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Definitive XSLT and XPath

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Definitive XSLT and XPath


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  • Copyright 2002
  • Dimensions: K
  • Pages: 400
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-065196-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-065196-9

The definitive guide to XSLT and XPath—written by one of the world's leading authorities.

  • Authoritative: By one of the world's leading XSLT/XPath experts
  • Complete: Covers every key facet of the XSLT/XPath W3C specifications
  • Proven: Based on training materials used by leading corporations
  • Practical: Hundreds of examples analyzed
  • Concise: Bullet-point, bite-size presentation helps you master XSLT/XPath fast!

Whatever your XML applications—e-business, application integration, Web- and paper-based publishing, or content management—you need to master XSLT and XPath, today's key tools for transforming information into new and varied structured vocabularies and output formats. Definitive XSLT & XPath delivers concise, authoritative coverage of every key facet of these W3C recommendations.

Nobody has taught more about XSLT and XPath than G. Ken Holman—chair of OASIS's XSLT/XPath Conformance Technical Subcommittee and long-time leader in the XML community. In this book, Holman draws upon live training materials to help you master the XSLT and XPath standards—fast—just as he's done for thousands of developers.

  • Getting started with XSL transformations and the XML Path language: capabilities, concepts, and key techniques
  • An in-depth introduction to the XPath data model
  • Mastering XSLT's processing model and transformation environment
  • Practical techniques for XSLT stylesheet management and process control
  • Advanced techniques: XPath and XSLT expressions, sorting, grouping, and more
  • XML-to-HTML transformation, basic XML-to-XSL formatting concepts, questions to ask XSLT/XPath tool vendors

When you're ready to get results, go straight to the source: G. Ken Holman's Definitive XSLT & XPath.

"The key to XML application development is transformations-converting XML data into other forms with XSLT and XPath. Ken Holman is the expert I rely on for advice on this subject. Now you can, too, with this book."

—Charles F. Goldfarb

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The XSLT Transformation Environment

Table of Contents



1. XSLT and XPath in context.

The XML family of Recommendations. Transformation data flows.

2. Getting started with XSLT and XPath.

Stylesheet examples. Syntax basics — stylesheets, templates, instructions. More stylesheet examples.

3. XPath data model.

XPath data model components. XPath expressions and patterns.

4. XSLT processing model.

XSLT processing model. Sample XSLT stylesheets.

5. The XSLT transformation environment.

Stylesheet basics.

6. XSLT stylesheet management.

Modularizing the logical structure of stylesheets. Modularizing the physical structure of stylesheets.

7. XSLT process control and result tree instructions.

Conditional control instructions. Numbering instructions. Result tree node instantiation.

8. XPath and XSLT expressions and advanced techniques.

Expression functions. Content and document referencing techniques. Traversing the source tree.

9. Sorting and grouping.

Sorting source nodes to make result nodes. Grouping constructs found in the source node tree. Other uses of sorting.

Appendix A: XML to HTML transformation.

The W3C web presentation standards context. Well-formed HTML. HTML markup generation techniques.

Appendix B: XSL formatting semantics introduction.

Formatting model. Formatting objects. Example stylesheet with formatting constructs.

Appendix C: Instruction, function, and grammar summaries.

Vocabulary and functions. Grammars.

Appendix D: Sample tool information.

James Clark's XT. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.

Appendix E: From XML to press: An XSLT case study.

Authoring and Compilation. Transformation and compositing.



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