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Essential FrontPage 2002 for Web Professionals

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Essential FrontPage 2002 for Web Professionals

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  • NEW - Up-to-the-minute coverage of Microsoft FrontPage 2002's most important new features—Covers discussion boards, team collaboration, Microsoft Access 2002 database connectivity, and much more.
    • Teaches students the latest and most powerful version of FrontPage. Ex.___

  • NEW - Covers delivering live interactive content from Microsoft's content sites—Shows students how to build sites that incorporate live content MSN, MSNBC, bCentral, and Expedia.
    • Gives students a powerful opportunity to differentiate their web sites without added cost or complexity. Ex.___

  • Project-based coverage linked to a live Web site—Shows how each project should appear at key stages, and how the finished project should appear.
    • Students can walk step-by-step through each project, using the Web site to check their work at every stage. Ex.___

  • By the leader of the world's #1 independent FrontPage email forum—Authored by Tiffany K. Edmonds,
    • Students benefit from authoritative coverage by the expert most familiar with the use of FrontPage in the real world. Ex.___

  • Covers the entire site lifecycle—Walks through creating, importing, organizing, building, managing, and automating FrontPage Webs.
    • Presents practical techniques students can use whatever their Web design or management responsibilities are. Ex.___

  • Practical coverage of dynamic content delivery—Covers interactivity, forms, DHTML, and built-in FrontPage components.
    • Teaches students easy-to-use techniques for delivering powerful dynamic content. Ex.___


  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 1st
  • Premium Website
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-093254-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-093254-9

  • Get results with FrontPage 2002—today!
  • Learn from real-world examples and downloadable code
  • Create, organize, build, and manage a FrontPage Web site!
  • Implement forms, search, discussion forums, DHTML/CSS, even Web database applications
  • Delivered by the leader of the world's #1 independent FrontPage email forum!

FrontPage 2002 delivers awesome Web development power to mere mortals! Now, learn FrontPage 2002 hands on from the world's #1 independent expert-through real-world examples and projects you can view on the corresponding Web site. You'll master every phase of the FrontPage Web development process! Tiffany K. Edmonds shows you how to make the most of FrontPage 2002's hottest features-from database integration to SharePoint team and project sites. Best of all, the projects are linked to a live Web site, where you'll see exactly how everything should look-and work. It's all the guidance you'll need—every step of the way!

You'll learn all this and much more!

  • Creating, organizing, building, and managing FrontPage Webs
  • Importing existing Web sites into FrontPage
  • Implementing forms, custom confirmation pages, discussion Webs, and search features
  • Delivering live interactive content from MSN, MSNBC, bCentral, and Expedia
  • Automating global changes and updates throughout your entire site
  • Using built-in DHTML effects, Cascading Style Sheets, Java scripts, and more
  • Building pages that search engines will find
  • Publishing with FrontPage 2002's enhanced site publishing features
  • Collaborating on new SharePoint intranet team or project Webs
  • Deploying small-scale Web servers with Personal Web Server
  • Building database-enabled Web applications with FrontPage and Access, start to finish
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Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Adding and Using FrontPage Components and Features

Table of Contents


How this Book Is Laid Out.


About the Author.

1. Getting Started.

FrontPage Webs. What's New in FrontPage 2002 at a Glance. DBW versus PWS. Installing FrontPage 2002. Installing SharePoint Team Services and FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions. Activating FrontPage 2002. FrontPage 2002 Interface. FrontPage Editor. Recap. Advanced Project.

2. Create a Web.

Creating a Web. Choosing a Web Template. Creating a Home Page. Adding Pages to Your Web. Frames Pages. Saving Frames Pages in FrontPage. Importing Whole Webs into FrontPage. Working with Your Webs. File Structure and Management Strategies. Compatibility Options and Settings. Training FrontPage to Use Custom Formatting or Preserve HTML Source Code. Adding and Formatting Text on Your Pages. Adding Elements—Global and Local. Images in FrontPage Webs. Tables. Nested Tables. Background Images in Tables. New FrontPage 2002 Table Features. Recap. Advanced Project.

3. Adding and Using FrontPage Components and Features.

Which Components Require FrontPage Extensions? Features that Require at Least FrontPage 98 Server Extensions. Features that Require at Least FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions. Features that Require FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions. Features that Require FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions and SharePoint Team Services. Editing Web Pages. Hyperlinks. Forms, Discussion Webs, Hit Counters, and More. Forms. Discussion Webs. Hit Counters. Search Feature. File Upload. Table of Contents. Hover Buttons. Date and Time. Include Pages. Image Maps. Photo Gallery. Interactive Content. Global Site Editing. Find and Replace Tools. Spell Check. Go to Line Number in HTML. Recap. Advanced Project.

4. Advanced FrontPage Features.

Built-In FrontPage DHTML Effects and Events. JavaScripts and Java? Applets. JavaScripts. Java Applets. Resources. Macro Add-Ins. Cascading Style Sheets. External Style Sheets. Embedded Styles. Inline Styles. Resources. Recap. Advanced Project.

5. Publishing Webs.

Search Engine Readiness. Good Content. Good Title Tag. META Tags. Resources. Publishing Options. Publishing to a FrontPage Extended Server. Publish a Single Page. Publish a Selected Group of Files. Selective Publishing. Publishing a Web Using FTP Locations. NT versus UNIX. ASP Resources. Subwebs. Recap. Advanced Projects.

6. Collaboration on Project/Team Webs.

Working “Live” on the Server. Development Web. Setting Up Permissions and Security. Tasks and Tasks View. Review Status. Categories. Create a Site Map by Category. Source Control. Publishing Down from a Live Web. SharePoint Team Services. Create Content Using the Web Browser. Recap. Advanced Projects.

7. Personal Web Server.

Installation and Location of PWS. About PWS. Installing FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions. Resource. Server Extension Maintenance and Advanced PWS Functions. Advanced PWS Functions. Server Extension Maintenance. FrontPage 2002 Server Extension and SPTS Maintenance. Accessing Webs through the PWS. Recap. Advanced Project.

8. Database Connections in FrontPage.

Getting Started. Database Results Wizard. Choosing a Sort Order. Importing a Database into FrontPage. Verifying Your Database Connection. Database Interface Wizard. Recap. Advanced Projects.

Appendix A: FrontPage Image Tools.

Image Formatting. Image Formatting Tools. Positioning Tools. Image Placement Tools. Image Appearance Tools. Hotspot/Image Mapping Tools.

Appendix B: Troubleshooting FrontPage 2002 and Server Extensions.

Publishing Errors and Warning Messages. Publishing Error Message. Publishing Web Structure Message. Could not find a Web server at `www.xxxx.com' on port 80. Web busy or cannot open \_vti_pvt\service.lck. NTLM error while publishing to an NT server. Miscellaneous Errors. [FrontPage Save Results Component] shows on page. Hover buttons do not show on the page. Hover buttons do not play the sound file added. Permissions in the Tools > Server menu are grayed out. Zero margins work in IE, but not in NN. Background sound does not play in NN browsers. This page contains elements that may need to be saved or published to display properly. Pasting text from Microsoft Word adds a lot of extra proprietary code.

Appendix C: Miscellaneous References.

Resources. Mailing List. NewsGroups. Discussion Forums. Ezine Newsletter. FrontPage Web Sites. DHTML References. CSS References. ASP Resources. Java and JavaScript References. Server Extensions Resource. Database Results Wizard and Connectivity Resources. Book References. Miscellaneous References.




It was my sister, Tricia, who sat me down in front of her computer and showed me around the Internet for the first time. I remember clearly the thrill and excitement I felt at all of the possibilities. To add to the excitement, she began showing me a software program that had the capability to help create Web pages and learn Web design-FrontPage! I quickly started working with the program and trying to learn it, as well as going out on the Internet in search of resources to help learn more about Web design and FrontPage. With a lot of help along the way and a lot of trial and error, it is a wonderful opportunity to play a part in writing a book that offers information and resources that I was not able to find anywhere else during my quest to master FrontPage.

With FrontPage 2002, you can build, manage, and maintain exciting and professional-looking Web sites without having to learn Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Now, learn FrontPage 2002 from a professional Web designer and recognized FrontPage expert-through real-world projects you can view live on a companion Web site. Start with the basic tools of creating a Web site and work your way through to advanced skill-level features, such as adding discussion boards, working live on the server, and collaborating with teams on one project over the Internet. Best of all, the projects in this book are linked to the companion Web site, where you can see each step of the project Web site in each stage of completion. It's all the guidance you'll need-every step of the way!

You'll learn all this and much more!

  • FrontPage 2002 basics
  • Installing FrontPage 2002
  • Creating your first Web site
  • Inserting images and customizing your pages
  • Adding forms and interactivity
  • Inserting Dynamic HTML (DHTML) and other built-in FrontPage components
  • Publishing your work to a server
  • Database connectivity features using FrontPage 2002 and Microsoft Access
How This Book Is Laid Out

This book is broken down into fairly logical sections and steps that can be used to create a Web site using Microsoft FrontPage 2002, from the introduction of what is new in FrontPage 2002 and installation of the software in Chapter 1 through the complete publishing process of your completed Web site and advanced features in the final chapters.

The first two chapters focus on becoming familiar with the software's interface and some of the tools used for planning and laying out a good foundation for your Web site. The next two chapters walk you through adding FrontPage components and functionality to your Web site, starting with some simple forms and working through examples and tasks to create advanced features, such as discussion webs and DHTML effects. In Chapter 5, we discuss and walk through the process of publishing your Web site pages to a remote server using the FrontPage publish feature, as well as using file transfer protocol (FTP) as an alternative method of publishing. The final chapters in this book cover the most advanced topics, such as collaborating on team projects, connecting to a remote copy of a Web site, database connectivity, and Personal Web Server (PWS).

Each chapter starts with a task, which addresses what we will be learning in the chapter, and ends with a set of advanced project steps to try. The book walks you through the creation and completion of the "Shelley Biotechnologies" Web site and has an accompanying Web site that includes additional files used in the book, images used in the examples throughout the book (which are available for download), and errata. This Web site address is http://www.phptr.com/frontpage2002

About the Author

Tiffany K. Edmonds is the owner of Dynamite-it, which specializes in Web design and database development. She is a recognized Microsoft? FrontPage? expert. She is also the owner of the most active Microsoft FrontPage email forum in existence, FPlist@yahoogroups.com, which has more than 1,000 members. Additionally, she is the co-owner of the AnyFrontPage Bytes newsletter (http://anyfrontpage.com/bytes).

Tiffany designed and maintains the FrontPage tips and tutorials Web site (http://www.at-frontpage.com) and is the author of approximately 75 FrontPage tutorials. Her innovative Web site designs using FrontPage have won numerous awards, including two Netscape Rage of the Day awards.

Ms. Edmonds's extensive Internet experience includes co-teaching a three-part HTML course for Ziff-Davis? University in 1998-1999, as well as providing HTML and FrontPage training for individuals.


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