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Digital Photography with Photoshop Album in a Snap

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Digital Photography with Photoshop Album in a Snap


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  • Copyright 2004
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 432
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-672-32568-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32568-7

These days, nobody really needs to learn everything there is to know about taking, managing, and manipulating digital images. And even if you did, who has the time to endlessly tinker and play with it until you figure everything out?

You just want a book that will quickly show you how to get things done - things that aren't already covered in the docs, and things you can¿t just figure out on your own.

Digital Photography with Photoshop Album in a Snap is designed specifically for today's computer user:

  • Somebody who is new to digital photography and image editing and management, but not new to computers.
  • Somebody who doesn't have time for long-winded, mind-numbing explanations - and certainly no time or patience for bad jokes.

Organized into a series of well-organized, bite-sized, quickly accomplished tasks, this book lets the reader zero right in on the one particular task he or she wants to accomplish, quickly figure out what to do, do it, and then get back to work.

Sample Content

Table of Contents


1: Start Here.

What You Need to Get Started in Digital Photography. Camera Anatomy: 101. What to Look For in a Digital Camera. Accessories Worth their Price. Choosing a Printer for Digital Photography. Choosing a Scanner for Digital Photography. Why Use Photoshop Album? Become Familiar with Photoshop Album. A Look at the Photoshop Album Work Area. Why Printing Isnt a One-Step Task.

2: Capturing Common Images and Movies.

About Photography. About Lighting. About Getting Creative. White Balance the Camera. Take a Basic Picture. Take a Still Image with a Digital Camcorder. Take a Short Digital Movie. Shoot a Fast-Moving Subject. Shoot an Item You Want to Sell. Shoot a Highly Reflective Object. Shoot a Panorama. Shoot Through a Fence. Shoot Through a Window.

3: Capturing Nature.

Shoot a Landscape. Capture a Distant Subject. Capture a Sunrise or Sunset. Take a Picture by Moonlight. Capture a Close-Up (Macro) Image. Photograph Zoo Animals. Photograph Birds. Capture a Snowy or Sandy Scene. Capture Woods or Deep Shadow Scenes. Capture Fireworks.

4: Shooting Great-Looking Portraits.

Shoot an Indoor Portrait with Available Light. Shoot an Indoor Portrait with On-Camera Flash. About Formal Portrait Photography. Shoot an Formal Indoor Portrait. Shoot an Outdoor Portrait. Shoot a Backlit Portrait. Capture an Infants Portrait. Capture a Toddlers Portrait. Capture an Older Childs Portrait. Capture a Pets Portrait. Shoot a Nighttime Portrait. Capture an On-Stage Performance. Shoot a Black and White Portrait. Photograph an Event.


5: Importing Items into Photoshop Album.

Perform an Initial Scan for Media. Import Media from a Folder. Import Media from a CD-ROM or DVD. Import Images from a Digital Camera. Import a Scanned Image. Remove an Item from the Catalog. “Reimport” Moved Files. Back Up the Photoshop Album Catalog. Create a New Catalog. Copy Images onto CD-ROM or DVD.

6: Viewing and Sorting Items.

View Images in a Slideshow. Change Thumbnail Size. Play an Audio Caption Attached to an Image. Play an Audio File. View a Video. Sort Images. Update an Image in the Catalog.


7: Changing Image Properties.

About the Properties Pane. Rename an Image. Rename a Group of Images. Add a Text Caption. Record an Audio Caption. Change Image Date and Time. Attach a Note to an Image.

8: Organizing Items.

About Organizing Items. Create a Tag. Attach a Tag to an Item. Remove a Tag from an Item. Delete a Tag from the Tags Pane. Change a Tags Icon. Change a Tags Category, Name, or Note. Revert Back to an Original Image. Replace an Original Image with an Edited One. Duplicate an Image for Editing. Export Images for Use In Another Program.

9: Locating Items.

About Finding Items. Find Items with Same Tag. Find Items of the Same File Type. Find Items with Similar Filenames. Find Items with the Same Caption or Note. Find Items with the Same Date. Find Items within a Date Range. Find Images with Similar Color. Find Items Youve Used in Creations. Hide Items You Dont Generally Use.

10: Fixing Images.

About Color Management. About Adobe Gamma. Ensure That What You See Is What You Get. About Fix Photo. Make Automatic Corrections. Rotate an Image. Crop an Image. Remove Red Eye. Manually Adjust Brightness and Contrast. Lighten Dark, Backlit Subjects. Darken Overexposed Subjects. Manually Adjust Color Saturation. Fix a Photo Using Another Program.


11: Creating Gifts.

About Creations. About the Workspace. Create a Greeting Card. Send an eCard. Create a Calendar. Create a Photo Book. Create a Photo Album. Use an Image as Your Windows Desktop. Save a Creation in PDF Format. Burn a Creation to CD.

12: Sharing Images.

Create a Web Gallery of Images. Create an Adobe Atmosphere 3D Gallery. Create a Slideshow of Images. Create a Video CD. About Emailing. Setup Photoshop Album for Emailing. Manage Contacts. Email an Item. Register with an Online Service. Share Images Using an Online Service.

13: Printing Images.

Set Print Options. Print Images. Print a Contact Sheet. Print a Picture Package. Print Images Using an Online Service. Print a Creation at Home. Print a Creation Using an Online Service.


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