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QuickBooks Essentials LiveLessons (Video Training): For All QuickBooks Users

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QuickBooks Essentials LiveLessons (Video Training): For All QuickBooks Users

Student Supplement

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  • Copyright 2010
  • Edition: 1st
  • Student Supplement
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3928-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3928-5

DVD includes:

  • Nine+ hours  of video instruction
  • Over 50 tips and techniques
  • Skills you can learn in fifteen minutes or less 

For every entrepreneur, manager, accountant, and bookkeeper who wants to master QuickBooks fast!

Laura Madeira, QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor and member of the elite Intuit Trainer Writer Network shares with you her practical expertise in using the QuickBooks software.

Are you a business owner? Do you need help with your accounting software setup? Would you like a consultant to help you learn? In this video Laura is your own personal consultant as she provides easy to follow instructions on how to properly setup and use your QuickBooks software. Click play to follow along as Laura helps you learn how to use the many features of QuickBooks. Laura makes business accounting with QuickBooks “easy” for the non-accountant business owner with her straightforward approach to learning explaining both the “why” and “how” of an activity.

Laura Madeira, Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and member of the elite Intuit Trainer/Writer Network. Laura has presented to thousands of users the “What’s New for QuickBooks” each fall. Laura is the author of QuickBooks 2010 Solutions Guide and co-author of QuickBooks 2010 on Demand.

Looking for a better way to master today’s rapidly changing technologies? Want expert help, but don’t have the time or energy to read a book? Can’t find classroom training worth the money? Discover LiveLessons: self-paced, personal video instruction from the world’s leading experts. LiveLessons are DVD video courses organized into bite-sized, self-contained sessions–you’ll learn key skills in as little as 15 minutes!

System Requirements

OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 98, 2000, XP, or Vista

MULTIMEDIA: DVD drive; 1024 x 768 or higher display; sound card with speakers

COMPUTER: 500MHz or higher CPU; 128MB RAM or more

$39.99 USA / $47.99 CAN

Sample Content


QuickBooks Essentials (Video Training): Homepage and Navigation

QuickBooks Essentials (Video Training): Inventory Reporting

Table of Contents

LiveLesson Structure 1

Who Should Use This Product  1

Playing the DVD 1

LiveLessons DVD System Requirements  1

Introduction 2

Lesson 1 Getting Around QuickBooks 3

Advanced Tip 4

Adding Favorite Reports to Icon Bar 4

Lesson 2 In-Product Tutorials 5

Advanced Tip  5

Using the Learning Center 5

Lesson 3 Preferences 7

Advanced Tip  7

Defaulting QuickBooks Open Windows   7

Lesson 4 Help Options 8

Advanced Tip 8

Live Community 8

Lesson 5 Using QuickBooks Sample Company Data 9

Advanced Tip 9

Viewing Sample Data Files 9

Lesson 6 Converting from Other Accounting Software 11

Advanced Tip  11

Converting from Another Software  11

Lesson 7 Easy Step Interview 12

Advanced Tip 12

Selecting an Industry-Specific Chart of Accounts  12

Lesson 8 Setting Up Users and Permissions 14

Advanced Tip  14

Assigning External Accountant User Type 14

Lesson 9 Modifying the Chart of Accounts 16

Assets  16

Liabilities 17

Equity   17

Income  17

Cost of Good Sold 17

Expense 17

Other Income and Other Expense  17

Lesson 10 Creating a QuickBooks Backup 18

Advanced Tip  18

Simplifying the Backup Process 18

Lesson 11 Selecting a Company File to Open 20

Advanced Tip  20

Removing Unwanted Listings in Open Previous Company

Dialog  20

Lesson 12 Item List Purpose and Types 22

Advanced Tip 23

Making all Items Two-Sided 23

Lesson 13 Adding to or Modifying Your Items List 25

Advanced Tip 25

Merging Two Items  25

Lesson 14 Importing List Data from Excel 27

Lesson 15 Other Lists in QuickBooks 28

Advanced Tip 28

Using a Combination of Lists  28

Lesson 16 Memorized Transaction List 30

Advanced Tip  30

Creating a Memorized Transaction Group 30

Lesson 17 List Reports 32

Advanced Tip   32

Reviewing the Payroll Items List Report 32

Lesson 18 Inventory Item Types 34

Advanced Tip   34

Changing an Item Type 34

Lesson 19 Importing List Data from Excel 36

Advanced Tip  36

Using the Import from Excel   36

Lesson 20 Successful Inventory Processes 38

Advanced Tip  38

When You Have Negative Inventory Stock Levels 38

Lesson 21 Adjusting Inventory 40

Advanced Tip  40

Selecting the Proper Adjustment Account 40

Lesson 22 Inventory Reporting 41

Advanced Tip 41

Reconciling the Inventory Valuation Summary Report

with the Balance Sheet Inventory Balance  41

Lesson 23 Customize Home Page Vendor Activities 43

Advanced Tip 43

Setting My Preferences for Checking 43

Lesson 24 Vendor Center Activities 44

Advanced Tip 44

When a Vendor Is Also a Customer  44

Lesson 25 Entering Vendor Bills 46

Advanced Tip  46

Duplicating a Vendor Transaction  46

Lesson 26 Paying Vendor Bills 47

Advanced Tip 47

Adjusting Alignment of Your Printed Bill Payment Checks 47

Lesson 27 Accounts Payable Reporting 48

Advanced Tip 48

Importance of Reviewing Your Unpaid Bills Report  48

Lesson 28 Customize Home Page Customer Activities 49

Lesson 29 Customer Center Activities 50

Advanced Tip   50

Lesson 30 Creating Customer Invoices 51

Advanced Tip  51

Downloading Custom Designed Invoice Forms 51

Lesson 31 Receiving Payment from Your Customers 52

Advanced Tip  52

When a Customer Pays an Invoice Short  52

Lesson 32 Accounts Receivable Reporting 54

Advanced Tip 54

Importance of Reviewing Your Open Invoices Report 54

Lesson 33 Learn About Payroll Options 55

Advanced Tip 55

Choosing a Payroll Option  55

Lesson 34 Using the Payroll Setup Wizard 57

Advanced Tip  57

Using the Payroll Setup Checklist in QuickBooks 57

Lesson 35 Paying Employees and Payroll Liabilities 58

Advanced Tip  58

Defaulting Your State Unemployment State 58

Lesson 36 Printing Paychecks and Liability Payments 60

Advanced Tip  60

Reprinting a Lost Payroll Check  60

Lesson 37 Adjusting Payroll Liabilities 62

Advanced Tip  62

Using Run Payroll Checkup to Help Identify Payroll Errors 62

Lesson 38 Preparing State and Federal Payroll Forms 63

Advanced Tip   63

Letting Intuit Take Care of Your Payroll Liabilities Payments

and Reporting  63

Lesson 39 Payroll Reporting 64

Advanced Tip  64

Reviewing the Payroll Item Listing Report  64

Lesson 40 Accounting Basics 66

Advanced Tip 66

Viewing Transactions in Debit and Credit Format 66

Lesson 41 Reporting Preferences 67

Lesson 42 Using the Report Center 68

Lesson 43 Modifying Reports 69

Advanced Tip  69

Easily Hiding Columns in a Displayed Report 69

Lesson 44 Memorizing Reports 70

Advanced Tip  70

Lesson 45 Using the Write Check Form 72

Advanced Tip 72

Recording Drafts from Your Bank Account  72

Lesson 46 Printing Checks 73

Advanced Tip  73

Adjusting Alignment of Your Printed Write Check Forms 73

Lesson 47 Transferring Funds Between Bank Accounts 74

Lesson 48 Reconciling the Bank Account 75

Advanced Tip 75

Review Uncleared Bank Transactions  75

Lesson 49 Troubleshooting Bank Reconciliation Errors 77

Advanced Tip  77

Reviewing Previous Bank Reconciliation Reports 77

Lesson 50 Loan Manager 78

Lesson 51 Planning and Budgeting 79

Advanced Tip  79

Easily Create Your First QuickBooks Budget! 79

Lesson 52 Year-End Guide 80

Lesson 53 Syncing QuickBooks Lists with Microsoft Outlook Contacts 81

Lesson 54 Using the QuickBooks Timer 82

Lesson 55 Methods of Sharing Your Data 83

Advanced Tip  83

Working in Your File While Your Accountant Reviews

the Data  83

Lesson 56 Creating an Accountant’s Copy 84

Advanced Tip  84

Sending the File via Intuit’s Secure Accountant’s Copy File

Transfer Service  84

Lesson 57 Benefits of Working with an Accountant’s Copy 86

Lesson 58 Limitations of Working with an Accountant’s Copy 87

Advanced Tip  87

Some Specific Limitations for the Business Owner and

Accountant  87

Lesson 59 Importing Accountant’s Changes 89

Advanced Tip  89

Canceling an Accountant’s Copy  89


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