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Every Vote Counts: A Practical Guide to Choosing the Next President

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Every Vote Counts: A Practical Guide to Choosing the Next President


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  • Copyright 2005
  • Dimensions: 5-1/2" x 8-1/4"
  • Pages: 240
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3284-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3284-2

The 2000 Presidential election was decided by a margin of only 269 votes, but nearly 100 million eligible Americans did not cast a ballot. This year, don't sit on the sidelines - make your voice heard!

Every Vote Counts: A Practical Guide to Choosing the Next President teaches you what you need to know to make an informed decision in the presidential election on November 2, 2004. This quick-hitting guide offers unbiased profiles of the three main candidates - George W. Bush, John Kerry, and Ralph Nader - helping you understand the political and personal experiences that have shaped them, and their positions on today's key issues. The book also prepares you for the onslaught of media coverage and campaign strategy that American voters will endure in the coming months. With the help of this book, you'll be equipped to wade through the mudslinging, advertisements, and opinion polls, and decide which candidate truly deserves your vote on election day.

  • Clear, concise information on how the presidential election process works - from how many electoral votes each state can cast, to what the registration and voting regulations are in your state.
  • Find out what effect the media, political action committees, and campaign strategists play in getting a candidate to the White House and how you can get to the truth behind it all.
  • Biographical chapters on each of the three main candidates include how they got to where they are today, and where they are positioned on major issues like the economy and the war in Iraq.
  • Unsure of who the right candidate is? Take the candidate match survey and find out who stands up for what you believe in.

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Bonus Chapter: Soft Money and Cold Hard Cash: How Campaign Finance Affects the Election

The Battleground: Swing State Campaign Strategy and How It Affects Your Vote

The Battleground: Swing State Campaign Strategy and How It Affects Your Vote

Table of Contents


1. Every Vote Counts: The Electoral College, Hanging Chads, and Why Your Vote Matters.

    Democracy, Hanging by a Chad.

    Why Bother? Voter Apathy and Its Causes.

      Undecided and Unimpressed.

      We Know What We Want.

      One Measly Vote.

    Graduating from the Electoral College.

    Gush Versus Bore.

      Clouds of Doubt in the Sunshine State.

    Approaching Democracy.

2. Conventions.

    Enter Stage Left (or Right): Launching the Campaign at

the Conventions.

    From Smoke-Filled Rooms to

Corporate Junkets.

      Front-Loaded and Out of Our Control.

      Pre-Packaged Enthusiasm.

      What’s Love Got to Do with It?

    Conventional Wisdom.

      Like Clockwork.

      Timing the Bounce.

      Priming the Pump.

    Analyzing a Rubber Stamp.

3. The Battleground: SwingState Campaign Strategy and How It Affects Your Vote.

    Shaping a Battle Plan.

      Do the Math.

      Kerry Goes Big.

      Bush Plays Small Ball.

      The Sunbelt Factor.

    Tactical Maneuvers.

      Is Kerry a Flip-Flopper?

      Who’s John Kerry?

    Shifting Sands.

      A Volatile Mix.

4. Where’s the Beef?–Deciphering Positions Behind the Media Sound Bites.

    Short Attention-Span Theater.

      Late-Night Laughs.

    Earned Airtime.

      Caught in the Crossfire.

    Sound Bite Savvy.





      Gay Marriage.

    The Art of the Sound Bite.

5. And the Survey Says…How Your Opinion Can Shape Positions on the Issues.

    Start with a Benchmark.

    Focus on the Intangibles.

      Shape the Outcome.

    Leadership Versus Followership.

      A Leader for Uncertain Times.

      Steady or Stubborn?

      Bush Can Morph Too.

    Making Your Opinion Count.

      Against the Odds.

      Take Charge.

6. Wallowing in the Mud: Obscuring the Issues by Going Negative.

    Bring Out the Hammer and Tongs.

      Attack Early and Often.

      Negative Ads or Deceptive Ads?

    Ready, Aim, Attack!

        Bush Ads.

      Kerry Ads.

      Political Action Committee Ads.

    Let Me Count the Ways.

7. A Question of Character: Leadership, Integrity, and Personality as Deciding Factors.

    Character Matters.

     The Vision Thing.

       A “Big-Issue” Election.

    How Do They Stack Up?

      Bush Equals Truman, Bush, Sr.,…or Johnson.

      Shadowing Dad.

      A Uniter or a Divider?

      Kerry as FDR…or Gore Part II.

      Nader as the Outsider.

    “We’d Ride Horses, Play Tennis”.

    The “We Need a Change” Vote.


8. George W. Bush: The Incumbent.

      A Defining Moment.

    Son of George Bush.

      Governor Dubya.

    What You See Is What You Get.

    His Record in Office.

    Axis of Evil.

    Where He Stands on the Issues.

      Iraq Withdrawal.

      Foreign Policy Beyond Iraq.

      The Economy.

      The Environment.

      Social Issues.

      Gun Control.

      Crime and the Death Penalty.

      Health Care.

    Other Key Initiatives in Bush’s Agenda.

9. John Kerry: Political Prodigy.

    Out in Left Field, or More Toward the Center?

      Kerry’s Senate Career.

      The Most Liberal Senator.

    Where He Stands on the Issues.

      Strong Interest in Foreign Policy.

      Sending a Message on Iraq.

      Progressive Internationalism.

      The Economy.

      The Environment.

      Social Issues.

      Gun Control.

      Crime and the Death Penalty.

      Health Care.

      Kerry’s Agenda.

10. Ralph Nader: Advocate or Spoiler?

    A Vote for Bush?8

      The Crypto-Republicans.

      Beyond November.

    Controlling the Power of Economic Interests.

    Where He Stands on the Issues.

      The Anti-War Candidate.

      High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

      Reaching Out to the World.

      The Economy.

    The Environment.

    Social Issues.

    Gun Control, Crime, and the Death Penalty.

    Health Care and Education.

    Electoral Reform.

11. Candidate Comparison Guide.

    Foreign Policy.

    War in Iraq.

      Iraq Withdrawal.

      Abu Ghraib.

      Middle East.


      Pre-Emption Policy.

      Increase U.S. Troops.

      Defense Budgets.

      Missile Defense.

    Economy and Government.


      Tax Cuts.

      Budget Deficits.

      Social Security.

      Free Trade.


      Energy and Environment.

      Campaign Finance.

    Civil Rights.


      Affirmative Action.

      Gay Rights.

    Homeland Security.

      Patriot Act.


    Social Issues.

      Death Penalty.

      Drug Abuse.

      Gun Control.



      Health Care.

12. Candidate Match Survey.

    It’s Quick and Easy.

    How Do You Match Up?


13. The Bottom Line: Casting Your Vote.

    Are You Registered?

      How and Where to Register.

      New Voter ID Requirements.

    Casting Your Vote.

      Be Prepared.

    Know Your Rights.



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