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Great Age Guide to Online Health and Wellness

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Great Age Guide to Online Health and Wellness

eBook (Adobe DRM)

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  • Copyright 2006
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/8"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Adobe DRM)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7686-6726-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7686-6726-4

Que's Great Age Guides celebrate the vital role and lifestyle of today's young, active 50+ adults. Most well-known "middle-aged" people of sixty-five or seventy would have you believe that Great Age is so wonderful that all the years leading up to it are a waste of time! People in this great age are transforming retirement's traditional laid-back "golden years" in pure platinum. Great Ager's break retirement tradition by working well past typical retirement age, not only by need, but also by the desire to remain productive members of society.

The Great Age Guide to Online Health and Wellness is written specifically for those adults 50+ living with and using their computers and the Internet to help take better care of themselves. You'll get information on such things as living wills, the pros and cons to buying drugs outside the country, nutrition, supplements and vitamins, drug interactions, evaluating medical Web sites, finding support groups and more.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

   About Sandy Berger's Great Age Series    2

    Online Health and Wellness    2

    What's Inside    3

    How This Book Is Organized        4

1 Technology to the Rescue    7

    Living Longer    7

    Rewriting Retirement    9

    Medical Breakthroughts    10

    Assistive Technologies    12

    Independent Living    15

    Managing Your Health    18

        Your Personal Health Assessment    18

    Sandy's Summary    24

2  Looking Younger    25

    Weight Management    26

        The Battle of the Bulge    26

        Knowing Your Optimum Weight    27

        Understanding Your Diet Pitfalls    30

    Finding Your Diet Solution    34

        Dieting Resources Online    34

    Fitness for Everyone    40

    High-Tech Fitness Equipment    44

    Searching for the Fountain of Youth    46

        Antiaging Products and Techniques    47

        Antioxidants    48

        Creams and Lotions    49

        Cosmetic Surgery    52

    Sandy's Summary    53

3  Feeling Younger    55

    Stress Reduction    55

    Internet Resources to Help You Reduce Stress    46

        Yoga    58

        Meditation    59

        Breating Techniques    60

    Keeping the Mind Active    62

    Laughter is the Best Medicine    66

    Playing Games Can Keep You Healthy    67

        Games Online    58

        Console Video Games    69

        Games to Get You Moving    70

    Nutrition    71

    Antiaging Medicine    75

    Spas    77

    Hormone Replacement    68

    Vitamins and Supplements    80

    Sleep and Light Enhancements    84

        A Good Night's Sleep    84

        Light Therapy    86

    Sandy's Summary    87

4 Preparing for Your Doctor Visit    89

    Finding Medical Help    89

        Finding Physician Information     91

        Finding a Hospital    93

    Communicating with Healthcare Professionals    96

        Asking Questions and Raising Concerns    96

        Bridging the Patient-Doctor Divide    98

    Be An Informated Patient    99

        Assessing Your Symptoms    99

        Research Before You Go    101

        Resources for Understanding Medical Terminology    101

    Sandy's Summary

5   Researching Health Concerns Online    105

    Finding Appropriate Medical Websites    106

        Governmenet Websites    106

        Hospital and Health Care Sites    107

        Not-For-Profit Sites    108

        Medical Professional Organization Sites    108

        Medical and Scientific Journals    110

    Evaluating the Credibility of Websites That Provide Medical Information    111

    Finding General Health Information Websites    112

    Tips For Finding More Specialized Information    117

    Avoiding Scams and Snake Oil Salesmen    121

    Effective Ways to Search    124

    Finding Health-Related Audio and Video Information on the Internetn    125

    Health Care Information Can Also Be Found in the Form of a Podcase    126

    Sandy's Summary    127

6  Finding Disease-Specific Information Online    129

    Arthritis    131

    Macular Degeneration    135

    Diabetes    136

    Cancer    141

    Alzheimer's and Dementia    146

    Stroke    148

    Heart Health and Disease    150

    Sandy's Summary    154

7  Men's and Women's Unique Health Issues    155

    Men Are from Mars: Women Are from Venus    156

        Gender-Specific Studies    156

        Research and Current Studies You Can Read    158

        About Online    158

    The Gender Differences    159

    Heart Health in Men and Women    161

    Websites with Gender-Specific Information for Both Sexes    162

        WebMD: Men's and Women'a Health Centers    163

        Medline Plus    163

        HealthWeb    164

        Mayo Clinic: Healthy Living Centers    164

        Men's and Women's Health Areas at MedicineNet.com    165

        Yahoo! Health Centers for Men and Women    166

        BBC        166

        Finding Other Websites Dealing with Gender-Specific Health Issues    166

    Women's Health Issues

        Breast Cancer    169

        Osteoporosis    170    

    Men's Health Issues    172

        Prostate Cancer    172

    Sandy's Summary    175

8  Finding Others Like You    177

    Finding a Support Group for a Specific Disease or Condition    178

    Finding Support in Chat Rooms    182

    Finding Suport on Message Boards    185

    Blogs Can Contain a Wealth of Information and Experience    189

    Sand's Summary    192

9  Improving Your Medication Awareness Online    193

    Researching Medication    194

        Medline Plus    195

        U.S. Food and Drug Administration    196

        AARP's Effective and Safe Prescription Drug Site    196

        RXList    198

        PDRhealth    199

    Researching Generic or Brand Name Drugs Online    200

    Purchasing Medications Online    202

        Beware of Illegitimate Prescription Drug Sites    203

        Finding an Online Pharmacy    205

    Avoiding Adverse Drug Interactions    207

    Sandy's Summary    210

10    Your Personal Medical Records    211

    Medical Records Explained    212

        Ownership    214

        Health hLegislation    215

    Electronic Medical Records    216

        Security Issues    218

        Portable Medical Records    219

        USB Drives    228

        Living Wills and Legal Stuff    231

    Sandy's Summary    233

11  Unconventional Healthcare Options    235

    Complementary Medicine    236

        Food and Dietary Supplements    236

        Chiropractic and Massage Therapy    243

        Aromatherapy and Biofeedback    249

    Alternative Medicine    253

        Homeopathy    253

        Ayurvedic Medicine    254

        Traditional Chinese Medicine    256

        Other Nontraditional Medicines    258

    Sandy's Summary    260

12  High-Tech Medicine    261

    High-Tech Procedures    262

        Arthroscopic Surgery    262

        Swallow a Camera?    262

        Virual Colonoscopy    264

        Cataract Surery    264

        Cancer Breakthroughts    265

        Heat Movies    265

        High-Tech Heart Surgery    266

        Brain Imaging    267

    Amazing Laboratory Feats    267

        The Power of the Mind    267

        High-Tech Bandages    269

        Medicine Delivery Systems    269

    Telemedicine and Connected Home Health    270

    Robots as Medical Aids    272

    Gene Therapy Creates Dramatic Advances     276

        Personalized Treatment    277

        Cloning    278

        The Future    279

    Sandy's Summary    281

Index    283



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