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Moral Intelligence: Enhancing Business Performance and Leadership Success

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Moral Intelligence: Enhancing Business Performance and Leadership Success

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Discover the powerful correlation between moral values and business success.

  • Endorsed by Daniel Goleman, the author of the breakthrough bestseller Emotional Intelligence.
  • Strengthen your own moral intelligence -- and promote it throughout your organization.
  • With contributions from over 100 of the world's top business leaders(see overflow page for list of leaders)


  • Copyright 2005
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-13-149050-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-149050-5

Through a combination of research, and original thought leadership, the authors demonstrate how the best performing companies have leaders who actively apply moral values to achieve enduring personal and organizational success. These individuals exhibit moral intelligence: a strong moral compass and the ability to follow it. Lennick and Kiel reveal how dozens of companies benefit from the moral intelligence of their leaders, help build specific moral competencies leaders need: integrity, responsibility, compassion, forgiveness, and more. This book also includes the new Moral and Emotional Competency Inventory (MECI): an indispensable metric to assess moral intelligence. Leaders with strong moral intelligence can build the trust and commitment that are the foundation of truly great businesses. Be one of those leaders, lead one of those companies, with Moral Intelligence.


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Authors' Web Site -- Moral Intelligence Web Site

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Why Moral Intelligence Is Good for Business

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Sample Chapter - 71 KB -- Chapter 1: Good Business

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Table of Contents




1. Good Business.

2. Born to Be Moral.

    What the Best Leaders Believe

    A Visit to the Nursery

    Nature Versus Nurture

    Growing Up Moral

    Learning to Be Responsible

    When Things Go Wrong

    Inside Your (Moral) Brain

    It's All in Your Head

    The Moral Map of Your Brain

    Why We're Good and Why We're Bad

    So What Went Wrong?

    Moral Software

3. Your Moral Compass.

    Embracing Universal Principles

    Discovering Your Values

    The Morality of Values


    Identifying Your Beliefs


    Why Leaders Love Goals

    Your Goals 

    Put It in Writing


4. Staying True to Your Moral Compass.


5. Integrity.

    Acting Consistently with Principles, Values, and Beliefs

    Telling the Truth

    Standing Up for What Is Right

    Keeping Promises

6. Responsibility.

    Taking Responsibility for Personal Choices

    Admitting Mistakes and Failures

    Embracing Responsibility for Serving Others

7. Compassion and Forgiveness.

    Actively Caring About Others

    Letting Go of Your Own Mistakes 

    Letting Go of Others' Mistakes

8. Emotions.


    Understanding Your Thoughts

    Personal Effectiveness 

    Deciding What to Think


    Nurturing Emotional Health

    Interpersonal Effectiveness


    Misplaced Compassion

    Respecting Others

    Getting Along With Others


9. The Moral Leader.

10. Leading Large Organizations.

    The Fabric of Values

    Is There Such a Thing as a Morally Intelligent Organization?

    The Morally Intelligent Organization-An Aerial View

    Morally Intelligent Policies

    The Principles that Matter Most

    Organizational Integrity

    The Responsible Organization

    The Compassionate Organization

    The Forgiving Organization

    Recruiting for Values

    Reinforcing Values Starts at the Top 

    The Power of Formal Rewards

    Success Stories

    Ideal Versus Real 

    Values and the Global Organization

11. Moral Intelligence for the Entrepreneur.

    Moral Values in Small Organizations

    Last Words About Business Start-Ups 

Epilogue: Becoming a Global Moral Leader.

    Raising the Stakes

    Watch Your Wake

    Give Back

    Create the Future

    A Global Business Opportunity


Appendix A: Strengthening Your Moral Skills.

    A Look in the Mirror

    Using the MCI 

    The Right Frame of Mind for Completing the MCI 

    Scoring and Interpreting Your MCI 

    Prioritizing Your Moral Development Efforts

    The Road Less Traveled

    The 80/20 Rule

    Your Moral Development Plan

    Putting Your Moral Development Plan into Practice

    Breaking Bad Habits

    Reward Yourself for Positive Change

    Surround Yourself with Positive People

    Do I Really Need to Change?

    Books, Audio, and Video Media


    Personal Counseling

    Executive Coaching 

Appendix B: Moral Competency Inventory (MCI).

Appendix C: Scoring the MCI.

    Moral Competencies Worksheet

    What Your Total MCI Score Means

Appendix D: Interpreting Your MCI Scores.

    Total MCI Score (Alignment Score) 

    Highest and Lowest Competency Scores

    Individual Item Scores

    Reality Testing

    Do Your Scores Matter?

    Now What?



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