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Practical UNIX

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Practical UNIX


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  • Complete Coverage.
    • Teaches students how to work with files, system administration, UNIX text processing, networking, and script programming. Ex.__

  • Task-Based Format.
    • Makes concepts easier for students to understand. Ex.___

  • Step-by-step instructions for common commands and programs.
    • Walks students through commonly used procedures for easy learning. Ex.__

  • The best solutions for UNIX problems.
    • Teaches students the most effective procedure to correct a UNIX problem. Ex.__


  • Copyright 2000
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2250-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-2250-8

Practical UNIX address the concerns of the beginning to intermediate UNIX user. Practical UNIX teaches what its namesake promises--practical applications and information that you can easily find and use. You can count on this book to provide solid reference information and practical knowledge necessary to master the ever-complex UNIX. Topics covered in Practical UNIX include listing, finding, displaying, and printing files, generating and using file lists, system security, command-line editing, introduction to Emacs, accessing other UNIX systems on the network and Internet, writing Bourne Shell Scripts, and writing Perl Programs.

Sample Content

Table of Contents


1. Introduction to UNIX and the Shell.
2. Getting Started-A Guided Tour of UNIX.
3. UNIX Directories and Pathnames.
4. Rules for Entering UNIX Commands.
5. The UNIX Graphical User Interface (GUI).
6. Miscellaneous UNIX Utilities.


7. Listing and Finding Directories and Files.
8. Displaying and Printing Files and Pipelines.
9. Copying, Moving, Renaming, Removing, or Linking Files.
10. Comparing, Sorting, Modifying, Combining, and Splitting Files.
11. Generating and Using File Lists.


12. Installing UNIX at Home.
13. Users, Groups, and Logins.
14. File Permissions and System Security.
15. System Startup, Shutdown, and Managing Jobs.
16. System and File Backups.
17. Managing System Resources.


18. Searching for Lines in a File or Pipeline.
19. Replacing or Removing Text From a File or Pipeline.
20. Using A to Edit a Text File.
21. Letting the A Editor Work for You.
22. Command-Line Editing in the Korn St.
23. Introducing the Emacs Editor.


24. Accessing Other UNIX Systems by Modem.
25. Accessing Other UNIX Systems on the Network or Internet.
26. Accessing UNIX from Windows.
27. UNIX and the Internet.


28. Writing Bourne Shell Scripts.
29. Writing Perl Programs.


A: UNIX Command Reference.
B: Glossary.


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