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Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Unleashed (Adobe Reader)

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Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Unleashed (Adobe Reader)

eBook (Adobe DRM)

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  • Copyright 2008
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Adobe DRM)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7686-7696-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7686-7696-9

Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Unleashed provides a comprehensive and in-depth overview of Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 and Enterprise Project Management (EPM). This book should be used as a reference to guide you through system capabilities and the use of more advanced product features in the context of your business processes. In this book you will find cutting-edge information, including the necessary framework and approach to implement a complex project management software product. Find practical, real-world guidance on how to plan, install, configure, deploy, use, manage, and customize your EPM Implementation. This book is your only in-depth source for Microsoft Office Project Server 2007!

Sample Content

Table of Contents

              Introduction to Enterprise Project Management        1

Part I   Initiating Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Implementation

        1    Enterprise Project Management Overview        13

        2    Understanding Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 as an Enterprise Project Management Solution        33

        3    Initiating Your EPM Implementation        51

Part II    Planning Your Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Implementation

        4    Planning the Organizational Processes and Roles        67

        5    Understanding Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Architecture        125

        6    Designing the Enterprise Project Management Solution Architecture Details        157

Part III    Implementing Microsoft Office Project Server 2007

        7    Installing Microsoft Office Project Server 2007        179

        8    Configuring Your EPM Solution         199

        9    Configuring Security Model Settings        213

      10    Configuring Enterprise Custom Fields        237

      11    Configuring Resource Attributes and Resource Pool        267

      12    Configuring Calendars        299

      13    Configuring Task and Time Management Settings        315

      14    Standardizing Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007 Global Settings        345

      15    Configuring the Microsoft Office Project Web Access 2007 Interface        369

      16    Configuring Operational Policies        387

      17    Configuring Reporting and Analysis        405

      18    Validating the EPM Configuration and Business Processes        451

Part IV    Using Microsoft Office Project Server 2007

      19    Using Microsoft Office Project Server 2007        467

      20    Allocating Resources for Work Assignments in Microsoft Office Project Server        499

      21    Creating and Managing Proposals and Activity Plans         539

      22    Creating and Managing Projects Using Project Professional 2007        553

      23    Creating Project Dependencies Using Master Projects, Deliverables, and Project Workspaces        595

      24    Reporting and Approving Time and Task Progress in Project Web Access         621

      25    Managing Projects in Project Center Using Project Web Access        665

      26    Managing Resources Using Resource Center in Project Web Access         693

      27    Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Collaboration        709

      28    Modifying Your Project Workspace        743

      29    Reporting and Analysis        793

      30    Using Microsoft Office 2007 Applications with Microsoft Office Project Server        821

      31    Closing Projects in the EPM Solution        847

Part V    Project Server Administration Maintenance and Operations

      32    Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Administration        861

      33    WSS Central Administration        941

      34    Queue Management        977

      35    Server Maintenance and Configuration Management        999

      36    Backup and Recovery        1015

      37    Troubleshooting Tools        1045

      38    Capacity Planning        1069

Part VI    Integration and Customization

      39    Integrating the Enterprise with Microsoft Servers        1089

      40    Extending WSS 3.0 Project Workspace Through Code        1097

      41    Understanding Project Server Interface        1117

      42    Using Server-Side Events in Project Server 2007        1125

      43    Understanding Workflow        1141

      44    Customizing and Creating Web Parts        1179

      45    VBA and the Project Guide        1197

      46    Reporting Customization        1227

              Index        1267


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