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HP-UX CSA: Official Study Guide and Reference, 2nd Edition

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HP-UX CSA: Official Study Guide and Reference, 2nd Edition


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Up-to-date coverage of the skills required to pass HP's "Certified System Administrator - HP-UX" exam.

° Study for HP certification with the only official HP guide, updated for HP-UX 11i and HP's revised requirements for certification.

° Great on-the-job reference for HP-UX system and network admins.

° There are more than 1.7 million HP-UX installations worldwide, and certified admins will need to be re-certified within 2 years.


  • Copyright 2005
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/4"
  • Pages: 1072
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-144854-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-144854-4

This book offers comprehensive preparation for HPís tough new HP-UX CSA examóand an expert reference for working system/network administrators. Youíll find thorough, HP-reviewed coverage of every exam objective, including installation, configuration, control, maintenance, kernel tuning, and network administration.

Coverage includes:

  • Responsibilities of an HP-UX system and network administrator
  • HP-UX fundamentals: files/directories, environment variables, I/O, regular expressions, permissions, and more
  • Basic and advanced shell programming
  • Working with the System Administration Manager (SAM)
  • Installation, startup/shutdown, LVM, user/group management, and processes
  • Backup and recovery, step by step
  • Configuring and managing HP-UX printing and peripherals
  • Using AutoFS, NFS, SAMBA, and automount
  • Installing and managing software
  • Patch management, kernel reconfiguration, memory and swap space management
  • Dynamic kernel configuration with DLKM and DTKP
  • Start-to-finish network administration coverage: TCP/IP, DNS, NIS, NFS, and more
  • Sample questions, last-minute review tips, and other study resources

Already administering HP-UX systems? Planning to? Migrating from other UNIX platforms? Whatever your background, this book will prepare you for the realities of HP-UX administrationóand for the CSA exam that will recognize your skills.


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Table of Contents


1. Introduction to the HP-UX Certified System Administration Program.

2. Getting Started with HP-UX.

3. Working with Files and Directories.

4. Environment Variables.

5. Input/Output Redirection and Pipes.

6. Using vi Editor.

7. Regular Expressions.

8. File Permissions.

9. UNIX File System Hierarchy.

10. Working with POSIX Shell and Job Control.

11. Introduction to Shell Programming.

12. Advanced Shell Programming.


13. The System Administration Manager: SAM.

14. Installing HP-UX.

15. System Startup and Shutdown.

16. Software and Patch Management.

17. Reconfiguring the HP-UX Kernel.

18. Peripheral Devices.

19. HP-UX File System and Logical Volume Manager.

20. User and Group Management.

21. Dealing with HP-UX Processes.

22. Printing in HP-UX.

23. Memory and Swap Space Management.

24. System Backup and Recovery.

25. Automating Jobs.

26. System Performance and Monitoring.


27. Basic Network Concepts.

28. Network Components and Topologies.

29. Introduction to TCP/IP Protocol.

30. Configuring LAN Interface Adapters.

31. Configuring and Managing ARPA/Berkeley Services.

32. Host Name Resolution and Domain Name Server.

33. Configuring and Managing NIS.

34. Configuring and Managing a Network File System.

35. HP-UX Automounter.

36. Network Time Protocol.

37. System and Network Administration: Some Final Thoughts.

Appendix A: HP-UX Commands and Configuration Files.

Appendix B: Sample HP-UX Certification Test Paper.




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