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JMX: Managing J2EE with Java Management Extensions

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JMX: Managing J2EE with Java Management Extensions

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  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-672-32288-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32288-4

JMX begins by presenting the JMX specification and its architecture. The book quickly moves through the specification, offering examples of JMX integration with J2EE applications. The final section of the book presents JMX management and administration practices for a variety of J2EE platforms and scenarios.



The source code for the examples developed in the book - 48 kb - code.zip

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Standard MBeans and JMX

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with a Summary.)


What is JMX? Why JMX for J2EE? Part I: Java Management Extensions Specification. Part II: JMX in the J2EE Platform.


1. Getting Started.

MBean Component Types. Writing Your First MBean. Deploying the HelloMBean.

2. Architecture.

History. Overview. Instrumentation Level. Agent Level. Invocation Mechanism. Distributed Services Level.

3. Standard MBeans.

MBean Definition. Implementing Standard MBeans. Inheritance Patterns. MBean Notification Mechanism.

4. Dynamic MBeans.

DynamicMBean Interface. MBean Metadata Classes. Inheritance Patterns. DynamicUser Example. Hot Deploying Resources.

5. Model MBeans.

ModelMBean Interface. Descriptors. Model MBean Metadata. Attribute Caching. Model MBean Example.

6. MBean Server.

Invocation Mechanism. ObjectName Class. MBeanServerFactory Class. MBeanServer Interface. MBeanRegistration Interface. MBeanServerDelegate. Queries.

7. Standard Agent Services.

M-Let Service. Timer Service. Monitoring Service. Relation Service.


8. XMBean: Model MBean Implementation.

ModelMBean Interface Implementation. MBeanRegistration Interface. DynamicMBean Interface. Persistence. ModelMBeanNotificationBroadcaster Implementation. Metadata Generation.

9. Connectors and Protocol Adaptors.

RMI Connector. SNMP Adaptor.

10. JMX Distribution Layer with J2EE Services.

Location Transparency. SOAP Connector. Asynchronous JMS Connector.

11. JMX for the Administrator.

Management of Server Farms. JSR-77-J2EE Management.

12. JMX Use Case: The JBoss Server.

Microkernel Architecture. The Server Spine. Configuration Service. Remote Management. Extending the JBoss Server. Integration and Development Process.


Appendix A. Environment Setup.

Java SDK Installation. Sun JMX Reference Implementation Installation. IBM Tivoli JMX Implementation. Example Source Code. JBoss Setup. SOAP Configuration. JDOM Configuration. SNMP Configuration.

Appendix B. Open MBeans.

Overview of Open MBeans. Predefined Data Types.

Appendix C. References and Resources.
Appendix D. JBossMX.

Project Goals.



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