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Process Redesign: The Implementation Guide for Managers (paperback)

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Process Redesign: The Implementation Guide for Managers (paperback)


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  • Copyright 1997
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/4"
  • Pages: 352
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-376481-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-376481-9

Reengineering and Total Quality Management promised dramatic improvements in profit, efficiency, and quality, but a number of TQM initiatives ended in failure as a result of an incorrect or incomplete implementation process. Here is a book that will help put the odds on your side by giving you specific skills and experience-based advice for successfully planning and implementing process design.

Comprehensive in scope, this book integrates the three major approaches to process redesign -- benchmarking, continuous improvement, and reengineering -- showing how to combine them for maximum effectiveness. It explains the circumstances for which each approach is appropriate and describes how to apply each specific technique effectively. The book also points out the many potential pitfalls that can impede even the most well thought out program.

You will find detailed and methodical coverage of such topics as defining processes, measuring performance, reducing cycle times, team building, benchmarking, the critical success factors for reengineering, and much more. Numerous examples from many different industries demonstrate concepts and techniques in action, illustrate common mistakes, and provide a model for successful implementation that you can apply to your own organization.

The information is presented in an accessible format, with guidelines, checklists, worksheets, discussion questions, and clear graphics to help you absorb essential information quickly and apply it successfully.


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Table of Contents




1. Quick Reference Guide to Process Redesign.

Cultural Requirements. Process Analysis. Process Improvement.

2. Process Management.

Traditional View of Organizations. Process View. Summary. Discussion Questions.

3. Leadership.

Role of Leaders. Setting a Direction. Goals and Objectives. Deployment. Summary. Discussion Questions.

4. Organizational Assessment.

Using the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria as an Assessment Tool. MBNQA Performance Categories. Overall Assessment. Summary. Discussion Questions.


5. Define and Classify Processes.

Defining Process. Distinguishing Between Processes and Outputs. Classifying Processes. Creating a Process Inventory.Summary. Discussion Questions.

6. Identify Core Processes.

A Rationale for Core Processes. Identifying Core Processes. Sample Core Processes. Summary. Discussion Questions.

7. Measure Performance.

Why Measure? Three Types of Measures. A Scoreboard to Improve Performance. Summary. Discussion Questions.

8. Measure Efficiency.

Cost. Variation. Cycle Time. Summary. Discussion Questions.

9. Understand the Customer.

Steps to Understanding Customers' Expectations. What Performance Attributes Do Customers Expect? What Performance Level Is Needed to Satisfy Expectations? What Is the Relative Importance of Each Attribute? Summary. Discussion Questions.

10. Document Processes.

How to Chart a Core Process. How to Create a Subprocess Flowchart. Summary. Discussion Questions.

11. Assess the Process.

Step 1: Qualitative Assessment. Step 2: Quantitative Assessment. Step 3: Setting Direction. Summary. Discussion Questions.


12. Planning the Improvement.

Identify the Improvement Subject. Select Improvement Alternatives. Launch Improvement Teams. Summary. Discussion Questions.

13. Continuous Improvement.

Six-Step Improvement Model. Summary. Discussion Questions.

14. Process Benchmarking.

Benchmarking Origins. Planning. Analysis. Integration and Action: Steps 6 Through 10. Summary. Discussion Questions.

15. Reengineering.

Overview of Reengineering. Reengineering Model. Summary. Discussion Questions.

16. Installing the Improved Process.

Integration. Action. Evaluation. Summary. Discussion Questions.


A: APQC Process Classification System.
B: Six-Sigma Analysis. C: Sample Project.

Description. D: The Benchmarking Code of Conduct. E: Texas Instruments Benchmarking Core Team. F: Process Redesign at Xerox Corporation. G: Reengineering the Commercialization Process at Praxair. H: Sample Best Practices Report.



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