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Ocean Environmental Management: A Primer on the Role of the Oceans and How to Maintain Their Contributions to Life On Earth

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Ocean Environmental Management: A Primer on the Role of the Oceans and How to Maintain Their Contributions to Life On Earth


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  • identifies the sources of ocean and coastal pollution — their magnitude or volumes, and reasons for the pollution.
  • addresses the physical, chemical, and biological effect of ocean pollution, and quantifies the ecological impact of ocean pollution on uses, users, and the interface effects of the oceans and coastal zones.
  • discusses the prevention, monitoring, and reduction of ocean pollution from land, ships, ocean resource developments, aquaculture, fishing, recreation, and special coastal development.
  • considers ocean pollution from natural causes — e.g., thermal vents, atmospheric, biological, and physical interfaces.
  • explores several avenues of dealing with or preventing ocean pollution:
    • the after-the-fact management of pollution effects by abatement, containment, and clean-up of ocean pollution by operational, physical, chemical, and biological means.

    • prevention of ocean pollution at the source by deviation of the potential solution.

    • reduction or prevention of ocean pollution by changes in operations, technology, and use of the oceans.

  • describes the use of effective models for predicting spread, containment, response time, and impact of various pollution intrusions.
  • evaluates and reviews the effectiveness and enforceability of local, national, and international regulations and conventions relative to ocean environmental management in different parts of the world.
  • estimates the economic impacts of ocean environmental management in terms of short-and long-term costs and benefits, and compares them with the economic costs and benefits of ocean environmental management which involves active and passive pollution prevention, pollution impact reduction, and governmental actions, such as regulations.


  • Copyright 1995
  • Dimensions: 6 X 9
  • Pages: 350
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-184557-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-184557-2

While everyone agrees that the oceans are the most important part of the earth's life support system, and that their environmental management is necessary if serious problems are to be prevented — little action is taken (or enforced) because too few believe that effective ocean environmental management can be profitable as well as responsible. Written by a leading authority in the field, this book provides a complete non-technical survey of the problems of ocean pollution and the promise of effective ocean management. KEY TOPICS: Discusses — in an unbiased manner — all important aspects of ocean environmental management: the important functions of the oceans; the environmental impacts of ocean pollution in physical, biological, and economic terms; the man-made and natural sources of pollution; methods for the prevention of pollution; effective management of ocean use and ocean resources; containment and clean up of pollution; and planning of the long-term effective management of ocean use in an environmentally safe manner. MARKET: For anyone concerned with the maintenance of the world's oceans as a resource, including general readers and students curious about environmental developments in the oceans.

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Table of Contents

1. Environmental and Economic Role of the Oceans.

2. Sources and Magnitude of Ocean Environmental Degradation.

3. Impact of Ocean Environmental Degradation.

4. Physical and Operational Ocean Pollution Prevention, Containment and Clean Up.

5. Ocean Environmental Regulation.

6. Economics of Ocean Environmental Management.

7. Ocean Environmental Management.

8. Future Developments in Ocean Environmental Management.

Appendix A: U.S. Ocean Environmental Regulation.

Appendix B: International Ocean Environmental Convention and Agreements.

Appendix C: London Dumping Convention.

Appendix D: Ocean Mining Technology.



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