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My iPad mini

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My iPad mini


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  • Copyright 2013
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Pages: 416
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-4876-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-4876-8

Covers iOS 6
Step-by-step instructions with callouts to iPad mini photos that show you exactly what to do.
Help when you run into iPad mini problems or limitations.
Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your iPad mini.

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your iPad mini working just the way you want. Learn how to:
• Connect your iPad mini to your Wi-Fi and 3G/4G LTE networks
• Record and edit video using iMovie for iPad mini
• Use Siri to control your iPad mini or get information by speaking commands
• Take photos, and then edit them using iPhoto for iPad mini
• Video chat with your friends using Skype and FaceTime
• Stream audio and video to Apple TV and other devices
• Use Dictation to create notes, emails, text messages, search the Internet, and more
• Use iCloud to synchronize data between your devices
• Watch movies, TV shows, or home videos
• Surf the Web, and send and receive email
• Download apps to make your iPad mini even more useful
• Manage your contacts, and then connect with others using Messaging
• Stay organized with the Calendar app
• Use Pages and Numbers to create documents and spreadsheets
• Use Keynote to build and display presentations


Author's Site

Please visit the author suggested site at macmost.com.

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Networking and Syncing Your iPad Mini

Sample Pages

Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 3 and Index)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1  Getting Started     3

The Evolving iPad     4
   Generations of iPad     4
   iOS 6     5
The iPad mini’s Buttons and Switches     6
   The Home Button     6
   The Wake/Sleep Button     7
   The Volume Control     8
   The Side Switch     8
   Orientation and Movement     9
Screen Gestures     9
   Tapping and Touching     10
   Pinching     10
   Dragging and Flicking     10
   Pull Down and Release Update     11
   Four-Finger Gestures     11
iPad mini Screens     11
   The Lock Screen     11
   The Home Screen     12
   An App Screen     13
   The Search Screen     13
   The Settings Screen     14
Interacting with Your iPad mini     15
   Common Interface Elements     15
   Using the On-Screen Keyboard17
   Dictating Text     18
   Editing Text     19
   Copy and Paste     21
Using Siri     22
Chapter 2  Customizing Your iPad     27
Changing Your Wallpaper     28
Getting Details About Your iPad     30
Setting Alert Sounds     32
Password Protecting Your iPad     34
Setting Parental Restrictions     36
Setting Side Switch Functionality     38
Setting Your Date and Time3     9
Modifying Keyboard Settings     40
Changing Safari Settings     42
Changing Music Settings     43
Notification Center Settings     44
More Settings     46
Chapter 3  Networking and Syncing     49
Setting Up Your Wi-Fi Network Connection     50
Setting Up Your 3G/4G Connection     52
Syncing with iTunes     54
   Syncing Contacts, Calendars, and Other Information     57
   Syncing Apps     59
   Syncing Documents     60
   Syncing Music     62
   Syncing Photos     64
Syncing Using iCloud     66
   Keeping Your iPad Up-to-Date     68
Chapter 4  Playing Music and Video     71
Playing a Song     72
Building a Playlist     75
Making iTunes Purchases     77
Downloading Podcasts     81
Playing Video     83
Using AirPlay to Play Music and Video on Other Devices     85
Home Sharing     86
Chapter 5  Reading Books     89
Buying a Book from Apple     90
Reading a Book     92
Using Reading Aids     94
Adding Notes and Highlights     95
Adding Bookmarks     97
Organizing Your Books     98
Using iBooks Alternatives     100
Chapter 6  Organizing Your Life     103
Adding a Contact     104
Searching for a Contact     106
Working with Contacts     107
Creating a Calendar Event     108
Using Calendar Views     111
   Day View     111
   Week View     112
   Month View     113
   List View     114
Creating Notes     115
Setting Reminders     117
Setting Clock Alarms     119
Chapter 7  Surfing the Web     123
Browsing to a URL     124
Searching the Web     125
Viewing Web Pages     128
Returning to Previously Visited Websites     130
Bookmarking Websites     132
Deleting Your Bookmarks     133
   Delete a Single Bookmark     134
   Another Way to Delete Bookmarks     134
Creating Home Screen Bookmarks     135
Building a Reading List     136
Filling in Web Forms     138
Opening Multiple Web Pages     140
Copying Text and Images from Web Pages     141
Using Images from Web Pages     142
Viewing News Articles with Safari Reader     143
Chapter 8  Communicating with Email, Messaging, and Twitter     145
Configuring Your Email     146
Reading Your Email     149
Composing a New Message     150
Creating a Signature     152
Deleting and Moving Messages     153
Searching Email     154
Configuring How Email Is Received     154
More Email Settings     156
Setting Up Messaging     157
Conversing with Messages     158
Setting Up Twitter     160
Following People on Twitter     161
How to Tweet     162
Chapter 9  Taking and Editing Photos     165
Taking Photos     166
Using Photo Booth     168
Browsing Your Photos     170
Editing Photos     171
Sharing Photos     173
Viewing Albums     175
Creating Albums     176
Creating a Slideshow     177
Turning Your iPad into a Picture Frame     178
Capturing the Screen     180
Deleting Photos     181
Adjusting Photos in iPhoto     183
Using Brushed Effects on Photos in iPhoto     186
Applying Special Effects to Photos in iPhoto     187
Sharing Photos with iPhoto     188
Creating Online Journals with iPhoto     189
Chapter 10  Recording Video     195
Shooting Video     196
Trimming Video Clips     198
Combining Clips in iMovie     199
Editing Transitions in iMovie     203
Adding Photos to Your Video in iMovie     205
Adding Video Titles in iMovie     208
Setting Up FaceTime      209
Placing Video Calls with FaceTime     211
Receiving Video Calls with FaceTime     212
Chapter 11  Writing with Pages     215
Creating a New Document     216
Styling Text     218
Reusing Styles     221
Formatting Text     222
Creating Lists     224
Column Layouts     226
Inserting Images     227
Using Shapes in Documents     230
Creating Tables     231
Creating Charts     233
Document Setup     235
Sharing and Printing Documents     236
Chapter 12  Spreadsheets with Numbers     239
Creating a New Spreadsheet     240
Totaling Columns     244
Averaging Columns     245
Performing Calculations     249
Formatting Tables     250
   Formatting Cells     250
   Formatting Whole Tables     253
   Using Headers and Footers     254
Creating Forms     255
Creating Charts     258
Using Multiple Tables     260
Chapter 13  Presentations with Keynote     267
Building a Simple Presentation     268
Building Your Own Slide     270
Adding Transitions     274
   Magic Move     275
   Object Transitions     277
Organizing Slides     279
Playing Your Presentation     281
Presenting on an External Display     282
Chapter 14  Navigating with Maps     285
Finding a Location     286
Searching for Places and Things     288
Getting Directions     289
Setting Bookmarks     292
Using Views     294
   Using Satellite View     294
   Using 3D View     296
Getting Traffic Reports     298
Chapter 15  The World of Apps     301
Purchasing an App     302
Arranging Apps on Your iPad     305
Creating App Folders     306
Viewing Currently Running Apps     307
Quitting Apps     308
Finding Good Apps     309
Using iPhone/iPod touch Apps     311
Getting Help with Apps     313
Chapter 16  Using Popular and Critical Apps    317
Using Facebook     318
Using iTap VNC     320
Using GoodReader     322
Using NewsRack     325
Using Flipboard     328
Adding a Dictionary     331
Using Skype for iPad     332
Putting Notes on Your Home/Lock Screen     334
Creating Multimedia Cloud Notes with Evernote     338
Handwriting Notes     341
Using Epicurious     343
Other Useful Apps     345
Chapter 17  Games and Entertainment     349
Composing Music with GarageBand     350
Watching Movies and TV Shows with Netflix     353
Listening to Music with Pandora Radio     355
Using Game Center     356
iPad Games and Entertainment     358
   Air Hockey     358
   Highborn HD     359
   Harbor Master HD     360
   Angry Birds HD     360
   Galcon Fusion     361
   Plants vs     Zombies HD     362
   Monkey Island 2 Special Edition     362
   Scrabble for iPad     363
   Fieldrunners for iPad     363
   Real Racing 2 HD     364
   Gold Strike     364
   Word Spy     365
   Comics     366
Subscribing to Magazines with Newsstand     366
Chapter 18  iPad mini Accessories    369
Printing from Your iPad mini     370
iPad mini Smart Cover     372
Power Accessories and Docks     373
Video Output Adapters     375
   Lightning to VGA Adapter     375
   Lightning Digital AV Adapter     376
   AirPlay Mirroring with Apple TV     377
Apple Wireless Keyboard     378
SD Card and USB Adapters     381
Index     383


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