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iPhone Application Development for iOS 4: Video QuickStart Guide, Online Video

iPhone Application Development for iOS 4: Video QuickStart Guide, Online Video

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  • Copyright 2011
  • Edition: 1st
  • Online Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-321-76638-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-76638-0

iPhone Application Development for iOS 4: Video QuickStart Guide, presented by Tim Martin, highlights the important development techniques and lays the groundwork for building iOS apps.. More than four hours of video addresses many of the most challenging techniques. Coverage includes: building user interface elements; tabs and views; touches, shakes, and orientation; multitasking and many more common task in app building.

Running Time: 2h 48min

After you've finished watching the video, continue to build your skills with the extensive learning guide, iPhone Application Development for iOS 4: Visual QuickStart Guide.

Tim Martin has over 10 years experience in software design helping to create many iconic products ranging from Flying Toastersand You Don't Know Jack to Leapfrog's wildly popular LeapPad.  He now runs the software publishing and contracting firm Flakasoft which specializes in mobile application design.

Based on the Book by:
Duncan Campbell (Sydney, Australia) runs his own consultancy specializing in Mac and iPhone development. A graduate of the University in Scotland (Aberdeen), he emigrated to Canada 1993 and to Australia in 2004. He has been a professional software developer since 1993 and released his first iPhone application (Conversion) to the App Store in July 2008.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

1: The iPhone Developers' Toolbox
- Demonstrate the xCode IDE features and Interface Builder (12:06)
-  Code Completion, SDK documentation,  class navigation (9:32)

2: Common Tasks
- Basic application life-cycle (start-up, shut down) (6:25)
- Application Settings, user prefs and Info.plist (13:01)
- Localization (including in Interface Building) (5:15)
- Quick demo of adding accessibility (3:33)
- Interapp communication (12:40)

3: User Interface Elements
- UIViews, base for all UI elements (12:41)
- Animation (4:10)
- Overview of UI elements (11:39)
- Picker Views (8:31)
-Text: text fields and text views (11:34)
- UIWebView (10:47)

4: Tabs and Tables
- UIViewController (11:26)
- TabView (8:21)
- UITableViewController and UITableViewDelegate/DataSource overview (9:20)
- Editing Table Contents (12:31)

5: Files and Networking
- Files and the filesystem, application bundle and document directory (18:26)
- Networking and NSURL concepts (3:03)
- Asynchronous connections (5:58)

6: Touches, Shakes, and Orientation
- UITouch handling (9:15)
- Multi-Touch (7:56)
- Accelerometer and Shakes (7:22)
- Orientation (5:25)
7:  Multitasking
- Creating background actions (10:40)
- Notifications (9:32)
- Debugging and Performance Analysis (6:40)


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