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MP3 Underground

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MP3 Underground

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  • Copyright 2001
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Adobe DRM)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7686-5580-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7686-5580-3

MP3 Underground is a brief, non-technical explanation of MP3 and Napster and their benefits, a look at the legal issues, and a short, concise overview of hardware requirements, MP3 players, cataloging software, on-line music database, rippers, encoders, and juke boxes. The book also includes a consumer's guide to the various MP3 players, an overall explanation of streaming audio, and how-tos for setting up your own MP3 site. The reader will be directed on how to hack past copy protections and sort through the legal and clandestine sources of MP3.

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Table of Contents

1. What Is MP3 Internet Audio and Why Should I Care?

What Are MP3 and Internet Audio?

…And Why Should I Care?

How Do MP3s Work? How Do Sound Waves Become Digital Data? How Does the MP3 Audio Codec Work? What Is the MP3 Revolution? What Do I Need to Get Started?

Software. Hardware.

2. Is This Going to Get Me Thrown in Jail?

What's Legal? What's Not?

The Digital Difference. The Laws. In the Crosshairs. In the Courts. The Secure Digital Media Initiative.

3. Where Can I Find MP3 Music?

Web Sites.

Buying Music Online. Search Sites.

What's FTP? 'Cause If I have to Learn One More Three-Letter Acronym, I'm Going to Hurl.

Ratio Sites. Reading FTP.

Searching for HTTP and FTP Music Files: The Quest for Billy Idol.

Using a Web Site Search Engine—Audiogalaxy.com. Finding Music with MP3 Fiend. Finding Songs with MP3 Fiend's Music Charts.

Newsgroups—MP3s the Hard Way.

Using a Newsgroup.

4. How Do I Download MP3s Once I Find Them?

Downloading from Sites on the Web.

The Right Way. Working with WMA and Liquid Audio Downloads.

Organizing Downloads with Go!Zilla.

Setting Up Go!Zilla. Downloading with Go!Zilla. Using the Go!Zilla Database. Other Go!Zilla Features.

Downloading from FTP Sites with CuteFTP.

Entering FTP Connect Information. Connecting to an FTP Site with CuteFTP. Downloading from an FTP Site. Uploading to an FTP Site. Automating Downloads with CuteFTP. Finding Music Files with CuteFTP. Other CuteFTP Features.

Downloading from Newsgroups.

Anatomy of a Newsgroup File. Extracting the MP3.

5. What's This Napster? How Can I Use It to Swap Music with Others?

Setting Up Napster.

Identifying the Hot Connections. Finding Songs with Napster.

Finding the Secret Napster Servers. Downloading with Napster. How to Bypass Napster Watchdogs.

Fooling the Blockade.

Other Distributed Swapping Software.

Gnutella. CuteMX. Others.

6. How Do I Convert My Music CDs to MP3 Files?

What's the Best Format to Use?

Setting Bit Rates. Setting Up a Painless, Yet Sensible, Way to Save MP3s. But Where Does All This Information Come From? Branding Your Song Files with Tags. How Do I Rip a CD?

How Do I Rip Songs Off TV, Radio, and Cassettes?

Wiring a Sound Source to Your PC. Recording So You Can Edit.

Is There Any Way to Change Windows Media and Liquid Audio Files Into MP3s and Waves?

Converting Among MP3s, WMAs, and WAVs.

Can I Record Webcasts or Streaming Audio?

Stream Ripping with Total Recorder.

7. How Do I Play MP3s? And How Do I Keep Track of 1,000 Songs?

Setting Up RealJukebox 2. Creating Playlists. Editing Tags with RealJukebox.Sure, My Ears Are Having Fun, But What About the Rest of Me? (or, May I Have Some More Eye Candy, Please?).

Skins. Visualizations. Themes.

How Can I Listen to My MP3s on the Go?

Memory. Transfer Method. SDMI Compliance. Controls. Extras.

What Else Can I Use MP3s With?

MP3s on Wheels. Nomad Jukebox. MP3 for the Handheld. Home Sound System Player. Becoming a Broadcasting Mogul.

8. How Can I Create My Own Music CDs?

Getting Started. Burning Quick and Dirty.

Creating a Burn List from a Playlist. Creating a Burn List Using Add Tracks. Burning.

How to Record Better CDs.

Check Your Disk Space. Choose Your Blank Discs Carefully. Let Up on Using Your PC During Burns. Turn Off AutoRecord.

How to Record the Best CDs.

Rip to Wave. Normalizing. Skips, Crackles, and Pops Elimination. Labeling and Covering.


Appendix A. Top 101 Internet Audio Sites


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