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Great Age Guide to Better Living Through Technology

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Great Age Guide to Better Living Through Technology


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  • Copyright 2006
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 288
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3440-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3440-2

Sandy Berger’s Great Age Guides are designed for those of us, 40 years +, who have reached a Great Age in our lives but did not have the opportunity to grow up in a world of technology. We now live in a Great Age of technology that offers many solutions and opportunities for living better. Whether its information through the Internet, planning our travels, shopping, managing our finances, or staying in touch with friends and family around the world and sharing digital photos, this Great Age of Technology has a lot to offer if we know where to go and what to do. Sandy Berger helps us to discover what this Great Age of Technology can do for us and how to make the most of it in the Great Age Guide to Better Living Through Technology.

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A Beginner's Guide to Shopping Online for Fun and Savings

Shopping Online for Fun and Savings

Table of Contents

About Sandy Berger’s Great Age Guides.

Better Living Through Technology.

What’s Inside.

How This Book Is Organized.

1. Becoming a Digital Family.

    The High-Tech Home.

      What Does Digital Really Mean?

    Communicating with Family Members.


      Instant Messaging.

      Webcams and Video Phones.

      Cell Phones.

      Family Websites and Photo Sites.

    Other Ways to Make the Most of the Internet .


      Creating Memories with the Youngsters.

    Researching Family History .

    Money and Time Saving Tips.

    Sandy’s Summary.

2. Search and Learn Online.

    Understanding and Using Internet Search Engines.

      Using a Search Engine.

      Finding a Search Engine.

    Which Search Engine Is for You?

    Smart Searching.

      Choosing Search Words.

      Double Quotation Marks.

      Narrow the Search.

      Minus Sign.

      Advanced Options.

    Encyclopedias and Dictionaries.



    Virtual Museums and Libraries.


    News and Magazines.

      Web-Connected Newspapers.


      News with Online Connections.

      Customizing Your News.


    Sandy’s Summary.

3. Shopping Online for Fun and Savings.

    Safe and Secure Shopping.

      Finding a Reputable Company.

      Paying by Credit Card.

      Check the Return Policy.

    Shopping Carts and Shopping Fun.

      Keep Good Records.

    Comparison Shopping.

    Enhanced Product Presentations.

    Online Catalogs.

    Customized Items.

    Auctions and Used Stuff.

    Disadvantages to Shopping Online.

    Sandy’s Summary.

4. Easy Travel Planning.

    Travel Planning Internet Resources.

      A Word to the Wise.

    Travel Bargains and Discounts.

      Email Notice.

      Discount Traveling for Boomers and Zoomers.

    Technology in the Air.

      Last Minute Travel.

    Maps and Global Positioning Systems.

      Mapping Websites.

      Global Positioning Systems.

      Mapping Programs.

    Armchair Travel.

    Rovin’ With Rover.

    On the Road.

    Sandy’s Summary.

5. Managing Your Finances.

    Personal Finance Software.

      Choosing the Software.

      Features and Tools Found in Finance Software .

    Online Banking and Bill Paying.


    Other Financial Aids.

      Information-Filled Financial Websites .

      File Your Taxes Online.

      Credit Reports .

      Retirement Planning .

      Finding Loans, Mortgages, and Insurance Online.

    Investment Trading and Management on the Web.

      Online Trading Basics.

      Managing Your Portfolio Online.

      Brokerage Websites.

      Researching Stocks and Bonds.

    Sandy’s Summary.

6. Digital Photography and Instant Printing.

    What Makes a Camera Digital?

    Understanding Digital Photography.

      Resolution and Image Quality.

    Things to Consider Before You Buy.

      Ease of Use.

      Check out the Software.

      Mac or PC.

      Adding Smart Accessories.

      Know Your Cameras Capabilities.

      Advice from Experts.

    Editing and Organizing Digital Photos.

      Photo-Editing Software.

    Printers and Printing Options.

      Photo Printers.

      Paper Makes a Big Difference.

      Dealing with Ink.

      Printer Settings.

      Creative Printing Programs.

      Have Fun with Your Printer.

      Other Options for Getting Photos Printed.

    Restoring Old Photos.

      Restoring Photos.

      Learning Can Be Fun.

    Sandy’s Summary.

7. Music, Games, and Digital Diversions.

    The Magical World of Digital Music.

      Playing Music on your Computer.

      Portable Music Players.

      Purchasing Music Online.

      Digital Rights Management.

    Radio with a New Twist.

      Satellite Radio.

      Digital Radio.

    Old Hobbies, New Tools.

    Exciting New Diversions.




    Old Hobbies Get New Life.

      Classic Car Lovers.

      Internet Gourmet.

    Blooming As an Internet Gardener.

      Gardening Websites.

      Trees and Birds and Bees.

      Organic Gardening.

      Herb Gardening.

    Games Galore.

      Computer Games.

      Online Gaming.

      Video Games for Grown-ups.

      Games Are Good for Your Health.

    Sandy’s Summary.

8. Online Health Information and Resources.

    Websites to Visit for Health and Medical Resources.

      Finding Medical Websites.

      Health Information for Boomers and Beyond.

      Becoming a Discerning Information Seeker.

      Learning the Medical Lingo.

    Finding Support Groups Online.

    High-Tech Health Solutions.

      Resources for Healthy Vision.

      Help for the Hearing Impaired.

      Oral Health.

    Digital Devices and Resources for Healthier Living.

      Using Digital Resources to Stay Healthy.

      Electronic Medical Records.

      Digital Imaging.

    The Technology of the Future Is Here Now.

      Personal BioChips.

      Virtual Medicine.

      Advances in Surgical Procedures.

    Sandy’s Summary.

9. Meeting People Online.

    Internet Communities.

      Types of Communities.

      What a Community Site Offers You.

    Finding a Community That Understands You.

    Online Friendship and Dating.

      Just Looking for a Friend?


    Cautious Cyber Relations.

      Use Extra-Safe Dating Sites.

      Guard Your Anonymity .

      Ask for a Photo.

      Take Time to Get to Know a Person.

      Speak on the Phone.

      Meet in a Public Place.

    Online Safety for Children.

      Software-Assisted Babysitting.

      Offline Steps to Protect the Kids.

    Sandy’s Summary.



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