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Definitive Guide to Marketing Analytics and Metrics (Collection), The

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Definitive Guide to Marketing Analytics and Metrics (Collection), The

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  • Copyright 2010
  • Pages: 1009
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-400034-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-400034-3

A brand new collection introducing today's most powerful strategies and techniques for measuring and optimizing marketing… 3 authoritative books, now in a convenient e-format, at a great price!

3 authoritative Books help you measure, analyze, and optimize every marketing investment you'll ever make

Measuring and optimize your marketing investments is more crucial than ever. But, with an explosion in channels and complexity, it's also more challenging than ever. Fortunately, marketing metrics and analytics have taken giant leaps forward in recent years: techniques now exist for accurately quantifying performance and applying what you learn to improve it. In this unique 3 Book package, world-class experts present these new approaches, and show how to profit from them. In Marketing and Sales Analytics, leading consultant Cesar A. Breaexamines the experiences of 15 leaders who've built high-value analytics capabilities in multiple industries. Then, building on what they've learned, he presents a complete blueprint for succeeding with marketing analytics. You'll learn how to evaluate "ecosystemic" conditions for success, frame the right questions, and organize your people, data, and operating infrastructure to answer them. Brea helps you overcome key challenges ranging from governance to overcoming hidden biases. Along the way, he also offers specific guidance on crucial decisions such as "buy vs. build?", "centralize or decentralize?", and "hire generalists or specialists?" Next, in Cutting Edge Marketing Analytics, three pioneering experts introduce today's most valuable marketing analytics methods and tools, and offer a best-practice methodology for successful implementation. They augment this knowledge with hands on case studies, guiding you through solving key problems in resource allocation, segmentation, pricing, campaign management, firm valuation, and digital marketing strategy. All case studies are accompanied by real data used by the protagonists to make decisions. As you practice, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the value of marketing analytics, learn to integrate quantitative analysis with managerial sensibilities, master core statistical tools, and discover how to avoid crucial pitfalls. Finally, in the award-winning Marketing Metrics, Second Edition, Paul W. Farris and his colleagues show how to choose the right metrics for every marketing challenge. You'll learn how to use dashboards to view market dynamics from multiple perspectives, maximize accuracy, and "triangulate" to optimal solutions. You'll discover high-value metrics for promotional strategy, advertising, distribution, customer perceptions, market share, competitors' power, margins, pricing, products and portfolios, customer profitability, sales forces, channels, and more. This extensively updated edition introduces innovative metrics ranging from Net Promoter to social media and brand equity measurement, and shows how to build comprehensive models to optimize every marketing decision you make. If you need to measure and improve marketing performance, this 3-book package will be your most valuable resource.

From world-renowned business sustainability experts Cesar A. Brea, Rajkumar Venkatesan, Paul W. Farris, Ronald T. Wilcox, Neil T. Bendle, Phillip E. Pfeifer, and David J. Reibstein

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Marketing and Sales Analytics: Proven Techniques and Powerful Applications from Industry Leaders

Foreword    x

Acknowledgments    xii

About the Author    xiv

Introduction    1

Part I: Improving Your Odds: Eco-systemic Conditions for Analytic Success    11

Chapter 1: Strategic Alignment—First You Need to Agree On What to Ask    13

Chapter 2: Access to Data—Too Often Taken for Granted    29

Chapter 3: Operational Flexibility—Don’t Analyze What You Can’t Act On    49

Chapter 4: People and Organization—Cultivate “Analytic Marketers”    59

Part II: Practical Analytics: Proven Techniques and Heuristics    71

Chapter 5: Practical Frameworks—For Getting On the Same Page    73

Chapter 6: Practical Research—Beyond Studies for Studies’ Sake    89

Chapter 7: Practical Analytics—Knowing When to Say When    95

Chapter 8: Practical Testing—An Underused Approach to Insight    107

Chapter 9: The Importance—and Limitations—of Storytelling    111

Chapter 10: Managing Bias—Like Air, Invisible and Everywhere    117

Part III: Making Progress    123

Chapter 11: Managing Pace and Results—Momentum Is Strategic    125

Chapter 12: Governance Models—Because Analytics Are Political    133

Chapter 13: “Culturelytics”—A Practical Formula for Change    137

Part IV: Conversations with Practitioners    141

Chapter 14: Conversations with Practitioners    143

Paul Magill, Abbott    143

Doug Collier, La-Z-Boy Incorporated    147

Scott McDonald, Condé Nast Publications    154

Melanie Murphy, Bed Bath & Beyond    161

David Norton, MDC Partners, Harrah’s    166

Rob Schmults, Talbots    171

Annemarie Frank, HSN    177

Judah Phillips, SMARTCURRENT    182

Latham Arneson, Paramount Pictures    190

Mohammed Chaara, Lenovo    193

Belinda Lang, Belinda Lang Consulting, Aetna    199

Thomas White, TIAA-CREF    206

Perry Hewitt, Harvard University    210

Todd Purcell, The Hartford    214

Ben Clark, Wayfair    219

Index    225

Cutting Edge Marketing Analytics: Real World Cases and Data Sets for Hands On Learning

Foreword    xiv

Introduction    1

Section I: Resource Allocation    5

Chapter 1: A Resource-Allocation Perspective for Marketing Analytics    6

Chapter 2: Dunia Finance LLC    18

Section II: Product Analytics    33

Chapter 3: Cluster Analysis for Segmentation    34

Chapter 4: Segmentation at Sticks Kebob Shop    43

Chapter 5: A Practical Guide to Conjoint Analysis    55

Chapter 6: Portland Trail Blazers    65

Section III: Marketing-Mix Analytics    77

Chapter 7: Multiple Regression in Marketing-Mix Models    78

Chapter 8: Design of Price and Advertising Elasticity Models    90

Chapter 9: SVEDKA Vodka    103

Section IV: Customer Analytics    133

Chapter 10: Customer Lifetime Value    134

Chapter 11: Netflix: The Customer Strikes Back    144

Chapter 12: Retail Relay    153

Chapter 13: Logistic Regression    169

Chapter 14: Retail Relay Revisited    181

Section V: Digital Analytics    183

Chapter 15: Designing Marketing Experiments    184

Chapter 16: Transformation of Marketing at the Ohio Art Company    193

Chapter 17: Paid Search Advertising    211

Chapter 18: Motorcowboy: Getting a Foot in the Door    227

Chapter 19: VinConnect, Inc.: Digital Marketing Strategy    239

Chapter 20: Cardagin: Local Mobile Rewards    261

Section VI: Resource Allocation Revisited    278

Chapter 21: Dunia Finance LLC Revisited    279

Chapter 22: Implementing Marketing Analytics    282

Index    290

Marketing Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance, 2/e

Acknowledgments    ix

About the Authors    xi

Foreword    xiii

Foreword to the Second Edition    xv

Chapter 1: Introduction    1

Chapter 2: Share of Hearts, Minds, and Markets    27

Chapter 3: Margins and Profits    65

Chapter 4: Product and Portfolio Management    109

Chapter 5: Customer Profitability    153

Chapter 6: Sales Force and Channel Management    181

Chapter 7: Pricing Strategy    219

Chapter 8: Promotion    263

Chapter 9: Advertising Media and Web Metrics    287

Chapter 10: Marketing and Finance    337

Chapter 11: The Marketing Metrics X-Ray    357

Chapter 12: System of Metrics    369

Appendix A: Survey of Managers’ Use of Metrics    385

Bibliography    393

Endnotes    397

Index    405


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