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My Windows Phone 8

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My Windows Phone 8

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    ePub EPUB The open industry format known for its reflowable content and usability on supported mobile devices.

    MOBI MOBI The eBook format compatible with the Amazon Kindle and Amazon Kindle applications.

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  • Copyright 2013
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-4853-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-4853-9

Friendly, quick, and 100% practical, My Microsoft Windows Phone 8 is the must-have companion for every Windows Phone 8 user. Written by ten-time Microsoft MVP Brien Posey, it walks new users through every task they'll want to perform, including:
* Navigating the Windows Phone 8 interface
* Using audio, video, photos, and other media
* Connecting to the Internet, surfing the Web with Internet Explorer, and searching with Bing
* Getting productive with Windows Phone 8's version of Microsoft Office
* Downloading great apps and games in the Marketplace
* Storing content in the cloud, on SkyDrive
* Social networking via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
* Managing email, IM, contacts, and calendars
* Customizing and troubleshooting Windows Phone 8

Every task is presented step by step, using carefully annotated, full-color screenshots, all numbered so there's no chance of getting lost or confused. Readers needn't wade through paragraphs of theory to get usable help, or to find practical answers. Throughout, the book is packed with helpful tips, tidbits, and quick solutions to the problems users are most likely to encounter. Everything's clearly organized to help readers get started fast, and keep their Windows Phone 8 devices working just the way they want.

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Messaging in Windows Phone 8

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1  Getting Started with Windows Phone 8    3
Minimum Hardware Specifications     3
The Phone’s External Features     4
Getting Started with Your Phone     6
   Configuring the Phone Using the Recommended Settings     6
   Installing the Windows Phone Software     9
   Setting Up the Windows Phone Software     10
Updating the Phone     10
   Accessing the Phone’s Settings     11
   Configuring How Windows Phone Updates     12
The Windows Phone 8 Interface     13
   The Lock Screen     13
   Other Common Indicators     14
   Customizing the Lock Screen     15
   The Start Screen     20
Touch Gestures     24
   Using the Phone’s Hardware Buttons     25
   The Back Button     25
   The Start Button     25
   The Search Button     25
   The Power Button     25
   The Volume Buttons     26
   The Camera Button     26
The Soft Keyboard     26
Resetting Your Phone     29
   Restoring Factory Settings     29

Chapter 2  Configuring Basic Device Settings     31
Accessing the Device Settings Screen     31
   Changing the Device Theme     32
Wi-Fi Networking     33
   Enabling or Disabling Wi-Fi     33
   Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network     34
   Removing Known Networks     35
Passwords and Screen Timeouts     36
   Setting the Screen Timeout     37
   Enabling a Password     38
   Changing Your Password     39
   Disabling a Password     40
Date and Time     40
   Setting the Date and Time     41
   Changing Time Zones     42
   Using Military Time     42
Screen Brightness     43
   Automatically Adjusting the Screen Brightness     43
   Manually Adjusting the Screen Brightness     44
Controlling the Keyboard’s Behavior     44
   Setting the Keyboard Language     45
   Removing a Keyboard Language     46
   Clearing Custom Suggestions     46
   Customizing the Keyboard’s Behavior     47
Configuring Regions and Languages     48
Accessibility     50
   Adjusting the Text Size     50
   Enabling High Contrast     51
   Enabling the Screen Magnifier     51
   Using Speech for Phone Accessibility     52
Find My Phone     53
Finding Your Phone     54
   Other Location Options     55
About Your Phone     56
   Providing Feedback     57
Backing Up Your Phone     58
    Backing Up App Lists and Settings     59
   Removing Your Backup     60
   Backing Up Text Messages     61
   Determining Backup Quality for Your Photos and Videos     62
   Restoring Your Backups     63
Battery Saver     64
Phone Storage     65

Chapter 3  Messaging     69
Accessing Email Settings and Configuring Accounts     70
   Connecting Your Microsoft Account     71
   Setting Up Exchange Email     72
   Connecting to Yahoo! Mail     76
   Connecting to Google Mail     77
   Setting Up POP3/IMAP4 Messaging     78
   Removing Mail Accounts     80
Microsoft Outlook Mobile     81
   The Outlook Mobile Interface     82
   The Anatomy of a Message     83
   Opening a Message     84
   Opening an Attachment     85
   Replying to a Message     86
   Forwarding a Message     87
   Viewing New Mail     88
   Viewing Urgent Mail     88
   Viewing Flagged Messages     89
   Deleting a Message     90
   Marking a Message as Read     93
   Marking a Message as Unread     93
   Marking Multiple Messages as Read or Unread     94
   Moving a Message     95
   Performing a Bulk Move     96
   Viewing Folders     97
   Flagging a Message     97
   Clearing a Message Flag     98
   Flagging or Unflagging Multiple Messages     98
   Marking a Message as Complete     99
   Marking Multiple Messages as Complete     100
Composing a New Message     100
   Writing a Message     101
   Canceling a New Message     102
   Adding Message Attachments     103
   Setting Message Priority     106
   Adding Recipients Through CC and Blind CC     106
   Adding Emoticons and Clip Art     107
   Checking for New Mail     108
Configuring Mailbox Settings     108
   Linking Mailboxes     108
   Unlinking Mailboxes     110
   Conversation View     110
   Message Signatures     111
   Blind CCing Yourself     111
   Lightening the Display     112
   Changing the Mailbox Sync Settings     113
   Configuring Automatic Replies     115

Chapter 4  The Multimedia Experience     117
Working with the Windows Phone Software     117
   Adding Photos to Your Phone     119
   Adding Videos to Your Phone     120
   Adding a Song to Your Phone     121
   Adding an Album to Your Phone     121
   Adding a Musical Artist to Your Phone     122
   Adding Content from Nonstandard Locations     123
   Using the Photo Interface     124
   Removing Multimedia Content     125
   Copying Phone Content to Your PC or Tablet     127
Working with File Explorer     127
   Adding Media to Your Phone     128
   Removing Media from Your Phone     130
   Copying Multimedia Content to Your PC     131
Xbox Music Pass     132
   Connecting Your Phone to Xbox Music Pass     132
   Playing Music from the Xbox Music Pass     133
Playing Music Through the Phone     134
   Playing Songs     134
   Using Jump Lists     135
   The Play Screen     135
   Playing an Album     137
   Playing a Music Genre     137
   Playing a Specific Artist     138
   Playing Music in the Background     138
   Sharing Music     140
   Playing Music Using Smart DJ     140
   Accessing Playlists     141
Playing Videos     142
History     144
Displaying New Content     145

Chapter 5  Windows Phone 8 Apps     147
Searching for an App     147
Alarms     148
   Setting an Alarm     149
   Disabling an Alarm     150 
   Deleting an Alarm     150
Calculator     150
   Calendar     152
   Calendar Views     153
   Appointments     157
   Enabling, Organizing, and Disabling Calendars     163
   The To-Do List     164
   Displaying Tasks on Your Calendar     168
Camera     169
   Adjusting Photo Settings     170
   Adjusting the Camera’s Configuration Settings     171
   Controlling the Camera’s Flash     172
   Changing the Camera’s Behavior with Lenses     173
   Using the Front Camera     173
   Activating Video Mode     174
   Adjusting Video Settings     175
   Using the Video Light     176
Photo     176
   Viewing Your Pictures     177
   Adding a Picture to Your Favorites     178
   Viewing Your Favorite Pictures     178
   Deleting a Picture     179
   Uploading a Picture to SkyDrive     179
   Sharing Your Pictures     180
   Editing a Photo     180
   Using a Photo on the Lock Screen     183
   Playing a Video     184
Internet Explorer     185
   Using Custom Settings     186
   Browsing the Web     187
   Zooming a Page     187
   Adding a Page to Your Favorites     188
   Accessing Your Favorites List     189
   Removing a Page from Your Favorites     189
   Accessing Your Browsing History     190
   Tabbed Browsing     190
   Sharing a Web Page     192
   Adding a Page to the Start Screen     193
   Internet Explorer Settings     194
   Finding an Item on a Web Page     197
Store     198
   Downloading App Updates     199
   Finding New Applications     200
   Searching for an App     201
   Viewing an Application     202
   Installing an Application     203
   Removing an App     204
   Xbox Music Downloads     205
   Podcasts     207
Kid’s Corner     208
   Setting Up Kid’s Corner     209
   Launching Kid’s Corner     210
   Modifying Kid’s Corner Permissions     212
Wallet     213
   Adding a Payment Method     214
   Editing a Payment Method     216
   Removing a Payment Method     217
   Pinning Payment Information     218
   The Wallet PIN     218
   Deals     221

Chapter 6  Microsoft Office Mobile     229
Accessing Microsoft Office     230
   The Recent Screen     231
   The Places Screen     232
   Office Mobile Settings     236
Excel     237
   Creating a New Spreadsheet     237
   Working with the Excel Interface     238
   Adding a Comment to a Cell     239
   Changing the Comment Author     240
   Viewing and Navigating Comments     241
   Searching a Spreadsheet     241
   Selecting Multiple Cells     242
   Viewing Cell Text     243
   Freezing a Pane     243
   Applying Formatting Options     244
   Sorting a Column     245
   Filtering     246
   Undo and Redo     247
   Charting     247
   Accessing Charts and Sheets     248
   Saving a Spreadsheet     248
   Sharing a Spreadsheet     249
   Fitting and Hiding Text     249
   Entering Formulas     251
   AutoSum     252
Word     253
   Creating a New Word Document     253
   The Microsoft Word Interface     254
   Copy and Paste     255
   Applying Text Effects     255
   Locating Text Within a Document     256
   Adding a Comment     257
   Viewing and Navigating Comments     257
   Deleting a Comment     258
   Sharing the Document     259
   Saving the Document     259
   Correcting Spelling Errors     260
PowerPoint     261
   Opening a PowerPoint Document     261
   Viewing PowerPoint Slides     262
   Viewing a Specific Slide     263
   Adding Notes to a Slide     264
   Editing a Slide     265
   Moving a Slide     266
   Saving the PowerPoint Presentation     267
   Sharing Your PowerPoint Presentation     268
OneNote     268
   Opening a Note     271
   Searching for Notes     272
   Deleting a Note     272
   Closing Notebooks     273
   Pinning a Document to the Start Screen     273
   Creating a Note     274
   Creating a List     275
   Adding Pictures to a Note     276
   Adding Audio     277
   Adding a To-Do List     277
   Formatting Text     278
   Sharing a Note     279

Chapter 7  Gaming     281
The Games Hub     281
Games Hub     283
   Joining Xbox Live     284
   Installing Xbox Extras     286
   Customizing Your Avatar     286
   Modifying Your Xbox Live Bio     288
   Achievements     290
   Configuring Games Hub Settings     291
   Adjusting Your Privacy Settings     291
Friends     294
   Adding a Friend     297
   Removing a Friend     298
   Sending Messages to Friends     299
Beacons     300
   Setting a Beacon     300
   Removing a Beacon     301
Finding Games     302
   Using the Spotlight     302
   Browsing for New Games     303
   Finding Games by Genre     304
   Searching for a Game     304
   Installing a Game     305
   Playing a Game     306
   Rating and Reviewing a Game     307
   Uninstalling a Game     308
Xbox SmartGlass     308
   Installing Xbox SmartGlass     309
   Interacting with the SmartGlass Interface     310
   Accessing the Xbox Guide     312
   Using Your Phone as an Xbox Controller     313

Chapter 8  The Phone      315
Making and Taking Phone Calls     315
   Making a Phone Call     316
   Calling Your Contacts     317
   Ending a Call     318
   The Speaker Phone     318
   Muting a Call     319
   Accessing the Keypad     319
   Returning a Missed Call     320
   Accessing Voicemail     320
   Configuring Your Voicemail     321
   Conference Calling     322
   Answering a Call     323
   Call Waiting     324
Call Settings     324
   Changing Your Ringtones     325
   Enabling Vibrate     325
   Using Custom Ringtones     326
   Enabling Talking Caller ID     327
   Using International Assist     328
   Enhancing SIM Security     328
   Enabling Airplane Mode     329
   Enabling Bluetooth     330
SMS Text Messaging     331
   Reading a New Text Message     333
   Replying to a Text Message     334
   Sending a Text Message     334
   Sending Long Text Messages     336
   Sending an Attachment with a Text Message     337
   Deleting a Conversation     339
   Deleting a Message     339
   Forwarding a Text Message     340
   Copying a Text Message     340
   Text Messaging Backup     341
   Group Text     341

Chapter 9  Search     343
Bing and the Search Button     343
   Searching with Bing     344
   The Bing Interface     345
   Configuring Bing Settings     346
   Searching by Voice     348
   Searching with Bing Music     350
   Searching with Bing Vision     351
Searching with Internet Explorer     353
   Pinning a Search Engine to the Start Screen     355
   Turning Suggested Sites On and Off     355
Maps     356
   Getting Directions     358
   Clearing a Map     359
   Displaying Aerial View     359
   Showing Traffic Patterns     360
   Searching for a Destination     361
   Finding Locations with Local Scout     362
   Clearing Map History     368
   Downloading Maps     369
   Updating Downloaded Maps     370
More Ways to Search     370
   Call History     370
   Contact Search     372
   Searching for OneNote Notes     372
   Searching for Microsoft Office Documents     373
   Searching Email     373
   Setting the Search Language     374
   Deleting Search History     375

Chapter 10  Working with People     377
The People Hub     377
   Viewing a Profile     379
   Adding a Contact     379
   Editing a Profile     381
   Deleting a Contact     382
   Searching for a Contact     382
   Using Jump Lists to Find a Contact     383
   Pinning a Contact to the Start Screen     384
   Linking Contacts     384
   Configuring Social Network Settings     385
Groups     387
   Creating a New Group     388
   Adding a Contact to a Group     389
   Removing a Group Member     390
   Renaming a Group     391
   Pinning a Group to the Start Screen     391
   Deleting a Group     392
   Sending an Email Message to Group Members     393
   Sending a Text Message to Group Members     394
Rooms     394
   Creating a Room     395
   Accessing a Room     396
   Adding Members to a Room     396
   Deleting a Room Member     397
   Choosing a Room Background     397
   Pinning a Room to the Start Screen     398
   Renaming a Room     399
   Deleting a Room     399
   Using Group Chat     400
   Sharing Photos and Videos     401
   Viewing Shared Photos and Videos     402
   Viewing the Shared Calendar     402
   Adding an Appointment to the Shared Calendar     403
   Creating a New Shared Note     403
   Viewing Shared Notes     404
Facebook Integration     405
   Connecting to Facebook     405
   Viewing a Wall Post     406
   Writing on a Friend’s Facebook Wall     409
   Viewing Facebook Photos     409
The Me Tile     412
   Viewing Your Own Social Networking Wall     412
   Posting Status Updates     413
   Checking In     414
   Uploading a Photo     415
   Chatting with Friends     416
   Setting Your Chat Status     417
   Notifications     417
Twitter     418
   Configuring Your Twitter Account     418
   Sending a Tweet     419
   Checking for Tweets     420
   Responding to a Tweet     420
   Checking Twitter Notifications     420
LinkedIn     421
   Configuring Your LinkedIn Account     421
   Accessing LinkedIn Content     422
   Responding to a LinkedIn Post     423
   Posting a Message     424
   The Feeds Filter     425

Index     426


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