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Object-Oriented Common LISP

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Object-Oriented Common LISP


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  • provides extensive examples of LISP programs in a variety of areas, such as text formatting and spelling correction.
  • introduces generic functions and class inheritance.
  • explains how to get a public domain copy of LISP.
  • discusses some of the differences found among various versions of LISP.


  • Copyright 1998
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/4"
  • Pages: 800
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-605940-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-605940-0

LISP, which stands for LISt Processing, was developed in the late 1950s by John McCarthy as a language for manipulating symbols. This book presents the Common LISP Language, a version of LISP, and details a range of applications for it, including data structures, computer systems, and compiler design.KEY TOPICS:This book presents a tutorial introduction to Common LISP, coverign lists and trees, recursion, local vs. global reference, characters and strings, streams, LAMDA and LABELS, control, debugging, macros, structures, classes and objects, vectors and arrays, and efficiency and compilation.MARKET:For programmers interested in a language with simple syntax, extensive adaptability and advanced memory management.

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Table of Contents

 1. LISP.

 2. A Tutorial Introduction.

 3. Lists and Trees.

 4. Recursion.

 5. Local vs. Global Reference.

 6. Characters and Strings.

 7. Streams: Output and Input.


 9. Control.

10. Debugging and Style.

11. Macros.

12. Structures.

13. Classes and Objects.

14. Vectors and Arrays.

15. Scope, Extent, and eval.

16. Efficiency and Compilation.

Appendix A. Internet LISP Resources.

Appendix B. Answers to Selected Exercises.

Appendix C. CLOS and C++.

Appendix D. ASCII Character Codes.

Appendix E. References.



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