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Facebook Essentials (Video Training), 2nd Edition

Facebook Essentials (Video Training), 2nd Edition

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Videos can be viewed on: Windows 8, Windows XP, Vista, 7, and all versions of Macintosh OS X including the iPad, and other platforms that support the industry standard h.264 video codec. Requires the free QuickTime Player software.


Lesson 1

Getting to Know Facebook and Social Networking, Downloadable version

What is social networking -- and what is Facebook? More important, why would you want to use it? Michael Miller tells you what Facebook is and what it does, as well as how people use the Facebook site to connect with friends, family, and colleagues. It's all about social networking -- and sharing your life with others.

Duration: 00:14:15  File Size: 13 MB


Lesson 2

Setting Up a Facebook Account, Downloadable Version

 Before you can connect with friends on Facebook, you have to sign up for a Facebook account. It's free and relatively easy to do, as Michael Miller explains in this video lesson.

Duration: 00:04:53  File Size: 10 MB


Lesson 3

Navigating Facebook, Downloadable Version

What is where on Facebook? In this video lesson, Michael Miller takes you on a tour of the Facebook site, including how to use the Facebook navigation bar, news feed, and ticker.

Duration: 00:06:29  File Size: 15 MB


Lesson 4

Personalizing Your Profile and Timeline, Downloadable Version

Your profile page is your public home on the Facebook site, and Facebook displays your entire life (that it does about) on your profile page’s timeline. In this video lesson, Michael Miller shows you how to personalize your profile page and timeline -- including how to change your profile picture, how to add an image cover at the top, how to feature favorite stories, how to delete unwanted items, and how to determine what information specific visitors see.

Duration: 00:10:47  File Size: 23 MB


Lesson 5

Finding Friends, Downloadable Version

The people you connect with on Facebook are dubbed "friends," and the more people you add to your friends list, the more connected you are. In this video lesson, Michael Miller shows you the many ways to find new friends on the Facebook site -- from scouring your email and IM contacts, to discovering people you went to school or worked with, to searching for specific people by name or email address.

Duration: 00:03:41  File Size: 7 MB


Lesson 6

Visiting Your Friends' Profiles, Downloadable Version

What can you expect to find when you visit a friend's profile page and timeline? In this video lesson, Michael Miller walks you through a typical profile page -- and shows you how to view your friend’s personal photos.

Duration: 00:07:40  File Size: 19 MB


Lesson 7

Organizing Your Friends into Groups, Downloadable Version

 The more Facebook friends you have, the more difficult it is to keep track of them. In this video lesson, Michael Miller shows you how to create topic-specific friends lists, and use those lists to determine who can read your status updates and other personal information.

Duration: 00:06:28  File Size: 10 MB


Lesson 8

Getting to Know the News Feed and Ticker, Downloadable Version

You keep abreast of your friends' activities via the News Feed on Facebook's Home page. But the News Feed is different than it used to be, divided into Top Stories and Recent Stories, and with a real-time Ticker in the top right corner. In this video less, author Michael Miller shows you how to read and respond to posts in the News Feed, fine-tune what appears in your Top Stories, and more.

Duration: 00:06:16  File Size: 17 MB


Lesson 9

Updating Your Status, Downloadable Version

 Facebook is all about letting people know what you're doing -- which you do by making status updates. This video lesson shows you how to make status updates, how to attach photos, links, and polls to your updates, and how to display your updates only to selected friends.

Duration: 00:08:24  File Size: 16 MB


Lesson 10

Sending and Receiving Messages, Downloadable Version

Facebook may be a site devoted to public social networking, but it also offers its own private messaging system for members. In this video lesson, Michael Miller shows you how to send and receive private messages to and from other members -- and how to attach photos and other files to those messages.

Duration: 00:04:01  File Size: 6 MB


Lesson 11

Text and Video Chatting, Downloadable Version

In addition to its public status updates, Facebook also includes a real-time instant messaging system, as well as live video messaging. In this video lesson, Michael Miller shows you how to chat one-on-one with your friends on Facebook, or connect your webcam and conduct a live video call.

Duration: 00:05:25  File Size: 13 MB


Lesson 12

Uploading and Sharing Pictures, Downloadable Version

 Believe it or not, Facebook is one of the Internet's largest  photo sharing sites. In this video lesson, Michael Miller shows you how to upload digital photos from your hard drive to a Facebook photo album -- and how to share those pictures with your Facebook friends.

Duration: 00:07:39  File Size: 18 MB


Lesson 13

Uploading and Sharing Videos, Downloadable Version

In addition to sharing digital photos, you can also share your home movies and other videos with friends on the Facebook site. In this video lesson, Michael Miller shows you how to upload digital videos to Facebook.

Duration: 00:04:14  File Size: 7 MB


Lesson 14

Liking Facebook Pages, Downloadable Version

Facebook hosts special pages for your favorite musicians, actors, and celebrities -- as well as your favorite companies and products. In this video lesson, Michael Miller shows you how to follow your favorite companies and celebrities on Facebook – and keep up to date on all their activities.

Duration: 00:04:53  File Size: 13 MB


Lesson 15

Working with Facebook Applications, Downloadable Version

Facebook applications and games let you do more and have more fun on the Facebook site. Whether you're interested in finding a new job with BeKnown or doing a little farming in FarmVille, there are plenty of social applications that might interest you. Learn more -- including how to find and use Facebook applications -- in this video lesson from author Michael Miller

Duration: 00:06:31  File Size: 13 MB


Lesson 16

Managing Events, Downloadable Version

 A Facebook event can be anything from a private doctor's appointment to a school study group meeting to a big community party. In this video lesson, Michael Miller shows you how to find and RSVP to events, as well as how to create your own events -- and invite your Facebook friends to attend.

Duration: 00:05:22  File Size: 10 MB


Lesson 17

Using Facebook Safely and Securely, Downloadable Version

Facebook can be a fun place to connect with friends and family -- or it can be a very dangerous online neighborhood. In this video lesson, Michael Miller shares tips and advice on how to be a cautious Facebook user -- and how to avoid sharing embarrassing information with people you don't want to see it.

Duration: 00:14:42  File Size: 13 MB


Lesson 18

Managing Your Privacy Settings, Downloadable Version

Facebook offers a staggering number of settings pertaining to how much of your information it shares with various entities. In this video lesson, author Michael Miller walks you through all of Facebook’s many privacy settings, and recommends how to configure them to best protect your privacy.

Duration: 00:09:45  File Size: 17 MB


Lesson 19

Managing Your Account Settings, Downloadable Version

 There's a lot you can personalize about Facebook. In this video lesson, Michael Miller walks you through all of Facebook's account settings and helps you make Facebook run the way you want it to run.

Duration: 00:09:16  File Size: 14 MB


Lesson 20

Using Facebook Mobile, Download Version

Many users check into Facebook from their iPhones and other mobile devices. In this less, author Michael Miller shows you how the Facebook iPhone app works, and how you can use it to keep track of all your friends’ Facebook activity.

Duration: 00:11:55  File Size: 11 MB


  • Copyright 2012
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Downloadable Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-4923-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-4923-9

Do you use Facebook for social networking? With more than 800 million active users, chances are your friends and family do. It’s the way that many people today communicate and share with others.  If you’re just getting started with Facebook, it may seem a bit daunting or confusing – but it doesn’t have to be. All you need to know is how to navigate the site, how to make Facebook friends, and how to keep in touch with those friends. In other words, exactly what you’ll find in this series of videos.

Facebook Essentials, 2nd Edition, is a series of 20 video tutorials that teach you how to use and get the most out of Facebook. The videos take you from basic operation to more advanced concepts, such as friends lists, video chat, and using Facebook on your mobile device. All the videos have been updated since the first edition to cover Facebook’s ongoing changes and additions, including the new News Feed and Ticker, Profile page Timeline, and friends lists.   When you want a quick and easy – and visual – way to learn more about Facebook, turn to Facebook Essentials. These videos will teach you want you need to know and get you up and running with the Facebook social network!


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