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Ruby/Rails Development Library App (iPhone)

Ruby/Rails Development Library App (iPhone)

iPhone Application

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  • Copyright 2010
  • Edition: 1st
  • iPhone Application
  • ISBN-10: 0-672-33309-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-33309-5

Download the Ruby/Rails Development Library app to try out all the features of the application and sample a featured chapter from each book in the library for FREE.  If you like it, you can buy the entire application and unlock all remaining chapters through the convenient in-app purchase option. TheRuby/Rails Development Library app brings to your mobile bookshelf three best selling books from Addison-Wesley Professional and Sams Publishing, both, publishing imprints of Pearson Education:

• Ruby Phrasebook, by Jason D. Clinton
• The Ruby Way: Solutions and Techniques in Ruby Programming, Second Edition, by Hal Fulton
• The Rails Way, by Obie Fernandez

Pearson has developed an iPhone app that includes all the standard features you expect in a reader such as easy navigation, search, and hyperlinking. We didn’t stop there. In developing the app we wanted to include features specifically beneficial to the development community, including:

• Scroll vertically and horizontally through long code listings using Code View
• Access to all of the sample programs via the email feature in Code View
• Highlighting and Bookmarking both supported
• Search the current chapter and the current book quickly and easily

Ruby Phrasebook

Ruby Phrasebook gives you the code you need to quickly and effectively work with Ruby, one of the fastest-growing languages in the world thanks to popular new Ruby technologies like Ruby on Rails.
Concise and Accessible
Easy to carry and easy to use—lets you ditch all those bulky books for one portable pocket guide
Flexible and Functional
Packed with more than 100 customizable code snippets—so you can readily code functional Ruby in just about any situation
The Ruby Way: Solutions and Techniques in Ruby Programming, Second Edition
The Ruby Way takes a “how-to” approach to Ruby programming with the bulk of the material consisting of more than 400 examples arranged by topic. Each example answers the question “How do I do this in Ruby?” Working along with the author, you are presented with the task description and a discussion of the technical constraints. This is followed by a step-by-step presentation of one good solution. Along the way, the author provides detailed commentary and explanations to aid your understanding.

The Rails Way
Ruby on Rails strips complexity from the development process, enabling professional developers to focus on what matters most: delivering business value. Now, for the first time, there’s a comprehensive, authoritative guide to building production-quality software with Rails. Pioneering Rails developer Obie Fernandez and a team of experts illuminate the entire Rails API, along with the Ruby idioms, design approaches, libraries, and plug-ins that make Rails so valuable. Drawing on their unsurpassed experience, they address the real challenges development teams face, showing how to use Rails’ tools and best practices to maximize productivity and build polished applications users will enjoy.
Using detailed code examples, Obie systematically covers Rails’ key capabilities and subsystems. He presents advanced programming techniques, introduces open source libraries that facilitate easy Rails adoption, and offers important insights into testing and production deployment. Dive deep into the Rails codebase together, discovering why Rails behaves as it does— and how to make it behave the way you want it to.

Now available at iTunes Store.


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