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HP Pavilion PCs Made Easy: The Official HP Guide

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HP Pavilion PCs Made Easy: The Official HP Guide


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  • Copyright 2003
  • Dimensions: 7 X 9-1/4
  • Pages: 416
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-100251-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-100251-7

Easily master Windows XP!

  • Covers all your desktop Pavilion's software tools, from Windows XP to Quicken
  • Quickly get on the Internet, browse the web, and send and receive email in minutes!

The Official HP Guide

Make the most of your new desktop HP Pavilion PC and Windows XP!

This is the only PC guide authorized by Hewlett Packard and written just for Pavilion owners! HP Pavilion PCs Made Easy covers all you need to get productive with your desktop Pavilion fast—and have more fun, too! All in one book: a complete, easy introduction to your Pavilion computer and Microsoft's powerful Windows XP. Easily master XP's amazing collection of tools and learn to configure XP exactly the way you want it. Sure, there are other introductory PC books—but this is the only one that's authorized by HP, and written just for you, the Pavilion owner!

  • Master Windows XP, including Internet Explorer web-browsing and Outlook Express email
  • Discover the secrets of the Windows XP desktop
  • Set up your Pavilion, Internet, and email connections—fast!
  • Connect your printer, digital camera, and other add-ons
  • Explore Microsoft Works, your complete application software suite
  • Discover Quicken, your complete personal finance solution
  • Use MusicMatch Jukebox to play CDs, listen to Internet radio, and create your own music libraries
  • Build your own music tracks with Sonic Foundry
  • Protect your Pavilion with bundled anti-virus software and security tools
  • Get expert troubleshooting solutions straight from HP technical support
  • Learn how to upgrade your Pavilion as your needs change
  • And more!

You've bought the world's best home computer. Now master everything it has to offer, with the one book that makes your desktop HP Pavilion PC even better: HP Pavilion PCs Made Easy.

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Online Sample Chapter

Turn on Your Pavilion: You're All Set to Go!

Downloadable Sample Chapter

Click here for a sample chapter for this book: 0131002511.pdf

Table of Contents



1. The Box Is Open? Now What?
PCs 101: The Parts of Your Computer. Starting and Turning Off Your Computer. Getting Help. When It's Time to Stop. Chapter Summary.

2. Setting Up Your Printer.
Registering Your Pavilion and Windows XP. Connecting a Printer. Chapter Summary.

3. Turn on Your Pavilion: You're All Set to Go!
A Bounty of Computer Productivity. Getting to Know Your Pavilion Keyboard. Turning Your Pavilion Off. Chapter Summary.


4. Getting Around Windows XP.
Discovering the Desktop. Exploring the Start Menu. Project: Add Shortcuts to Your Desktop. Opening and Closing Software. Doing Windows. Taking a Look at My Computer. Changing the Appearance of Things. Project: Personalizing Your Computer Background. Chapter Summary.

5. File Management Basics.
The Virtual Filing Cabinet. Project: Create Your Projects Folder. Backing Up Your Files. Finding What You Need. Chapter Summary.

6. Customizing Your Computing Experience.
Installing Software. Project: Install a Game on Your Computer. Adding Hardware. Modifying Your Display. Project: Perrsonalize Your Computer with Themes, Backgrounds, and Colors. Chapter Summary.

7. Exploring Windows XP Accessories.
Set Yourself Up for Productivity. Bring Your Old Computer with You. Connect with Others. Project: Send a Fax to a Friend. Multimedia Madness. Windows Moviemaker. Project: Designing a Family Crest. Fun and Games. Chapter Summary.


8. Working with Computer Utilities.
Keeping Your Hard Drive in Shape. Recovering from Disaster. Get Protected with McAfee Online VirusScan. Chapter Summary.

9. Words and Numbers.
Working with Office Suites. Project: Designing an Event Flyer. Project: Creating an Invitation. Presentations. Profiting fom Financial Software. Chapter Summary.

10. Fun and Games.
Playing Windows Games. Project: Challenge Your Friend to a Pinball Match. Music to Your Ears. Project: Create Your Own Radio Station Mix. Chapter Summary.

11. Getting Creative.
Using My Photo Center. Project: Creating a Birthday Card. Getting Animated with Kazoo Studio. Working in the Sonic Foundry. Project: Writing Music. Chapter Summary.


12. Get Online Today!
What You Need to Get Online. What Will It Cost You? Signing Up. Project: Getting Online with HP's Easy Internet Sign-Up. Choosing a Browser. Chapter Summary.

13. Security and You.
Passwords. Cookies, Hold the Milk. Avoiding Viruses Like the Plague. Protecting Your Kids Online. Project: Creating a Family Online Safety Pact. Steering Clear of Spams and Scams. Chapter Summary.

14. Exploring the Internet.
Using the Internet Explorer Browser. Project: Picking Your Perfect Home Page. Roaming Around with HP Center. Learning Online. Chapter Summary.

15. Getting in Touch with Email.
Choosing an Email Program. Using Outlook Express. Project: Building Your Online Address Book. Project: Pick a Stationery for Family Email. Email Etiquette. Chapter Summary.


16. Managing Computer Memory.
What Is Computer Memory? Check Your Available Memory. Adding Memory Modules to Your Pavilion. Chapter Summary.

17. Upgrading Your Hardware.
Upgrading and Repairing. Opening Up Your Computer. Replacing a Disk Drive. Changing an Optical Drive. Replacing the Battery. Closing Your Computer. Chapter Summary.

18. Supercharging Your Pavilion.
Installing Add-In Cards. Replacing the Hard Drive. Networking Your Computers. Chapter Summary.

19. Troubleshooting.
Top Tips from HP Support. Troubleshooting with HP Help and Support. Chapter Summary.


20. The Latest Pavilion Software.
Learning Made Fun. Greetings from Greeting Card Creator. Project: Create Your Own Greeting Card. Into the FunHouse. Chapter Summary.




The world of computing today is a pretty magical one, filled with high-powered but easy to use hardware and software. Computers have broken out of offices and into homes in a big way, making possible all kinds of creative, fun, and productive activities, from designing multimedia greeting cards to managing your family's money.

All HP Pavilions come packed with the hardware and software any computer user needs, and most of it is pretty easy to use. But with so many features, a newer user just might need a guiding hand to get the most out of his or her computing experience. That's what this book is about: how to take full advantage of the tools your Pavilion has put at your fingertips.

How Is This Book Unique?

This book is like no other book on how to use a computer because it's written specifically for HP Pavilion users. You'll learn how to use HP's help system, as well as the software that comes preloaded on every Pavilion. You'll also get to know the basics of the Windows XP operating system which comes loaded on HP Pavilions, and learn how to get connected to the Internet.

Part 1 tells you how to get started setting up your Pavilion-connecting all the cables, turning the computer on, and getting an idea of what's on your computer.

Part 2 explores Windows` XP, the operating system from Microsoft, that makes your Pavilion run. You'll learn how to get around the Windows desktop, manage the computer files you'll create as you work on your computer every day, and customize Windows and use Windows Accessories.

Part 3 is where you'll learn to use the software that comes with your Pavilion to write documents, create spreadsheets to calculate numbers, manage finances, and design presentations. You'll also learn to play games, and use multimedia software to generate greeting cards that talk, and compose songs.

Part 4 shows you how to get online, finding an Internet Service Provider to get an account if you don't already have one, and taking care of online security settings. Using the Internet Explorer browser you'll search for what you need online, and set up your home page. Finally, you will begin to e-mail all your friends, download file attachments, and organize your inbox.

Part 5 is where I cover some of the basics of upgrading your hardware, such as adding memory or replacing a disk drive. You shouldn't need to do this to your new computer for a long time, but when you do, refer to this section of the book.

Part 6 has only one chapter, and it covers the most up-to-date information on some new software that is included on the most recent Pavilion models.

Special Help

Along the way, I've included special elements to help you out:

TIPTips give you advice or tricks for getting things done faster and easier.

CAUTIONCautions warn you about potential problems you might encounter as you go through a process or make changes to your computer.

NOTENotes are little pieces of insight about a term or process or background information you may be interested in knowing.

Projects are step-by-step procedures to accomplish something fun and useful with your Pavilion. When you finish a project, you'll have produced a document or set up something on your computer you can use right away.


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