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Marketing in the Moment: The Digital Marketing Guide to Generating More Sales and Reaching Your Customers First, 2nd Edition

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Marketing in the Moment: The Digital Marketing Guide to Generating More Sales and Reaching Your Customers First, 2nd Edition


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Now fully updated: today's #1 "hands-on tactics, no-fluff" guide to breakthrough digital marketing strategies 

  • Extensively updated to reflect the newest "Web 3.0" platforms, technologies, trends, and opportunities
  • Offers proven new tactics for increasing leads, traffic, sales, and market share
  • Contains an all-new chapter on photo-based marketing with Pinterest and Instagram
  • Focused, step-by-step planning guidance: now improved to deliver faster results!


  • Copyright 2015
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-388981-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-388981-9

Now fully updated, Marketing in the Moment, Second Edition is today's complete, practical, no-fluff desk reference to next generation social, mobile, and digital marketing.

Drawing on his extensive experience working with companies of all sizes, Michael Tasner helps you move beyond hype and high-level strategy to proven tactics and successful ground-level execution. Tasner assesses and distills each of today's most valuable options, helping you identify and leverage your own best opportunities.

Tasner reveals which new marketing technologies deliver the best results (and which hardly ever pay for themselves)... how to complete digital marketing projects faster and at lower cost... how to build realistic, focused action plans for the next three, six, and twelve months. This edition's coverage includes:

  • New ways to profit from emerging "Web 3.0" platforms and interaction methods
  • An all-new chapter on Pinterest, Instagram, and emotion-driven "picture marketing"
  • How to leverage high-value Google Hangouts video marketing
  • New SEO marketing tactics to supercharge your content marketing
  • Practical solutions for marketing on tablets and Android devices
  • The latest "laws" of mobile marketing
  • How to create mobile marketing apps fast
  • How to audit and optimize your current web/digital marketing programs
  • Cost-saving "open source" techniques that leverage others' hard work
  • And much more…

Thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, technologists, executives, and marketing professionals have already benefited from the first edition of this book. Now, it's even more valuable. Whatever and wherever you sell, Marketing in the Moment, Second Edition will help you build leads, traffic, sales, market share - and profits!

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The Mindset Shift: From Web 2.0 Digital Marketing to Web 3.0 Digital Marketing and Beyond

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Table of Contents

Introduction    1

Recognize Any of These?    3

What Does This Mean to You?    3

Move Out of the Way, or Jump on the Bullet Train    4

Why Should You Listen to Me?    4

How to Use This Book    5

FAQs    6

Do All the Tactics Apply to My Business?    6

Is Digital Marketing Expensive to Do?    7

Who Does This Book Apply To?    7

Are There Other Tools in This Book Besides Online Marketing?    7

1  The Mindset Shift: From Web 2.0 Digital Marketing to Web 3.0 Digital Marketing and Beyond    9

What Is Web 2.0?    9

The Limitations of Web 2.0 Thinking    10

Oversaturation    11

Misconceptions    12

Time    12

Modes of Interaction    12

Openness    13

So Where Are We at from a Digital Marketing Standpoint Today?    13

2  How Does Your Digital Marketing Look Today?    17

Times Are a Changing    17

Increasing Mobility and Reliance on Mobile Devices    17

Social Shoppers    18

A Reduction in the Need to Be “Belly-to-Belly”    18

Everything Is Continuing to Go to the Web    18

Conducting a 360-Degree Review of Your Web Platform and Marketing Efforts    19

Investing in New and Additional Technologies    24

The Top Five Things You Need to Do to Master and Prepare for the Web 3.0 Wave    25

3  Social on Steroids: How to Correctly Capitalize on Social Media    27

The Secret Sauce to Social Media    28

The Big Six    31

YouTube    32

Google+    33

LinkedIn    34

Facebook    35

Twitter    36

Pinterest    38

Social Media Disaster Planning    39

Social Media Advertising    40

Case Study    42

4  The Content Craze: Grabbing Your Customers’ Attention Before Your Competition    45

Blogging    46

Blogging: What Is a Blog?    47

Your Entire Web Site as a Blog    47

The Two Key Types of Blogs    48

Why Should You Be Blogging?    50

How to Fully Utilize the Power of Your Blog    50

Infographics    54

Infographics: What Are They?    55

Marketing with Infographics    55

Podcasting    57

What Is Podcasting?    57

How to Get Started    58

The Technology and Devices Needed    59

Recording Your First Podcast    61

Distributing Your Podcast    61

How to Get Thousands of Listeners    62

5  Mobile Marketing: The One Trend That Cannot Be Ignored    65

What Is Mobile Marketing?    66

Mobile Marketing with SMS    66

Mobile Marketing with MMS (Pictures/Videos)    68

In-Game Mobile Marketing    69

Mobile Web Marketing    69

Mobile Marketing Guidelines    69

A World Run on Mobile Devices    70

Developing a Mobile Responsive

Web Site    71

How to Implement Mobile Marketing    72

SMS    73

MMS    78

Mobile Ads    81

Voice Broadcasts    83

6  Virtual Reality Worlds: The Hows and Whys of This Unique Marketing Universe    87

The Basics of Virtual Reality World Communities    91

www.SecondLife.com    92

www.ActiveWorlds.com    93

www.There.com    94

www.Kaneva.com    95

www.Worlds.com    95

Moove    96

www.IMVU.com    96

Other Worlds    99

How to Leverage the Trend    100

Virtual Trade Shows and Events    102

Comparison Between Live and Virtual Trade Shows    103

Advantages of Virtual Trade Shows    105

Disadvantages of Virtual Trade Shows    105

Virtual-Reality-World Banner Ads    110

7  Video Marketing: Leveraging Video for More Profits    113

The Video Craze    113

Where Do You Start?    114

Video Search Engine Optimization    121

Taking a Video Viral?    123

Shifting from YouTube to Ustream, Livestream, and Google Hangouts    125

Two Options for Viewing Video    125

Internet TV    132

Starting Your Own Internet TV Channel    132

The Easy Video Recorder    137

A Show on Real Television?    138

8  Leveraging Tools to Speed Up and Automate Your Marketing    141

Customer Relationship Management    141

Tracking Your Web Site    145

Search Engine Optimization    149

Social Media Marketing    150

Reputation Monitoring    151

Creating Landing Pages    151

Email Marketing    152

Video Hosting    152

Miscellaneous Tools    153

Shopping Cart    154

9  Web Applications: How to Grow Your Business by Producing an App    155

What Are Web Apps?    155

Using Mobile Apps in Your Digital Marketing    156

Live Streaming Video Apps    157

Creating Your Own Mobile App    158

Lead Generation and Profit Apps    159

Using Apps to Aid in Your Customer Experience    162

Apps on Other Platforms    163

10  Open-Source Code: How to Find and Use Others’ Hard Work for Maximum Impact    167

What Is Open-Source Code?    167

Using Open-Source Code    168

11  Collaboration and Speed: The Secret Sauce to Marketing in the Moment    173

Google Apps    174

Collaboration Tools    179

Collaboration Tool 1: Chatting    179

Collaboration Tool 2: Sharing Docs, Audios,

Videos, and Files    180

Collaboration Tool 3: Project Management    181

Collaboration Tool 4: Teleconferences and

Webinars    182

12  Digital Marketing Superstars    183

Company: Fro Knows Photo    183

Company: Kegworks.com    184

Company: Lyods Taco Truck    185

Company: Plastic Printers    186

Company: River Pool Spas    186

Company: The Points Guy    187

Company: TD Bank    188

13  Your Action Plan: Putting It All Together and Taking Action    191

SWOT Analysis    191

Your Action Plan for the Next Three to Six Months and Beyond    195

The Areas You Should Start with Immediately    198

Final Thoughts on the Evolution of the Web    200

Conclusion: The Art of Taking Action    203

Index    205


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