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Microsoft Voice and Unified Communications

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Microsoft Voice and Unified Communications


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  • Copyright 2009
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/4"
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-321-57995-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-57995-9

Microsoft Voice and Unified Communications is essential reading for anyone using–or considering–Microsoft’s range of VoIP options, from consumers to small business owners to enterprise customers.”

--Xuedong Huang, General Manager, Microsoft Research Communications, Innovation Center

“Joe Schurman has captured the essence of Microsoft’s vision and implementation in the areas of Voice and Unified Communications. This is an important book for those interested in connecting the dots between the present and the future in human communications and understanding why things are evolving in that way.”

--Gurdeep Singh Pall, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Unified Communications Group

Microsoft® Voice and Unified Communications is a book that provides insight into Microsoft’s Voice and Unified Communications portfolio of products and services related to Microsoft Windows Live, Microsoft Response Point, and the Microsoft Unified Communications platform.

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside. . .


· Microsoft’s vision of voice products and services for consumer, small/medium businesses, and enterprise organizations including a foreword by Gurdeep Singh Pall, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Unified Communications Group, and commentary by Xuedong Huang, General Manager of the Microsoft Research Communications Innovation Center.

· Technical guidance and information related to Microsoft Windows Live, Microsoft Response Point, and the Microsoft Unified Communications platform, including the newly released Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2.

· Sales guidance for selling Microsoft voice solutions in the SMB and Enterprise markets.

· Examples of customized Microsoft voice and unified communications applications.

· Overview of Microsoft voice and unified communications security.

· Latest Microsoft voice and unified communications research and development.

· Understanding of voice, unified communications, and telephony concepts and terms as well as the history and evolution of communications technology.

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The Communications Renaissance

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Table of Contents

Foreword     xiii

Preface     xv

Acknowledgments     xvii

About the Author     xx

Chapter 1: The Communications Renaissance     1

Telephony Revolution     1

Telephony Evolution     5

SIP’ing VoIP     8

The Presence of SIP     10

The Battle for Voice Quality     12

Voice Protocols and Codecs     15

Securing Voice Communications     16

The Microsoft Vision of Software-Powered Voice     17

Chapter 2: Consumer Voice Communications with Windows Live     19

Setting Up a Windows Live Messenger Account     21

Signing Up for VoIP Service     23

Adding Contacts     25

Communicating with a Contact     27

Collaborating Using Microsoft Messenger for Mac     32

Windows Live Call Voice Architecture     35

Chapter 3: Small Business Voice Communications with Microsoft Response Point    37

Microsoft Response Point Hardware     38

D-Link VoiceCenter     39

Syspine Digital Operator Phone System     42

Aastra AastraLink RP     44

Microsoft Response Point Software     48

Microsoft Response Point Base Unit Software     48

Microsoft Response Point Administrator     50

Microsoft Response Point Assistant     51

Microsoft Response Point Internet Telephony Service Providers     54

Innovative Microsoft Response Point Features     56

Response Point and Small Business Server Integration     60

The Gateway to Voice and Unified Communications     62

Quintum Response Point Gateways     62

Evangelyze Communications SmartVoIP     63

Experiencing Voice with Microsoft Response Point     64

Step 1–Purchase a Response Point System     64

Step 2–Configure Microsoft Response Point Hardware     65

Step 3–Configure Response Point Software      66

Step 4–Configuring Phones, Users, and Features     67

Step 5–Testing Response Point Features     72

My Personal Response Point Response     82

Microsoft’s Internal Perception of Microsoft Response Point     83

Chapter 4: Enterprise Voice with Microsoft Unified Communications     85

Microsoft Office Communications Server     88

From RTC to UC     88

Office Communications Server Editions     89

Microsoft Office Communicator     108

Office Communicator (PC Edition)     109

Office Communicator Attendant Console     113

Office Communicator Web Access     114

Group Chat Client     115

Office Communicator Mobile     116

Office Communicator Phone Edition     117

Microsoft Messenger for Mac OS X     118

Microsoft Office Live Meeting     121

Microsoft Exchange Server     122

Unified Messaging     123

Microsoft Office Live Meeting and Communicator Integration     126

Calling Features within Outlook 2007     128

Microsoft Exchange Server Push E-mail for Outlook Mobile     128

Microsoft Unified Communications Devices     129

Microsoft Entourage 2008 for Mac OS X     131

Microsoft Exchange E-mail for the Apple iPhone     132

The Microsoft Unified Communications Vision     134

Chapter 5: Simply Speaking: The Integration of Speech Recognition with Voice and Unified Communications     135

The Vision of Speech within Microsoft’s VoIP Products and Services     136

Microsoft Voice and Speech Integration     137

Microsoft Office Communications Server Speech Integration     137

Microsoft Response Point and Speech Recognition     140

The Future of Speech with Voice-Enabled Applications     143

Chapter 6: Voice Collaboration     145

Microsoft Office and Voice     145

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server     152

Microsoft Office Outlook     153

Microsoft Unified Communications and Microsoft Office “Better Together” Videos     160

Chapter 7: Customizing Voice Applications     161

Microsoft Office Communications Server Customization     161

Office Communications Server 2007 SDK     162

Unified Communications Managed API SDK     163

Microsoft Office Communicator Customization     167

Office Communicator Automation API     168

Microsoft Office Communicator Tabs     169

Unified Communications Client SDK     171

Unified Communications AJAX SDK     171

Microsoft Office Live Meeting Customization     174

Live Meeting Portal API     175

Microsoft Exchange Server Customization     176

Exchange Web Services for Unified Communications     176

Exchange Server Unified Messaging Web Service     178

Custom Speech Development     179

Developer Resources     180

Chapter 8: Securing Voice     181

Voice and UC Security Threats     181

Voice and Unified Communications Security Solutions     183

Providing a Secure Platform Architecture     184

Instant Messaging Filtering     195

Industry-Recognized Voice Security Products     197

Chapter 9: How to Sell Voice and Unified Communications     201

Know the Lingo     202

Understand the Voice and UC Competitive Landscape     203

Microsoft Versus Cisco     206

Microsoft Versus IBM     209

Microsoft Versus Nortel, Avaya, Siemens, and NEC     211

Microsoft Versus the SMB VoIP Competition     213

Leverage Microsoft Voice Sales Incentive Programs     215

Step 1–Become a Microsoft Partner     215

Step 2–Engage with Microsoft     217

Step 3–Differentiate Yourself     218

Learn How to Sell Voice and UC Consulting Services     220

Introducing the UC 1-2-3 Methodology     220

UC 1-2-3 Business Plan     221

Microsoft Response Point 1-2-3     228

Sales Summary     229

Chapter 10: The Virtualization of Voice     231

Virtualizing Microsoft Unified Communications     231

Virtualizing Microsoft Response Point     235

The End of Telephony-Based Hardware     238

The Partner Opportunity for Voice Software Services     241

Virtual Resources     243

Appendix A: Closing Comments and Resources     245

Resources     246

Index     249


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