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Learn How to Trade Options (Collection)

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Learn How to Trade Options (Collection)


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  • Copyright 2013
  • Pages: 481
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-345425-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-345425-3

A brand new collection of powerful insights into successful option trading… 2 pioneering books, now in a convenient e-format, at a great price!

2 remarkable books help you earn consistent option profits as you tightly control risk!

Options offer immense potential both for high profits and more effective risk management. Now, in this 2-book collection, two of the world’s most effective option traders identify the skills and techniques you need to earn consistent profits in these challenging, high-opportunity markets. In Options for the Beginner and Beyond, Second Edition, Dr. W. Edward Olmstead teaches options through brief, carefully-paced lessons on option concepts and trading strategies, crystal-clear definitions, and plenty of real trades. Every lesson builds on its predecessor, explaining options in plain English, and guiding you all the way to advanced strategies covered in no other introductory tutorial. Drawing on extensive experience teaching options and editing a leading options newsletter, Olmstead shows how to systematically maximize profits and protect capital. From choosing brokers to working with “the Greeks” and Black-Scholes, it’s all here. This new Second Edition integrates new coverage of weekly options, and presents updated tax strategies you simply must know. Then, in Think Like an Option Trader, Michael Benklifa reveals the secret of success in option trading: thinking like a professionaloption trader, not a stock trader. You’ll learn how to get rid of the massively counterproductive habits you learned in stock trading, and understand the radically different dynamics of option markets. Then, using practical, simple examples, Benklifa helps you master trade selection, risk management, and much more. Leveraging realistic, up-to-date knowledge of how option markets really work, you can consistently build trades that earn profits, limit risk, even structure trades for a 90% probability of success!

From option trading experts Dr. W. Edward Olmstead and Michael Benklifa

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Options for the Beginner and Beyond: Unlock the Opportunities and Minimize the Risks

Preface xiv
Section I Basic Concepts 1
Chapter 1 Introduction 3
Chapter 2 Option Selection 17
Chapter 3 Entering and Exiting Option Trades 25
Chapter 4 The Greeks 31
Chapter 5 Risk Graphs 39
Chapter 6 LEAPS and Weekly Options 45
Chapter 7 Assignment Anxiety 53
Chapter 8 Broker Selection 59
Chapter 9 Miscellaneous Tips 65
Section II Trading Strategies 71
Chapter 10 Vertical Spreads 73
Chapter 11* Event-Producing Credit Spreads 81
Chapter 12 Calendar Spreads 89
Chapter 13* Advanced Calendar Spreads 97
Chapter 14 Covered Calls 111
Chapter 15 Straddles and Strangles 121
Chapter 16 Stock Repair and Stock Enhancement 131
Chapter 17 Married Puts 139
Chapter 18 Collars 145
Chapter 19* Advanced Collars 155
Chapter 20 Naked Option Writing 163
Chapter 21 Stock Substitutes 171
Chapter 22 Backspreads 179
Chapter 23 Butterfly Spreads 189
Chapter 24 Iron Condors and Double Diagonals 201
Chapter 25 An End-of-Year Tax Strategy 209
Section III Special Topics 217
Chapter 26* Day Trading an Index with Options 219
Chapter 27* Delta-Neutral Trading 223
Chapter 28* Theory of Maximum Pain 229
Chapter 29* Implied Volatility and the Black-Scholes Formula 233
Chapter 30* The Put-Call Parity Relationship 239
Index 243

Think Like an Option Trader: How to Profit by Moving from Stocks to Options

Preface xi
Introduction: Why Traders Fail 1
Chapter 1 Understanding Options 15
Chapter 2 What Is Price? 33

Chapter 3 Pure Options Trading: Building Your Own Trade 67
Chapter 4 Situational Trading 99
Chapter 5 Risk Management 157
Appendix: Quantum Physics and Trading—The Price Uncertainty Principle 171
Index 175


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