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MacAddict Guide to Making Music with GarageBand, The

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MacAddict Guide to Making Music with GarageBand, The


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  • Copyright 2005
  • Dimensions: 8" x 10"
  • Pages: 272
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3226-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3226-2

Do you find yourself singing in the shower, pretending your shampoo bottle is your microphone and your towel is your guitar? Do you tap out drum rhythms with your pen at work? Now you can channel your musical energy using The MacAddict Guide to Making Music with GarageBand, the Mac software program that can turn you into a virtual recording star. MacAddict's focused, no-olds-barred approach is evident in this musical tutorial. Learn about pre-recorded loops that enable you to sound like you're singing with a symphony orchestra even if you can't actually play a single instrument. Or, if you are instrumentally-inclined, you will also learn how to hook up your instruments to record your own sound and later use GarageBand to edit and mix it for truly professional results. MacAddict is the authoritative voice in the Mac community and The MacAddict Guide to Making Music with GarageBand is the only book they endorse. It is sure to become the only book you'll need to learn how to unleash your inner rock star.


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The Tube MP Studio is recommended in this book as the equipment to use for any front-end signal processing used with Garageband.


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Recording Your Own Music with Software Instruments

Recording Your Own Music with Software Instruments in GarageBand

Table of Contents


1. Getting Started with GarageBand.

What Is GarageBand? Installing GarageBand. What to Expect from GarageBand on Your Mac.

2. Making Music with Apple Loops.

Starting a New Song. Using the Loop Browser. Adding and Modifying Apple Loops. Adjusting Track Volume. Working with Tracks and Regions. Creating a Dance Song.

3. Recording Your Own Music with Software Instruments.

Playing GarageBand's Software Instruments. Recording a Software Instrument Track. Editing a Software Instrument Track. Editing Software Instruments. Creating a Jazz Tune.

4. Recording Your Guitar.

Getting Your Guitar to Play Well with GarageBand. Choosing an Amplifier. Recording Your Performance. Editing Your Performance. Overdubbing Your Guitar. Recording a Rock Song.

5. Recording Vocals and Other Instruments.

Using Microphones and Headphones. Setting GarageBand's Input Levels. Setting Up Your Vocal Style. Recording Your Performance. Editing Your Performance. Overdubbing Your Performance. Recording a Blues Tune.

6. Editing and Mixing Your Music.

Editing and Arranging Regions. Optimizing Track Effects. Choosing Master Track Effects. Mixing a Rock Song.

7. Finishing Up.

Exporting to iTunes. Burning to CD. Making an MP3 File. Moving Songs to Your iPod. Sharing Your Music on the Internet. Using Your Song with Other Software Applications.

8. Making Your Own Software and Real Instruments.

Using Generators. Using Built-in Effects. Creating and Saving Software Instruments. Creating and Saving Real Instruments.

9. Making Your Own Loops.

Recording Your Own Audio Loops. Creating Apple Loops. Importing Your Apple Loops into GarageBand. Using Third-Party Apple Loops.

10. Advanced Techniques.

Using Audio Unit Instruments and Effects. GarageBand Tips and Tricks. Recording Tricks and Techniques. Final Thoughts.


Appendix A: Expanding GarageBand.

The GarageBand Jam Pack. Third-Party GarageBand Expansion Options.

Appendix B: Configuring Your Studio.

Monitoring. Hooking Up a MIDI Keyboard. Hooking Up a Guitar Directly to Your Mac. Hooking Up a Microphone Directly to Your Mac. Using an Audio Interface. The Ultimate GarageBand Studio.

Appendix C: Keyboard Shortcuts.

Menu Shortcuts. General GarageBand Window Shortcuts. Track Information Window Shortcuts.

Appendix D: GarageBand Software Instruments.

Bass. Drum Kits. Guitars. Horns. Mallets. Organs. Pianos and Keyboards. Strings. Synth Basics. Synth Leads. Woodwinds. Synth Pads.

Appendix E: Effects List.

Built-in Effects. Included Audio Unit Effects.

Appendix F: General MIDI Instruments List.

Piano. Chromatic Percussion. Organ. Guitar. Bass. Strings/Orchestra. Ensemble. Brass. Reed. Pipe. Synth Lead. Synth Pad. Synth Effects. Ethnic. Percussive. Sound Effects.

Appendix G: MIDI Implementation Chart.

MIDI Implementation Chart for the DLSMusicDevice and GarageBand.

Appendix H: General MIDI Drum Key Map.

Appendix I: Online Resources.

GarageBand and Mac Audio Sites. Sources for Loops. Mac and Music Magazines. Music Sharing Sites. Gear Retailers. References.



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