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Essential Silverlight 3

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Essential Silverlight 3

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  • Copyright 2010
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-321-55416-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-55416-1

“The book you are holding contains the keys to writing great Silverlight 3 applications. Use them well!”

From the Foreword by Scott Guthrie, corporate vice president, Microsoft Developer Division

Microsoft Silverlight is a leading cross-platform, Rich Internet Application (RIA) technology that allows you to create more compelling and interactive Web experiences than are possible with simple HTML browser pages. Silverlight 3 includes significant improvements over previous versions, including “out-of-browser” operation, H.264 video, 3D graphics, and real-time effects.

Essential Silverlight 3 is the definitive reference and insider’s guide. It not only covers all the key features of the Silverlight 3 runtime and how to use them but, in Under the Hood sections, explains why each feature was developed and how each one works. These “insider” explanations often lead to concise, practical performance tips that can help you speed up your own Silverlight applications.

Author Ashraf Michail is uniquely qualified to explain Silverlight 3. He is a Microsoft Silverlight architect who has guided Silverlight from its beginnings through the current version. In this book, he shows how to 

  • Integrate the principles and components of a Silverlight application, including XAP, XAML, and .NET code
  • Use Silverlight vector graphics, bitmap images, and animation
  • Display predictable and readable text across platforms and animate text elements
  • Obtain mouse and keyboard input, including mouse wheel events
  • Implement smooth animations to improve your user interface and make your application more pleasing to the user
  • Use the Canvas, StackPanel, Grid, and Border elements to lay out your application and define custom layout elements
  • Play high-quality, live, and on-demand video and audio
  • Customize the built-in and toolkit controls and develop new custom Silverlight controls
  • Connect to and synchronize with data using Silverlight Data Binding
  • Use built-in real-time effects and define custom HLSL pixel shaders
  • Enable GPU-accelerated rendering 

If you are a developer who is getting started with Silverlight or an expert Silverlight developer who is interested in understanding the inner workings of the Silverlight runtime, this book is for you.



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Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Graphics in Silverlight 3

Sample Pages

Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 3 and Index)

Table of Contents

Figures xvii

Foreword xxiii

Preface xxv

Acknowledgments xxix

About the Author xxxi

Chapter 1: Silverlight Overview 1

Silverlight Principles 3

Silverlight Features 6

Under the Hood 9

Where Are We? 10

Chapter 2: Applications 11

Application Principles 11

Creating an Application in Visual Studio 14

Application Components 15

Under the Hood 32

Where Are We? 39

Chapter 3: Graphics 41

Graphics Principles 41

Graphics Elements 48

Under the Hood 81

Where Are We? 96

Chapter 4: Text 97

Text Principles 98

Text Elements 99

Under the Hood 110

Where Are We? 113

Chapter 5: Input Events 115

Input Principles 115

Input Events 118

Under the Hood 128

Where Are We? 130

Chapter 6: Animation 131

Animation Principles 132

Animation Elements 136

Under the Hood 147

Where Are We? 152

Chapter 7: Layout 153

Layout Principles 153

Layout Elements 158

Under the Hood 174

Where Are We? 176

Chapter 8: Media 177

Media Principles 178

Media Elements 180

Under the Hood 190

Where Are We? 193

Chapter 9: Controls 195

Control Principles 196

Control Elements 198

Under the Hood 209

Where Are We? 211

Chapter 10: Data Binding 213

Data Binding Principles 213

Data Binding Objects 215

Under the Hood 229

Where Are We? 231

Chapter 11: Effects 233

Effect Principles 233

Effect Elements 234

Under the Hood 248

Where Are We? 250

Chapter 12: GPU Acceleration 251

GPU Acceleration Principles 251

GPU Acceleration Features 253

Under the Hood 263

Where Are We? 265

Index 267


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