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Profit or Growth?: Why You Don't Have to Choose (paperback)

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Profit or Growth?: Why You Don't Have to Choose (paperback)


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Commitment to profitable growth requires a commitment to continuous renewal. This book will reveal the secret.

  • Provides best practices from countries around the world
  • Explains how companies can manage the delicate task of balancing profitability and growth
  • Presents four renewal strategies, that a company can adopt based on their particular needs: protecting and extending, transforming, building, and leveraging
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    • Copyright 2010
    • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
    • Pages: 256
    • Edition: 1st
    • Book
    • ISBN-10: 0-13-315830-6
    • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-315830-4

    “The simultaneous pursuit of growth and profitability is one of the most exquisite–and difficult–leadership dilemmas. Bala Chakravarthy and Peter Lorange provide penetrating insights and persuasive real-life examples on how a company can address this dilemma through continuous renewal and internal entrepreneurship. Unusual for books on leadership, their discussion spans from theory through practical implementation.”

    –Nick Shreiber, Former President & CEO, Tetra Pak Group

    “A continuous renewal of the firm’s businesses is essential for driving its profitable growth. This book gives credible insights and rich examples on how these renewal strategies can be shaped and executed successfully. I am recommending it to my key managers and business friends–essential reading!”

    –Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman & CEO, Nestlé

    Drawing on extensive research with world-class companies, this book introduces four proven strategies for continuous renewal. You’ll discover powerful ways to protect and extend your core businesses; capture new opportunities distant from them; and “bridge” these two strategies with two others to evolve towards profitable diversification.

    Then, through real-world case studies from great companies around the world, you’ll learn how to execute on these strategies–achieving superior growth and profitability in any business environment.

    •Craft a “shared strategic architecture” for growth and profitability

    Protect, extend, transform, build, and leverage

    •Execute on your renewal strategies successfully

    Integrate your efforts, encourage entrepreneurship, and manage risks

    •Wield the tools of implementation

    Utilize organic growth, acquisitions, and alliances more effectively

    •Share one stage and one script

    Find the right roles for leaders, managers, and internal entrepreneurs

    •Promote continuous renewal from the top

    Set vision, values, and culture...and manage the dilemmas of continuous renewal

    Sustaining Growth and Profitability: World-Class Strategies, Proven Execution Techniques!

    •Mastering the secret of growth and profitability: continuous renewal

    •Emerging best practices from today’s most successful companies, worldwide

    •Protecting, extending, leveraging, building, and transforming your core

    •Deploying organic growth, acquisitions, and alliances intelligently

    Growth and profitability. You need both. This book shows how to get both. It combines a complete strategic framework with start-to-finish execution techniques–all based on advanced research reflecting the best practices of today’s most successful companies. Through detailed case studies, the authors show how to sustain growth and profitability by protecting and extending your current market position, evolving to adjacent areas, and entering entirely new markets. You’ll discover better ways to integrate organic growth, acquisitions and alliances; task managers at all levels in the organization appropriately; and manage the non-stop dilemmas and tradeoffs you’ll face along the way.

    Sample Content

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: The Performance Dilemmas

    Part I: Strategy

    Chapter 2: Renewal Strategies

    Chapter 3: Continuous Renewal

    Chapter 4: A Blended Approach

    Part II: Execution

    Chapter 5: The Entrepreneur-Manager

    Chapter 6: Sponsoring Renewal

    Chapter 7: Directing Renewal


    Chapter 8: The Multi-Actor Process


    Appendix A: The Empirical Study
    Appendix B: Performance Across Subsectors
    Appendix C: Performance Across Firm Sizes
    Appendix D: Performance Across Regions
    Appendix E: Major Firms in the Field Study



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