspace Tools.

Adding a Professional Touch to Your Project. Playing Clips Backward, Changing Speed, and Freezing Frames. Adding News-Style Cutaways. Rolling, Slip, and Slide Edits. Creating Special Transitions. Editing Tips from an Expert—John Crossman. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 10: Adding Video Effects.

Introducing Premiere Pros Video Effects. Changing Effects Over Time—Keyframing. Using Keyframe Interpolation Controls. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 11: Putting Video and Still Clips in Motion.

Applying Motion and Changing a Clips Size. Enhancing Motion—Changing Size and Adding Rotation. Giving Clips a 3D Look. Working with Still Images—Special Issues. Summary. Workshop.


Hour 12: Acquiring Audio.

Selecting the Right Mic for the Job. Connecting Mics to Your Camcorder or PC. Getting the Most from Your Mics—Expert Audio Tips. Building a Simple and Inexpensive Voice-Recording Area. Voicing Solid Narrations. Ripping Music CDs. Creating Custom Music with SmartSound Movie Maestro. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 13: Editing Audio.

Premiere Pro—A New Aural Experience. Basic Premiere Pro Audio Editing. Higher-Level Audio Editing. Making an Automated Music Video Using Timeline Markers. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 14: Sweetening Your Sound.

Sweetening Sound—Premiere Pros Audio Effects. Revealing the Power of VST Plug-ins. Following Premiere Pros New Audio Tracks. Working with the New Audio Mixer. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 15: Professional Audio Tools: SmartSound Sonicfire and Adobe Audition.

Making Music with SmartSound Sonicfire Pro. Introducing Adobe Audition. Auditions Audio Effects. Using Audition to Craft a Tune. Summary. Workshop.


Hour 16: Using Higher-Level Video Effects.

Making Sense of the Plethora of Video Effects. Technical Fix Effects. Blur & Sharpen Effects. Distort Effects. Color and Appearance Effects. Adobe After Effects: Astounding Visual Effects. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 17: Compositing Part 1—Layering and Keying Clips.

Making Compositing Part of Your Projects. News-Style Cutaways and Multitrack Audio Rules. Your Assignment: Grab Shots for Compositing. Working with the Opacity Effect. Keying Clips. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 18: Compositing Part 2—Alpha Channels and Mattes.

Working with Alpha Channel Transparencies. Using Video Effects with Alpha Channel Transparencies. Using the Motion Effect to Make Pictures-in-a-Picture. Two Multiple Track Video Effects: Blend and Texturize. Creating and Working with Mattes. Using Mattes to Build Split Screens. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 19: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques—Part 1.

Highlighting a Portion of Your Clip. Applying Realistic Drop Shadows to Rotating Objects. Working with Nested Sequences. Enhancing Two Effects Using Nested Sequences. Giving Motion to Two Immovable Effects. Obscuring Someones Identity. Fine-tuning Keys Using a Nested Sequence. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 20: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques—Part 2.

Adjusting Color—Three Color-Correcting Effects. Working in the Trim Window. Four Fun Editing Techniques. Five Fast Editing Tips. Timeline Window Keyboard Shortcuts. Checking Out Several Workspace Shortcuts and Tools. Tips from an Adobe Corporate Premiere Pro Evangelist. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 21: Third-Party Products.

Exciting Effect and Transition Plug-ins. Innovative Graphics—Editors Toolkit from Digital Juice. High-Definition Video—Cineforms Aspect HD. Multiple-Camera Editing with Multicam. Creating Multimedia Movies with CyberCam. Speeding Up Editing with Contour Designs ShuttlePRO V.2. Summary.


Hour 22: Using Photoshop and After Effects to Enhance Your DV Project.

Introducing Photoshop CS. Using Photoshop CS in Video Production. Introducing After Effects. Animating Text with After Effects. Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 23: Exporting Premiere Pro Frames, Clips, and Sequences.

Introducing Exporting. Recording Your Sequence to Videotape. Creating Basic Media Files. Using the Adobe Media Encoder. Using the Adobe Media Encoder to Export MPEG-1 and MPEG-2. Using Premiere Pro to Burn a Video to a DVD. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 24: Authoring DVDs with Encore DVD.

Introducing the Authoring Process. Overview of Adobe Encore DVD. Assembling Assets and Editing Media. Editing Menus in Encore DVD and Photoshop. Linking Menus, Buttons, and Media. Burning the DVD. Summary. Workshop.



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