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HTML Goodies, 2nd Edition

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HTML Goodies, 2nd Edition


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  • Copyright 2002
  • Dimensions: 7-1/2" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 624
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2611-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-2611-7

HTML Goodies, Second Edition is based on the most popular tutorials at HTMLGoodies.com. It starts with a series of short primers teaching the basics of building Web pages, then continues with detailed tutorials covering

  • Linking
  • Adding images
  • Using Tables and Frames
  • Working with Style Sheets

    Later chapters move beyond HTML, demonstrating how to add sound or video, JavaScript and CGI programming to Web pages. The book finishes with a series of useful appendices you can refer to for quick reference.

  • Sample Content

    Table of Contents


    About This Book. My Thoughts on Building a Web Site. The Home Page. Images. Backgrounds. Colors. Text.


    P1. What You Need to Get Started.

    What Do I Need to Create a Web Page? What Is HTML? Creating HTML Documents with a Word Processor.

    P2. Flags and Commands.

    What Are Flags? Open and Close Flags. Single Flags. Writing Your First Web Page.

    P3. Manipulating Text.

    Heading Flags. Font Size Commands. Centering and Aligning Text.

    P4. Making a Link to Someone Else.

    People E-mailing You from Your Page.

    P5. Placing an Image on Your Page.

    Inserting the Image. Image Formats. Where Do I Get My Images? Creating an Active (Clickable) Image.

    P6. Manipulating Images.

    Placement on the Page. Aligning Text with Images. Changing Image Size. Making Horizontal Lines of Different Lengths.

    P7. Graduation Day.

    How Do I Get an Internet Service Provider? How Do I Get My Pages on the World Wide Web? Using FTP Software. What Do Those HTML Assistants Do? Where Do I Go Now?


    1. Playing with Text.

    Text Codes. Changing Text Colors. Changing Text Fonts. Indents and Lists. Newspaper Columns.

    2. Creating Links.

    Setting Up a Site. Page Jumps. Active Images (Images That Act Like Links). Creating Links That Open a New Browser Window. How to Create a Dynamic Page. So You Don't Want Links Underlined?

    3. Adding Images and Backgrounds.

    Grabbing Images Off the Web. Using HEIGHT, WIDTH, and ALT Commands. Making Lines with Images. Creating Thumbnail Images. Loading a Low-Res Version of an Image First. Transparent Images. Creating Animated GIFs. Creating Horizontal Lines with the HR Command. Backgrounds. Make Your Own Wallpaper. Sideline Backgrounds Image Formats On The Web.

    4. Imagemaps.

    Server-Side Imagemaps. Client-Side Imagemaps. Fake Imagemap.


    5. Tables.

    The Simple Table Flags. Advanced Table Commands. A Table Within a Table. Using Tables to Make an HTML Calendar. Adding Color to Your Tables.

    6. Frames.

    Advice on Using (or Not Using) Frames. Simple Frames. Why Use Frames? Dynamics of Frames, NAMEs, and TARGETs. Advanced Frame Commands. Seamless Frames. Changing Multiple Frame Cells. Frames Border Color. Frames Yes! Frames No!

    7. Link Buttons and Forms.

    Simple Forms. Creating a Guestbook. Image Submit Buttons. So You Want a Searchable Database, Huh? TABINDEX and a Few Other Neat Tricks…. Working with Internet Explorer's AutoComplete.

    8. Cascading Style Sheets and Layers.

    Positioning Things Precisely on Your Web Page. Using Classes and IDs. CSS and Forms. CSS and Cursors?. CSS and the Scrollbar. Using Layer Commands.

    9. Behind the Scenes on Your Web Site.

    Declaring Your Version of HTML. Web Pages Without the .html Extension.

    10. Sound and Video.

    RealAudio: A Special Format. Video on the Net.

    11. Java Applets and JavaScript.

    Java Applets. JavaScript. Advanced JavaScript Commands. Using External JavaScripts. Print with JavaScript. Saving Grace! Pre-Loading Images with JavaScript. Post by Screen Size.

    12. Common Gateway Interface (CGI).

    Using a Hit Counter. Putting a Counter on Your Site. Putting a Guestbook on Your Site. Billboard Server (BBS) CGI.

    13. Explorer-Specific Tutorials and DHTML.

    Using IE Marquees. Using IE Active Channels. Using Inline Frames with IE. Using Dynamic HTML. So, You Want Your Own Bookmark Icon, Huh? Add Your Page to Favorites. Setting Your Page as the Browser Home Page.

    14. Building Web Site Banners.

    Software Tools Needed. Banner Primer 1: Getting Started. Banner Primer 2: Creating New Images. Banner Primer 3: Learning to Crop. Banner Primer 4: Importing Images-Copying and Pasting. Banner Primer 5: Adding Text and Shadows. Banner Primer 6: Animating the Images. Banner Primer 7: Activating the Image-Show Time.

    15. Other Stuff You Should Really Know.

    What Is a Copyright, Anyway? What Are Cookies? Using META Commands with Search Engines. How Do I Register My Pages with Search Engines? Getting Them all the Same: Cross-Platform Tips for HTML Artists. How Do I Get Advertisers on My Site? So You Want a Web Ring, Huh? So You Want a Password Protected Page? What Is XML? So You Want to Screen Capture? How to Use Telnet. Writing for Disabled Assistant Browsers. Charset. So, You Want A 404 Error Page, Huh?


    Appendix A. Everything You Need to Know About HTML 4.0.

    Readers Questions Regarding HTML 4.0. Will You Puh-Leeze Get to HTML 4.0!? Take Them for a Test Drive. That's the Scoop.

    Appendix B. Useful Charts.

    Color Codes. Ampersand Commands. ASCII Commands.

    Appendix C. Valuable Links.

    Links to Search Engines. Search for Search Engines. Registering with Search Engines. Sites Offering JavaScripts. Pages Offering Java Applets. HTML Helper Applications. Internet Browsers.



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