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Getting Started with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency LiveLessons (Video Training)

Getting Started with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency LiveLessons (Video Training)

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  • Copyright 2020
  • Edition: 1st
  • Online Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-589832-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-589832-1

3+ Hours of Video Instruction  
Overview In this course, participants learn what blockchain and cryptocurrency are, how they work, and how these technologies are being applied. The course explains what smart contracts are and how they work, the rise of new funding mechanisms such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Security Token Offerings (STOs), and how the use of digital tokens and “tokenization” are changing many long-established business rules.

Through the use of demonstrations and detailed slide explanations, we explore the state of the blockchain business market, including investments and projections for market growth. There is an opportunity to analyze multiple use cases of the blockchain technology being applied. The course also provides a section on how you can determine whether using blockchain and cryptocurrency are right for your business.

This course quickly brings you up to speed on blockchain and cryptocurrency and how these technologies are being used to drive a new wave of innovation across a wide range of businesses. You will gain valuable professional knowledge on what blockchain and cryptocurrency are, how they are being used across numerous industries, why they are so innovative and disruptive, and how you can determine whether blockchain is right for your business.

Topics includeModule 1: Blockchain and Bitcoin Basic ConceptsModule 2: Cryptocurrency and Smart ContractsModule 3: Business Opportunities in BlockchainModule 4: Blockchain and Your Business

Skill LevelBeginner/Intermediate

Learn How To -- Understand how blockchain works, including a deep dive into how Bitcoin works, the best-known use case of blockchain-- Work online with a blockchain demo tool that shows how the various elements in a blockchain work together-- Explore the cryptocurrency market and learn about the wide range of cryptocurrencies available-- Learn about smart contracts and how they work, tokenization, and how blockchain is being applied across multiple real use cases-- Review the state of the blockchain market including investments made, how blockchain is being used to enable new investment mechanisms, and market growth areas and projections for the space-- Determine whether blockchain is right for your business-- Learn steps you can follow to help you successfully implement blockchain in your business

Who Should Take This Course -- Business leaders who are interested in understanding how blockchain and cryptocurrency are being applied to drive new business opportunities, and whether blockchain is right for their business-- Anyone who has an interest in acquiring a firm understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency and how these technologies are changing the business landscape

Course RequirementsNone, beyond having a business interest in learning how blockchain and Bitcoin work. 
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Video Lessons are available for download for offline viewing within the streaming format. Look for the green arrow in each lesson.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Module 1: Blockchain and Bitcoin Basic ConceptsLesson 1: Introducing BlockchainLesson 2: BitcoinLesson 3: Demo of a BlockchainModule 2: Cryptocurrency and Smart ContractsLesson 4: CryptocurrencyLesson 5: Smart ContractsLesson 6: Digital TokensLesson 7: Decentralized Applications (DApps)Module 3: Business Opportunities in BlockchainLesson 8: State of the Blockchain MarketLesson 9: Blockchain and Business InnovationModule 4: Blockchain and Your BusinessLesson 10: Determining if Blockchain is Right for You

Lesson descriptions Module 1, “Blockchain and Bitcoin Basic Concepts,” defines what a blockchain is and lays the foundation for the rest of the course. During the process, Bitcoin, the popular cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology, is covered as well as where the term blockchain came from. By the end of this module you will know and understand what blockchain and Bitcoin are and how they work.

Module 2, “Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts,” moves beyond Bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency, but there are now thousands of other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Bitcoin is only one application of blockchain technology, and there is a wide range of other uses for blockchain. These areas are covered in this module, as are the definition of smart contracts, digital tokens, and decentralized applications.

Module 3, “Business Opportunities in Blockchain,” discusses the blockchain market, including the billions of dollars that have already been invested in blockchain companies and where the market is going from here. It covers investment in new types of blockchain-based investments, including venture capital and ICOs. It explores use cases of blockchain technology beyond Bitcoin and how the technology is being regarded as highly disruptive across many different industries.

Module 4, “Determining if Blockchain is Right for You,” takes the concepts learned and helps determine whether blockchain is a good fit for your business, as well as offers valuable steps to take to implement blockchain. A few topics discussed include limitations of blockchain and common misconceptions, a review of different types of blockchains and leading enterprise blockchain platforms, and a structured process for determining whether blockchain is right for your business. 


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