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Great Age Guide to Online Travel

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Great Age Guide to Online Travel

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  • Copyright 2007
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 288
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Adobe DRM)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7686-6849-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7686-6849-0

The Internet is an amazing travel tool, offering us everything we need—if we just know how and where to look. This book was created specifically for adults 50 and older who would like to take advantage of what the Internet has to offer.

Even if you are new to computers, this book gives you the tools you need to become your own travel agent!  It covers everything from planning your trip, getting the best prices, and choosing activities to keep you from getting lost during your journey. Regardless of what type of travels you are planning, this book provides essential do’s and don’ts that will help lessen your surprises when reaching your destination.

Inside you’ll find more information on:

     •    Comparison shop to find the best bargains on flights, hotels, and activities.

     •    Find a vacation that suits your interests. Want adventure? Find the best places to hike, kayak, camp, rock climb, and even travel to space.

     •    Be prepared for international travel by learning the essentials of traveling abroad.

     •    Find the best places to go if you have special needs.

     •    Stay in touch with family and friends through Internet cafes, laptops, hotspots, and high-tech gadgets.

     •    Take your pet with you! Find out which places are pet friendly.




1    The Internet: An Amazing Travel Tool

2    Planning Your Trip

3    Bargains Galore

4    Tips for Air and Sea Travel

5    On the Road Again

6    Distinctive Travel Adventures

7    International Travel

8    Healthy Travel and Special Needs

9    Traveling with Pets

10  Stay Online on the Go

11  Don’t Leave Home Without ’Em

12  Sharing Memories from Your Travels


Category  General PC

Covers    Internet

User Level    Beginning

Sandy Berger has more than three decades of experience as a computer and technology expert and is a featured technology expert writer for AARP.

Sandy is president of Computer Living Corp, a computer consulting and training company, and writes a monthly column in Smart Computing magazine called “TechMates.” She has authored three Great Age Guides, including the Internet, Better Living Through Technology, and Gadgets and Gizmos.

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Sample Content

Table of Contents


    About Sandy Berger’s Great Age Series

    Guide to Online Travel

    What’s Inside

    How This Book Is Organized

1    The Internet: An Amazing Travel Tool

    Travel Sites Provide Peer Reviews to Help You Learn from Others





    Travel Research Goes High-Tech

        Electronic Newsletters

        Email Alerts

        RSS Feeds




    Sandy’s Summary

2    Planning Your Trip

    Researching Your Destination

        Tourism Websites



        Destination Ideas

    Start Planning

    More Online Planning Resources

        Electronic Newspapers

        Electronic Travel Magazines

        MSNBC and the Travel Channel

    Finding Your Way Around

        Global Positioning Systems

        Mapping Sites

    No Planning–Just Get Up and Go

    What to Pack

    Sandy’s Summary

3    Bargains Galore

    Online Travel Services




        Other Discount Sites

        Tips for Finding Great Fares on Orbitz, Expedia, and Travelocity

    Travel Search Engines



        Yahoo! FareChase


        Fares and Fees to Consider

    Real Bargain Hunting



    Naming Your Own Price on Priceline.com

    Deal Alerts

    Discounts on Hotels

    Travel Scams

    Sandy’s Summary

4    Tips for Air and Sea Travel

    Air Travel: The Price Is Right

        Use a Nearby Airport

        Finding Fare Predictions

    Choosing an Airline

    Getting the Right Seat

    Obtaining Boarding Passes and Using e-Tickets

    Using Airline and Airport Websites

    Booking Cruises

    Sandy’s Summary

5    On the Road Again

    The Lure of the Road

    Today’s Blacktop Wanderers

        Using the Internet to Find the Road Less Traveled

        Traveling with Kids

        Checking Out Road Conditions

    Hitting the Open Road


        Car Care

        Hit the Road in an RV

    Surviving at the Pump

    Navigation and Maps

    Sandy’s Summary

6    Distinctive Travel Adventures

    Offbeat Adventures

    Follow the Stars

    Spas and Wellness Vacations

    Sports and Outdoor Recreation


    Vacations Tailored to Boomers and Beyond

    Traveling Alone

    The Next Adventure: Space Travel

    Sandy’s Summary

7    International Travel

    International Travel Tips

    Special Requirements for International Travel

    Language and Customs

    Health and Insurance

    Driving in a Foreign Country

    Sandy’s Summary

8    Healthy Travel and Special Needs

    Safeguarding Your Health

        Health Information for Your Destination at Travel Health Online

        Advice from the Centers for Disease Control Website

        Consult the World Health Organization for International Travel

    Supporting Travelers with Special Needs

        Online Resources from the Access-Able Travel Source

        Online Resources from Frommer’s

        Online Resources from the Seniors Travel Guide

        Online Resources from Emerging Horizons’ Accessible Travel

        Other Online Resources for Travelers with Disabilities

    Traveling with Children

    Sandy’s Summary

9    Traveling with Pets

    Finding Pet-Friendly Places

        Restaurants and Lodging

        Parks and Recreation

        Dog Beaches and Campsites

    Air Travel for Your Pet

        Pets as Carry-On Baggage

        Other Requirements

    Motoring with Pets

    Camping with Pets

    RVing with Pets

    Pet Health on the Road

        Pet First Aid Kit

    Pet Safety and Security

    Sandy’s Summary

10    Stay Online on the Go

    Getting Online Without a Laptop

        Finding Access to the Internet as You Travel

        Taking Your Data on the Road

    Using Your Laptop on the Road

        Finding a Hotspot

        Internet Access on the Road Without Computers

    Traveling with Your Laptop

        How to Connect to the Internet on the Road

        Accessing Email

        Laptop Safety

        Conserving Battery Power

        Preparing Your Equipment for Travel

        Travel Accessories Worth the Price

        Laptops and Air Travel

    Safe Surfing

    Online Overseas

    Sandy’s Summary

11    Don’t Leave Home Without ’Em

    Entertainment on the Go

        Portable Digital Music Devices

        Headphones for Portable Devices

        FM Transmitters for Portable Devices

        Travel Speakers for Portable Devices

        Portable Video Devices

        Handheld Game Devices

    Traveling with Your Computer

        Portable Mice and Keyboards

        Wireless Connections

        Portable USB Drives

        Specialty Cables

        Laptop Safety

        Power Adapters

        Handheld Computing Devices

    Photographic Tools

    Devices for International Travel

        Power Converters

        Cell Phones

        Language Translators

    Car and RV Travel

        Tire Pressure Gauge

        Radar Detector

        Battery Charger

        Other Gadgets for Road Travel

    Air Travel

        Devices for Comfort


    Sandy’s Summary

12    Sharing Memories from Your Travels

    Digital Photographic Memories That Last Forever

    Taking Great Vacation Photos

    Photo-Sharing and Photo-Printing Services Online

        Free Photo Services Sites

        Fee-for-Use Sites

    Travel-Focused Photo-Sharing Websites

    Online Travel Journals (Blogs)

    Sharing Your Memories When You Get Home

        Fixing Photos

        Printing Photos

        Creating Custom Photo Gifts and Scrapbooks

        Sharing Your Digital Video

    Other High-Tech Ways to Share Your Travel Photos

    Sandy’s Summary

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