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Novell Linux Desktop 9 Administrator's Handbook

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Novell Linux Desktop 9 Administrator's Handbook


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  • Copyright 2006
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Pages: 384
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-672-32790-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32790-2

What better way to learn something than from the inside? Novell Linux Desktop 9 Administrator's Handbook brings you inside the system and inside the only Novell authorized administrator's handbook for the new Novell Linux Desktop (NLD). Learn how NLD interacts with other Novell components and how to integrate security throughout the operating system. You'll also cover:

  • Working with graphical interfaces, devices and file systems
  • How to boot, initialize, shutdown and run levels
  • Linux administration
With the help of Novell Linux Desktop 9 Administrator's Handbook, you will master the administration of Novell Linux Desktop 9 systems.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

1. What Is the Novell Linux Desktop?

    Ancient History

    The History of Linux

    The Novell Linux Desktop

    Understanding What the Linux Kernel Is


2. Installing Novell Linux Desktop 9.

    Minimum System Requirements

    Installing the Operating System

    Text-based Installs

    Customizing the Installation

    Troubleshooting Installation Problems

      X Server Problems

      Monitor Problems

    Upgrading During Installation

    Keeping the System Current

      Using Online Update

      Using Red Carpet

      Using an Update CD


3. Working with the Desktop Environments.

    An Overview of GNOME

    Administering the GNOME Desktop

    An Overview of KDE

      KDE Menu



      KDE HelpCenter

      Web Browser

      Configuring the Desktop

    Administering the KDE Desktop

      The Kiosk Admin Tool

      The Config Editor


4. Working on the Command Line.

    Basics of the Command Line

      Command-Line Interaction

      Connecting Commands


      The Path Statement and Other Variables

      Common Variables


      Command History

      Command Aliasing

      Other Features and Notes

    Processing Text

      head and tail

      Sort and Count

      Other Useful Utilities

    Basic File Management

      Working with cd and pwd

      Absolute and Relative Addressing

      Working with ls

    Standard Output and Input

    Working with Processes

      What Is a Process

      Working with ps

      Working with pstree and top

      Ending a Process

      Background and Foreground

    Changing Priorities



    Working with grep

      Options for grep



    Working with vi

      Starting vi


      Changing Text

      Saving Files

      Inserting and Deleting

      Navigating Screens

      Searching for Text

      Copying Text

      Other Operations


5. Working with YaST.

    Introducing YaST

    Working with Software

    Working with Hardware

    Working with System Settings

    Working with Networks

    Working with Network Services

    Working with Security and Users

      Working with User Settings

      Working with Security Settings

    The Misc Option


6. Working with Devices.

    Attaching Devices

    Understanding Printing

      Printing a File

      Formatting a File

      Moving Up to CUPS

      Using the Add Printer Wizard

      Printing Utilities

      Using the CUPS Web Interface

      Simplified Administration

    Creating Bootable Floppies


7. Working with Filesystems.

    The Standard Disk Layout

      The / Directory

      The bin Directory

      The boot Directory

      The etc Directory

      The home Directory

      The lib Directory

      The media Directory

      The mnt Directory

      The opt Directory

      The proc Directory

      The root Directory

      The sbin Directory

      The srv Directory

      The sys Directory

      The tmp Directory

      The usr Directory

      The var Directory

      Other Directories

    The Hard Disk Layout

    Working with Hard Disks

      Creating Partitions

      Creating Filesystems

    Maintaining Filesystem Integrity

    Mounting and Unmounting

    Hard Disks and YaST


8. Working with Files.

    Working with File Permissions and Ownership

      Standard Permissions

      Changing Values

      Access Control Lists

      Special Permissions

    Copying and Moving Files and Directories



    Removing Files and Directories

    Making Directories

    Working with Links

      Hard Links

      Symbolic Links

    Finding Files on Your System

    Three Utilities of Note





9. Booting and Runlevels.

    Walking Through a Normal Boot

    Understanding Runlevels

    Changing Runlevels

    The inittab File

    LILO and GRUB

    Related Boot Files and Utilities


10. Linux Administration.

    Creating and Managing Users

      Creating User Accounts at the Command Line

      Managing User Accounts

      Removing Users

    Working with Groups

      Creating a New Group

      Picking a Group

      Modifying Groups

    Working with PAM

    Configuring System Logs

      The Log Daemon

      Files to Know

    Monitoring the System


11. Networking.

    TCP/IP Background

      The Four Layers of TCP/IP

      Primary Protocols

      Protocols and Ports

    TCP/IP Host Configuration

      IP Address

      Subnet Mask

      Default Gateway

      Supplying Values

    Other TCP/IP Configuration

    Configuring Routes

    Configuring Networking Services

      The /etc/services File

      Network Access

    Working with NFS, smb, and nmb





    Working with the IP Tool


12. Security.

    Applying Common Sense

      Working with iptables

      Host Security

      User-Level Security

    YaST Settings

    Maintaining Effective Backups

      Utilities to Know


      Related Utilities


13. Living with Novell Linux Desktop.

    NLD as a Standalone Operating System

    NLD in a Windows Environment

    NLD in a Novell Environment

      Directory Services

      Storage Services

      Print Services

      End User Services

      Administrative Services

      Basic Shell Tools

      Administrative Tools

      Networking Tools

      Miscellaneous Tools




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