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HP-UX CSE: Official Study Guide and Desk Reference

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HP-UX CSE: Official Study Guide and Desk Reference


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Study for certification and excel on the job with the ONLY official guide mapping to the HP-UX Certified System Engineer (CSE) Exam.

° Maps to exam objectives and covers all subject matter areas for individuals looking to take the HP-UX Certified System Engineer exam.

° There are more than 1.7 million HP-UX installations worldwide, and certified engineers will need to be re-certified within 2 years.

° The author is closely involved in the design and implementation of the HP-UX certification program.


  • Copyright 2005
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/4"
  • Pages: 1704
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-146396-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-146396-7

HP-UX CSE: Official Study Guide and Desk Reference

The definitive HP-UX CSE exam preparation guide and reference

HP-approved coverage of all three CSE exams: CSE HP-UX Advanced System Administration, CSE High Availability Using HP-UX Serviceguard, and CSE HP-UX Networking and Security

Comprehensive study resources: exam objectives, sample questions, and summaries for last-minute review

More than a great study guide: an outstanding reference for working system engineers

This book delivers comprehensive preparation for all three HP-UX CSE exams, the core exam: CSE HP-UX Advanced System Administration, and specialty exams, CSE High Availability Using HP-UX Serviceguard and CSE HP-UX Networking and Security. Coverage includes:

  • Implementing HP-UX in technology-rich enterprise environments
  • Maximizing the performance and availability of HP-UX systems and applications
  • Partitioning: node and virtual partitions
  • Disks, volumes, file systems: RAID, LVM, VxVM, HFS, VxFS, VFS layer, swap/dump space, and more
  • Monitoring system resources, activities, events, and kernels
  • Processes, threads, and bottlenecks: priorities, run queues, multi-processor environments, memory requirements, bottlenecks, and more
  • Installation, patching, and recovery, including Software Distributor and Ignite-UX
  • Emergency recovery with HP-UX installation media
  • Broad networking coverage: IPv6, ndd, DHCP, DNS, NTP, CIFS/9000, LDAP, sendmail, Automatic Port Aggregation, VPNs, VLANs, and more
  • Planning, implementing, and managing high availability clustering with Serviceguard
  • Other HP-UX cluster solutions: Extended Serviceguard Cluster, Metrocluster, Continentalclusters, and more
  • Infrastructure for remote access to HA clusters: SANs, DWDM, dark fiber
  • HP-UX security administration: Trusted systems, SSH, HIDS, IPSec, IPFilter, and Bastille Operating Systems/HP-UX
  • Sample questions, last-minute review tips, and other study resources

This isn't just an outstanding prep guide, it's the definitive day-to-day reference for working professionals in high availability environments.

© Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.

Sample Content

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Setting Up an HP-UX CSE Serviceguard Cluster

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Table of Contents


I. Managing HP-UX Servers.

1. An Introduction to Your Hardware.

2. Partitioned Servers: Node Partitions.

3. Partitioned Servers: Virtual Partitions.

4. Advanced Peripherals Configuration.

5. Disks and Volumes: RAID Levels and RAID Parity Data.

6. Disks and Volumes: LVM.

7. Disks and Volumes: Veritas Volume Manager.

8. Filesystems: HFS, VxFS, and the VFS Layer.

9. Swap and Dump Space.

10. Monitoring System Resources.

11. Processes, Threads, and Bottlenecks.


12. HP-UX Patches.

13. Installing Software with Software Distributor and Ignite-UX.

14. Emergency Recovery Using the HP-UX Installation Media.


15. Basic IP Configuration.

16. Dynamic Routing.

17. Domain Name System (DNS).

18. Network Time Protocol.

19. An Introduction to sendmail.

20. Common Internet Filesystem (CIFS/9000).

21. An Introduction to LDAP.

22. Web Servers to Manage HP-UX.

23. Other Network Technologies.


24. Understanding “High Availability”.

25. Setting Up a Serviceguard Cluster.

26. Configuring Packages in a Serviceguard Cluster.

27. Managing a Serviceguard Cluster.

28. Additional Cluster Solutions.


29. Dealing with Immediate Security Threats.

30. A New Breed of Security Tools.

Appendix A: Getting to Know Your Hardware: A Bit of Background.

Appendix B: Source Code.

Appendix C: Patching Usage Models White Paper.

Appendix D: Auto-Negotiation White Paper.

Appendix E: Building a Bastion Host White Paper.



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