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Point & Click Linux!

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Point & Click Linux!


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  • The perfect introduction to Linux for unsophisticated Windows users who know nothing more than how to point and click, cut and paste, and drag and drop!
  • Includes the remarkably user-friendly Mepis Linux on a bootable CD: allows a reader to test-drive Linux without having to install it.
  • Packaged with an instructional DVD that makes learning Linux as easy as turning on the TV!

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Download and find out about the 6 Basic Linux Commands.

Download and find out about Opening and Closing Programs with KDE.


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  • Copyright 2005
  • Dimensions: 7x9-1/4
  • Pages: 288
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-148872-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-148872-4

"Robin's book will show you the benefits of switching to Linux immediately. Your computer will run faster and more reliably than you ever believed possible. Surfing the net will no longer be an exercise in paranoia. And you'll discover a whole new world of powerful, free software that can run rings around the programs available for Windows."

From the Foreword by Leo Laporte, Host of Call for Help on G4TechTV Canada and The Tech Guy on KFI 640 AM Los Angeles

The perfect gift for that Linux beginner in your life!

Have Linux up and running in 5 minutes or less with the incredible SimplyMEPIS bootable CD-ROM

Easy-to-follow videos on DVD

Linux made easy... incredibly easy!

Tired of Windows viruses, spyware, licensing hassles, and high costs? Try Linux!

Not sure Linux is up to the job? It is. Not sure you can learn Linux? You can. Linux expert and Open Source Developers' Network (OSDN) editor-in-chief, Robin "Roblimo" Miller, will teach you Linux the easy way: using the point-and-click skills you already have!

With the bootable SimplyMEPIS Linux software included on CD, you'll be running Linux in 5 minutes...no formatting, no partitioning, no technical hassles... just insert the CD, reboot your computer, and you're ready to go!!!

You don't need to be a computer expert! With Roblimo's step-by-step instructions and how-to videos, you'll master everything from word processing to the Web and email, instant messaging to CD burning... you name it.

Linux has never been this easy, this productive, or this much fun!

  • Navigate Linux visually, the easy way, with KDE

  • Get on the Web, send email, even build your own Web sites

  • Create Microsoft Office-compatible documents with OpenOffice.org

  • Instant-message and chat with all your friends—no matter what network they're on

  • Import, edit, and manage your digital photos

  • Burn CDs and DVDs

  • Play the world's best open source games

  • Download all the free software you'll ever need

  • Coexist easily with Windows users

  • CD features SimplyMEPIS Linux: start running Linux in 5 minutes, and get all the software you need to be productive!

  • DVD features Roblimo explaining all you need to know in bite-sized video tutorials. All the Linux skills you really need are covered here... just watch, and do!

© Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.

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K3b—Easy CD Burning Program for Linux

Downloadable Sample Chapter

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Table of Contents




1: What You Can Do with Linux.

2: Running the SimplyMepis CD.

3: Working with Linux: KDE and KWrite.

4: Installing MEPIS Linux on Your Hard Drive.


5: KPPP — Easy Modem Dialer Application.

6: Mozilla: Your Key to the Internet.

7: Setting Up and Using Mozilla E-mail.

8: Mozilla Web Browser.

9: Making Web Pages with Mozilla.

10: Introduction to OpenOffice.org: Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Slide Presentations, Graphics, and More.

11: OpenOffice.org Writer.

12: OpenOffice.org Presenter.

13: OpenOffice.org Draw.

14: OpenOffice.org Calc: Spreadsheets.

15: OpenOffice.org, Microsoft Office, and StarOffice.

16: CheckBook Tracker — Simple Bookkeeping with Linux.

17: Kopete — IM, IRC, and General Chat.

18: gFTP — An Easy, Powerful FTP Program.

19: K3B — Easy CD Burning Program.

20: The Gimp — Full-featured Graphics Application.

21: Digikam — Importing and Organizing Digital Photos.

22: Games! — Amusements Included with the SimplyMepis CD.

23: Other SimplyMEPIS Applications.


24: Downloading and Installing Software.

25: Cooperating with Windows.

26: Customizing Linux.

27: Dipping a Toe Into the Command-line Waters.

28: Joining the Linux Community.


Appendix A: Guide to Other Popular Linux Distributions.

Appendix B: Books that Can Help You Become More Proficient with Linux.

Appendix C: About MEPIS and the SimplyMEPIS CD.



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