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  • Copyright 1999
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7357-0921-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7357-0921-8

In MySQL, Paul DuBois provides you with a comprehensive guide to one of the most popular relational database systems. As an important contributor to the online documentation for MySQL, Paul uses his day-to-day experience answering questions users post on the MySQL mailing list to pinpoint the problems most users and administrators encounter. The principal MySQL developer, Monty Widenius, along with a network of his fellow developers, reviewed the manuscript, providing Paul with the kind of insight no one else could supply. Instead of merely giving you a general overview of MySQL, Paul teaches you how to make the most of its capabilities. Through two sample databases that run throughout the book, he gives you solutions to problems you'll likely face. He helps you integrate MySQL efficiently with third-party tools, such as PHP and Perl, enabling you to generate dynamic Web pages through database queries. He also teaches you to write programs that access MySQL databases.

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Using the MySQL Client Library to Write Your Own Programs

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Table of Contents

Introduction to MySQL and SQL.

Working with Data in MySQL.

MySQL SQL Syntax and Use.

Query Optimization.

Using MySQL Programming Interfaces.

Introduction to MySQL Programming.


The Perl DBI API.


Introduction to MySQL Administration.

The MySQL Data Directory.

General MySQL Administration.


Database Maintenance and Repair.

Obtaining and Installing Software.

Column Type Reference.

Operator and Function Reference.

SQL Syntax Reference.

MySQL Program Reference.

C API Reference.

Perl DBI API Reference.

PHP API Reference.

Useful Third-Party Tools.

Internet Service Providers.



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